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Entry for February 11, 2007

If you want to read a story about who attended the Feb. 10 Larimer Republican Central Committee meeting and who won offices go back to the LovelandPolitics homepage to link to the story.  Here is the list of winners.

Any comments?  The gathering brought over a dozen elected officials from Senator Wayne Allard down to County Surveyor.  No contest for top office nor any follow-up actions on the "purge" controversy.   Any comments, questions or observations from those present?  Anyone is welcome to comment on the news coverage as well. 

Any comments?

2007-02-11 19:53:58 GMT
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Yeah, the conservatives are burned out. Doing all the work while Hayne's friends were fighting for Ritter and Marostica's friends were fighting against Marilyn for their wacko libertarian buddy Eric.

You didn't mention the Senate or House District elections. Why nit?
2007-02-11 20:05:01 GMT
I want to know why local real estate broker Kitty Wild kept nominating House 51 committee Chair and Vice-Chair candidates. Didn't she fight AGAINST Republican candidates in the last election?

The State of Colorado may now allow "transactional agents" who represent both the buyer and seller at the same time. Someone needs to tell her there is no such thing as a "transactional Republican."

I am affraid the good, hard working volunteers will now stay-away from the part as a result of people like Kitty Wild and Fern Walover being allowed to continue polluting our party with disloyalty.
2007-02-11 20:09:16 GMT
I want to know who brought the attorney? I think the Reporter-Herald story said it was Haynes but you suggest he was there to help Nancy Hunter. Which is correct?
2007-02-11 20:10:40 GMT
I don't live in loveland but The Coloradoan quoted Kitty as saying,....Kitty Wild, a Republican from Loveland, said she welcomes change and hopes Haynes will put the party back on track.

"I'm very supportive of Ed. I think he's going to run things fairly," Wild said.

"These side battles going on aren't very productive," she said.

Kitty Wild, a Republican from Loveland, said she welcomes change and hopes Haynes will put the party back on track.

"I'm very supportive of Ed. I think he's going to run things fairly," Wild said.

"These side battles going on aren't very productive," she said.

A LOT OF NERVE! Aren't they the ones who went to the media in the first place? That quote says exactly what I read here but Ed Haynes also denied here - that Kitty was coordinating with him all along.

Republicans who work against our candidates and serve as co-chairs of third party candidates don't help the party either.

It is like hearing Jesse James saying he would like to see Wells Fargo make more regular deliveries for their customer's convenience. Please, Kitty has A LOT of nerve saying the party was "off-track" when she was the one trying to pull the rails out from under the train. Good luck Ed - you picked a real winner!
--The Real Republican
2007-02-11 20:20:31 GMT
I like the analogy.

Kitty Wild likes Haynes because she knows the Republican trust isn't well guarded and Eric's run after Musgrave will be easier this time since his lackies will have access to all the Republican resources.
--Really Real Republican
2007-02-11 20:25:42 GMT
I am sorry but i thought this was for people to comment on the meeting and not attack anyone.

The meeting was very nice since the born-again wacko's kept their mouths shut. Thank God no talk about abortion and gay marriage. Now the Democrats will stop lauphing and see we have candidates with business credentials who really have succeeded.

The Republican Party in this County is back from the wilderness and ready to be professional again. You conservatives should stop complaining and just do the little stuff that needs to be done. Let us worry about the big decisions for the party.
--Very Happy
2007-02-11 20:33:50 GMT
It's not accurate to say that "moderates" took over the executive committee. The new board is made up of Republicans of varying dispositions, who share a commitment to unity and bringing all the factions together in a common goal of electing all Republican candidates. This is very different from most of the old leadership, who tried to get rid of everyone who didn't think exactly like them and who picked favorites among the candidates. The story and most the comments reflect the old "us against them" thinking that caused us to lose last year. We need to be focused on working together.
2007-02-11 21:06:02 GMT
Well Tom let's hope they all unite to get rid of Kitty cat and her buddy Fern. At least if the conservatives picked favorites among the candidates, (by the way who doesn't have a favorite?), at least their favorite would be a Republican!
--alley cat
2007-02-11 22:31:21 GMT
Stop bashing people! It isn't good for the party or those who need to make a living by keeping a reputation for integrity and loyalty with their clients.

