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Entry for March 2, 2007

Scott Yeldell was removed from a Ft. Collins City Council campaign because he sent a letter to The Coloradoan pretending that he just met the candidate and liked his ideas.  The candidate, Matt Fries, claims to have no prior knowledge if the public deceit and has distanced himself from Yeldell.

Yeldell is also the Legislative aid to Loveland State House Representative Don Marostica and the Republican leader Rep. Cadman in the State House.

Blogs on The Coloradoan story say he isn't qualified to work with a City Councilman.  Any comments on his position in the State House as a public employee and whether Don Marostica should also take any action?

2007-03-02 21:02:24 GMT
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What do you think? Of course, he can't handle the integrity of honestly running a city council campaign so why should the taxpayers money go to paying him to advise on legislation
2007-03-02 21:05:28 GMT
I have never seen him before but he looks like a really nice kid.

I say he really didn't do anything wrong and deserves another chance. I also believe his work in the Legislature is not related to the scandal in Ft. Collins.
--Grace UF
2007-03-02 21:07:14 GMT
Grace's comment illustrates just why we end up with so many self-serving polticians in office, instead of public servants...because voters are willing to ignore the moral transgressions of a "nice looking kid". She says "he didn't do anything wrong". Lieing is not wrong? Wasn't that the very reason why Clinton was impeached?
Ok...maybe fabricating a story about a candidate isn't the worst of crimes or offenses. But it sure speaks to the integrity of the people involved. Does the end always justify the means? And it raises the question of judgement, at the very least.
2007-03-02 21:34:47 GMT
Do the people in Ft. Collins know he works in the State Capital? How does a state employee also run political campaigns? Who was paying for his time? If Ft. Collins City Council candidates think he is a liability why does he work for our state house rep?

By the way - Welker only forwarded an email and was creamed - how can Marostica have this guy working for him?

2007-03-03 05:28:28 GMT
Here is the letter Grace, in case you couldn't find your bifocals on Monday when it was printed in the Coloradoan. It is untrue and outrageous. Everyone should read it -

When my doorbell rang this past Saturday I was anything but surprised to see yet another aspiring politician at my door. So reluctantly I asked who he was, what he was running for and why he thought he should be elected. So he went into his pitch: "My name is Matt Fries, I am running for City Council in District 2." He went to talk about his innovative vision for a better Fort Collins economy, environment and government.

But what really stuck out to me was his position on Fort Collins' government. The first thing I asked was his position on new fees and taxes. And he was more then obliged to tell me that he believes that before the city raises fees or asks for more tax dollars, the City Council needs to make sure the government is running as efficiently as possible. Of course he does not think it is being run as efficiently as it could, and, if elected, would look to find those inefficiencies and get rid of them.

By the time Fries left my door I was reminded why we need these people in our government. I urge you to vote for him this April.

Scott Yeldell,

Fort Collins

2007-03-03 05:39:02 GMT
This only damages our party and people who can't be honest need to associate with another party.
2007-03-04 07:28:10 GMT
You people have this entirely wrong. Scott DIDN'T write the letter Matt did. Scott's friends and family are crushed that Matt has let Scott take the fall - he has more character than you might think- After this race is over everyone will be surprised when Scott reveals it wasn't his letter at all but one Matt wrote for him to sign.
2007-03-05 18:37:00 GMT
Scotty signed the letter, I don't care if his mommy wrote it for him. He signed it. I am actually not suprised Matt had to write the letter for him, he failed in his duties on McNaught's campaign also and left the duties to a couple of dedicated friends and family members.
If you ask me, this is Lil' Scotty's MO and the next idiot, sorry, candidate that hires him should expect to be writing all the letters and managing the campaign him/herself.
2007-03-06 04:33:03 GMT
The stories on this site are not only subjective, they're dishonest and down right mean spirited. The author of this and previous stories has absolutely no credibility. Anyone reading the "articles" here should do so for entertainment purposes only.
2007-03-07 07:09:31 GMT
I heard about this at work and have enjoyed reading it - even my boss is now checking it to see who is the latest person getting our tax dollars. They do need to update it more often though because some stories are very old.

Everyone I know is talking about this website since it seems to be the only media in Loveland not controlled by special interests.

Roy, are you sure you are not just trying to shoot the messenger? I admit I don't know he/she or them but everyone I know in Loveland is talking about this website. I thought the coverage on lincoln place was excellent. I work not far from there and that is the most information i have found anywhere about the parking deal with the city.

I don't really know about this Yeldell guy so I wasn't going to comment but I live in Ft. Collins and the coloradoan covered the same story so don't think its invented - do you?
--Ron P.
2007-03-07 08:55:40 GMT
Roy, your posting is self-contradicting. I don’t understand how anyone could believe your ad hominine attacks on this website and the people behind it. Last I checked these people are volunteers trying to inform the rest of us about city issues and I appreciate the effort even if I don’t agree with many comments on this blog.

Too bad this is the only place a true dialogue can take place in Loveland on these issues. I want to know why Roy says the person has no credibility. Why can’t you discuss the merit of the issue Roy instead of being mean spirited by attacking someone’s credibility? Is there something you don’t want us to know?

--Robin McGruger
2007-03-07 17:49:20 GMT
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