I do agree we need to figure out a way to handle people in leadership positions getting into confidential inforamtion again to help independent libertarian candidates.

I think Ed Haynes hasn't yet had to deal with the situation but for pete's sake, we really do need the leadership working for Republicans at least.

Ed will need to find his own way to deal with it but in the meantime, let's welcome Kitty and Fern and all work together to further not only the Republican Party but our careers too.

2007-02-12 03:57:41 GMT
Jack, no offense intended but are you taking some medications? I really am not sure what it is you are advocating. Again, no offense, just confused.

Kitty Wild is of the highest integrity and has a real estate license (at a young age I might ad) to prove it.

I told Don Dazlich my wife and I were voting for him and we even wore his star. However, when he took a swipe at Fern and Kitty by saying that the party has to support Republicans first and that unity is the by-product, I was disgusted.

We need to first be united (no matter who you supported) and then work together to elect Republicans of all variations.

I am certain a whole bunch of pro-lifers in the party would not have supported the Republican nominee if he/she supported abortion on demand and gay marriage. Not all Republicans are people of a certain faith and you should respect our faith value system as well - even if it means loving all people gay or straight.

Please people, get some perspective and let's all rally together in helping Ed make the next election the best ever for Republicans - all Republicans.
--Log Cabin Fever
2007-02-12 04:08:06 GMT
Sorry, i am 73 and don't know what you mean by "log cabin fever" or do i not want to know.

Honestly, some people. I will not take my grandson - who loves politics - if you people are now going to be Republicans. and also I know Fern would never support your point of view she hates.....well never mind. Sorry we missed all the fun the other day.

thats all for now
2007-02-12 04:12:57 GMT
I think he means log cabin republicans, i didn't know we had any here in norther colorado. god forbid they start coming out now that ed is heading the party. u may not know that gay republicans call themselves log cabin republicans. anyway.....i am having way tooooo much fun reading this crazy blog....its like all the stuff...u know nobody says but is Lynche's wierd hair or Musgrave dressing only in balck for the occasion....was that symbolic or what???? at least i know timmy fritz told everyone who would listen about her outfit - lollolol....even i won't put here everything he said
--"Train on Cocain"
2007-02-12 04:23:30 GMT
My gosh! Where do you people come from? I have lived in Larimer County longer than most people have been alive and I never meet people like them. At the end of the day we are just people (even those named for just plants or animals). I hate to sound like that King fellow in Los Angeles who beat-up the police officers but i will say it anyway. Can't we all just get along?
2007-02-12 04:27:56 GMT
I think Ed Haynes did a wonderful job organizing everything for Saturday and I want to say thanks to Nancy Hunter for all her hard work as well. We need to start thinking like one big team so we can act like a team.

We should be proud the votes were counted and trusted by everyone. If this had been a Democrat gather two people would have emerged claiming to be the right Chairman or Secretary.

Let's hear it for Republicans for showing class, integrity and composure. The media came looking for a Jerry Springer show and instead saw professional people acting together with respect and dignity.

2007-02-12 04:33:48 GMT
Thanks Steve for that (I think I know which Steve you are). Everyone should be commended for not giving the vulchers in the media what they came for - blood. Moderates, conservatives and everyone else showed our party knows how to be organized and work together. I wouldn't be surprised if the meaner statemetns I am reading here weren't placed by Pat Stryker's crowd instead of any Republican.

Thanks everyone for a job well done.
2007-02-12 04:37:00 GMT
I am sorry gentlemen but I don't know one conservative who is happy about the results Saturday. It shows that we are back to country club Republicans running the party. I have a wonderful family and don't drink so the whole social side they now want to create doesn't matter to me at all. Most Republican volunteers work for issues not personalities. Go into any Republican campaing and you will see people working hard to defend their 2nd Amendment rights, stop politicians from destroying TABOR and yes - people working to protect the unborn.

Take issues away and volunteers are hard to find. Country club Republicans may think the money is the most important thing (and show it with how they treat rich people)but money alone doesn't elect anyone.

We will only have good volunteers for the party if we have issue oriented candidates. No one works hard to put a moderate johnny on the fence character in office.

So, work not to offend anyone and build that tent as big as you want it but don't ask for conservative's help when your candidates don't even have enough people to run their campaigns.
--Unapologetic Christian
2007-02-12 04:47:17 GMT
Thank you for that. In case anyone forgot, Musgrave didn't lose her seat but a whole bunch of moderates Republicans did.

We need to go back to Reagan's philosophy that government can't solve our problems because government is the problem. People on the left have no faith and therefore see the need for government to be an institution of good in the world because they mistrust churches altogether.

We on the right need to ignore their pleas to cooperate in building more government programs and running the deficit higher. Senator Allard hit the nail on the head when he said entitlements are killing us at the federal level. Bush's moderate domestic agenda is killing the party with no credibility on stopping more government debt.

Lets all get back to our conservative roots. All the arguments I was hearing the last few days against the far-right sound like Bob Dole's Presidential election team. Moderates can't get people to the polls since they are all about the status quo. If the McWhinneys want a party to protect their wealth, start your own developer or country club party but stay out of Lincoln's party!
--Janey Wells
2007-02-12 04:55:37 GMT
I want to know why Ed Haynes (on the previous blog) listed Greg Snyder among his favorites to win a seat on the Executive Committee. I thought Greg was a conservative?
--Conservative Voter
2007-02-12 05:05:16 GMT
Sorry, can't answer you question but don't agree with the tone of the question. Ed supported everyone who can help the party regardless of their politics.
I just want to thank Ed on a job well done Saturday. I know he put a lot of work in organizing the event and making sure it would run smoothly. You can thank Ed for that, he did a super job and will make a fine Chaorman again.
2007-02-12 05:09:12 GMT
The greatest Republicans were NOT moderates. Reagan, Lincoln and even Teddy were great men who lead people for a greater purpose.

The dust bin of history is full of failed moderates like Ford, Dole, and the guy with a lumber jack shirt (Lamar).

Our local politicians who are affraid to take a stand for anything like, Steve Johnson, Don Marostica and now Ray Martinez will also find themselves in the same dust bin of history.

No matter what they say, Musgrave is doing a great job and we need to make sure their cronies don't try to upset her run in two years.
2007-02-12 16:44:22 GMT
Yes, I also noticed Madam Kitty's comments to the reporter, in which she criticized unnamed Republicans who hurt party unity by engaging in unproductive "side battles". I noticed it bigtime. By the way, you know how movie reviewers routinely insert "spoiler warning!" notices just before certain paragraphs? I think reporters should also be required to insert at the appropriate places notes that say "Warning: Reading the next paragraph may cause you to lose your breakfast" . I know I certainly could have used such a warning before reading that comment of Kitty's.

--Rinos 'R Us
2007-02-12 17:01:10 GMT
Oops, I almost forgot the reason I came here to post! Here are the vote totals I wrote down from Saturday (all uncontested races were decided by acclamation). Apologies if there are any errors.

Sec'y: Tom Lynch 130, Don Dazlich 99

Male Bonus (top 5 vote-getters win the slots):
178 Greg Snyder
154 Tom Buchanan
145 Bob Lynch
135 Kevan McNaught
127 Dan Betts
121 Paul Marrick
112 Larry Carillo
99 Walter Skowron

Female Bonus (top 5 win):
200 Kareen Davison
186 Jeanne Laudick
152 Aislinn Kottwitz
151 Charlie/Charlene Gann
139 Lorna Spear (wasn't present)
111 Mary Ann Sanfilippo
96 Catherine Zwiener

290 = Total # of eligible voters in Larimer Cty

174 = Number of voters who signed in
80 = Number of proxies carried in
254 = Total number of votes signing in

229 = Number of ballots passed out (some people
left early).

By the way, I'm curious and would like to compare notes with you all, with regards to who, if anyone, contacted you asking for your proxy?

Starting with myself, I had several candidate phone calls asking for my vote (but not for my proxy, although perhaps they would have if I'd been home when they called). However, I heard from others that Kareen did a number of cold calls asking for (and being granted) proxies of people who couldn't or wouldn't go. By coincidence (or perhaps not) I see she got the most votes, by far, of anyone - male or female - running for any office.

Well, that's how this thing works. That's the way the rules are set up. Go for the proxies! If you're willing to spend the time burning up the phone lines collecting proxies, and your opponents don't, you and your friends will win all the slots. The more people who don't go and who give their proxy to the first person who calls, the less influence there is for the people who actually show up for the meeting and listen to all the candidate's speeches. Looks like over a third of the votes Saturday were proxies.

The board for my local HOA was recently blindsided by a large proxy vote. One of their members had a "personality conflict," shall we say, with a fellow board member. At the sparsely attended (as always) annual meeting last month, she showed up with 2 or 3 times as many proxies as there were homeowners in attendance that night. Her "nemesis" was up for re-election, and she nominated someone who none of us knew and who couldn't be bothered to even show up for the meeting. No matter. This ghost candidate won hands down. I wonder if he'll actually show up for monthly board meetings? And I wonder how many proxy-grantors had any idea of exactly why their proxy was being solicited?

--Rinos R Us
2007-02-12 17:53:49 GMT
Very interesting. I noticed the House District 51 election said (at first) proxy OK. They instructed everyone to hold-up a finger for each proxy you represented. The RINOS held up 4 and 5 fingers including Kitty Wild. An angry old Doctor was elected to some seat but than everything changed.

Carl Smith (current Chair of the 51st)told the temporary Chair, Don Marostica, that by-laws don't allow proxies in this. When the votes were taken again,without proxy fingers, different people won and this time Republicans.

Would you know that conservatives were actually elected after the everyone present had only one vote.
2007-02-12 18:20:06 GMT
I have learned a new term here. Transactional Republicans. That is a great term since they think they reprersent everyone and not just Republicans. Transactional Republicans (those named for plant and animals) had no legal right to be voting -especially by proxy - at the Central Committee meeting.
2007-02-12 18:24:18 GMT
Just to clear the air for those who were not present and maybe for some who were. I am a Constitutional Conservative, I forced the Ft. Collins gay rights ordinance in 1997 to go to the voters (where it was soundly defeated by a 2 to 1 margin), and I have been at the forefront challenging anything I thought did not pass Constitutional muster. I did not sugar coat my opinion or hide my feelings about the wrong path the Republican Party has headed down of late. Look at the vote count. I also do not hide behind anonymity.
--Greg Snyder
2007-02-13 03:04:13 GMT
I don't understand. You support gay rights and want to see Ed Haynes the new Chairman? Congrats - you received more votes than any other male bonus member so you are clearly well liked and popular in the party. You are certainly not in the minority!
2007-02-13 07:08:41 GMT
> "You support gay rights and want to see Ed Haynes the new Chairman?"

No. What Greg is referring to in '97 is where the City Council passed an ordinance granting special rights to gays, refusing to listen to the vast majority of citizens who packed city council meetings, speaking against the measure and asking CC to put the matter to voters in the next election, instead of enacting it by fiat.

The CC ignored us 7 to 0, so a large group of us collected enough signatures to force it to go to the ballot in the next election, where it was soundly defeated.
--Rinos R Us
2007-02-13 08:44:54 GMT
Just for the record I am not the Tom who has posted previously. If I voice my opinion I will use my name so that there is no doubt where it came from.

--Tom Buchanan

It is my opinion that we lost the last election because we lost our message. The people that I talk to that did not vote were apathetic because there was no clear distinction between the the two major parties.

I believe that if we establish a message of less government, lower taxes and individual freedom we will win back those that stayed home and gain those that can see that oppressive nanny state looming on the horizon.

We need to find real leaders that will adhere to the Constitution and do what is right for the people.

We can win overwhelmingly because we have the message that free people long to hear. We need to express our thoughts with enthusiasm everywhere we can. We cannot let political correctness or fear silence us.

Always remember, "We are doing it for the children" so that they too, may enjoy the liberties bestowed upon us by our Creator.
--Tom Buchanan
2007-02-13 21:23:29 GMT
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