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Entry for February 4, 2007

Council to consider a request to close two different streets at Mariana Butte for certain property owners only access.  Privatization (what this is normally called) normally means the homeowners pay to maintain the roads.  In this case, the developer wants the City of Loveland to let them have exclusive use of taxpayer maintained roads and sidewalks.

See for the full story.  Are you going to the meeting or do you have a comment?

2007-02-05 02:13:43 GMT
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Is this legal? I thought everyone could travel on public roads.
2007-02-05 02:16:35 GMT
No, I don't think it is but you can bet someone might test it with a lawsuit.
2007-02-05 02:17:24 GMT
I am not going to bother attending the council meeting. if history is an indicator, these clowns already agreed and the meeting is just a formality. I also noticed the reporter-herald thinks it about fire engines.

really is terribly sad when our own elected officials even entertain the idea of closing off public roads let alone actually doing such a thing
2007-02-05 05:15:37 GMT
I cannot get out so easily at night with all this ice and snow. It will be on tv though so i will be watching.
2007-02-05 05:17:56 GMT
These houses will go from $400,000 to $700,000 each on 1/2 acre lots and bigger. I doubt very many of you "residents" own a house worth so much or pay the same kind of taxes the residents at this development will. Since they pay probably to care for your sections of town why don't you lay-off. Give it a rest.
--Wealth Creator/Builder
2007-02-05 05:28:24 GMT
Mr. Wealthcreator/builder

People are paying dearly for living next to a golf course you didn't build, in a city with services you didn't create, and on roads you don't want to take care to maintain.

In fact, the low density of the project may mean more cost per house but so fewer houses means the tax dollars generated per resident is more but the residents are less. Those of us living in the Marian Butte homes built by US Homes have large homes but maybe three homes every 150 feet. One house per 1/3 acre means more road to care for even less taxpayers.

The snobs you want to attract have nothing to be snobbish about since its a city 18-hole course and the roads public.

You have no more right to prevent me from walking on Cove Street than I do of stopping people like you from walking on Hourglass Ct. where I live. Only my backyard is different since I pay to care for it not taxpayers.

2007-02-05 05:38:26 GMT
Thanks for the coverage of this issue. I haven't heard anything about this from my Home Owners Association. The local paper had a story that failed to mention the gated community is over PUBLIC ROADS.

If they want to gate - pay for it. Otherwise I will walk my dog over there whether they like it or not - what are they going to do?
2007-02-05 16:11:22 GMT
It kind of puffs me up to think that we taxpaying Loveland residents are selfless benefactors of an expensive gift to the rich. That is, until I realize I'm also part of the unwashed horde that won't be allowed to even visit.
2007-02-06 04:02:45 GMT
I want to know how much we're paying for this developer to build this thing in the first place!! And how much is it going to cost us to maintain it for the exclusive use of the people who live there???
2007-02-06 04:05:39 GMT
The developer pays but turns over the maintainance responsibility to the city. This was any future repaving, pot holes and cleaning we pay for even though we can't dare walk on the side walk.

Maybe this part of the city should be called "Conditional Loveland" only those with the code need enter.
2007-02-06 04:16:39 GMT
Frieda, there's a cube farm in a city building on First Street where dozens of statisticians are trying to figure that one out. The guy on row L, cube #9 is close to unravelling the mystery. He's found schematics for a public parking facility at Lincoln Place, bar tabs from The Black Steer, tax waivers for the Eslan Park Event Center (for bringing primary jobs to Loveland).
He'll be liquidated by morning.
2007-02-06 04:50:00 GMT
The developer doesn't have anything to worry about - the dogs are already on their backs with tails between legs and whimpering.
2007-02-07 02:04:16 GMT
NOT TRUE! Did you watch the meeting? The Mayor and Skowron both said no. Glenn Rousey was going to vote no but seemed intimidated by Gene Pielin. Finally, Brown, Pielin and Rousey voted yes with two against.
2007-02-07 15:57:10 GMT
That Gene Pielin is a clown. Did he just really not understand? His analogies about the subdivisions not being connected made no sense at all. He appears to have more confidence than brains. What part of PUBLIC road does he not understand.
2007-02-07 15:59:21 GMT
Hey - I heard about this website on KFKA AM this morning. They were talking about the story on the gated community.

I am sorry I missed the meeting but didn't know about the topic being on the agenda.

Way to go Larry!!!! Good to know our Mayor and Walt were representing taxpayers last night.
--Emerald I.
2007-02-07 16:02:03 GMT
Welcome Emerald - you will find all kinds of news here the Reporter Herald either doesn't know or just doesn't report.

Anyway, Walt Skowron was at his best last night telling that loudmouth Pielin that people didn't have "doormen" where he grew-up in Hell's Kitchen New York.

I wish someone would bop Gene on the head and tell him to hold his tongue. He isn't funny, cute or witty. Why was he so anxious to help pass this thing? Is he going to move into the gated community?
2007-02-07 16:06:12 GMT
Just a question, does Pielin really think a locked gate across a public street has anything to do with doormen in New York? Is he really that lost?

Also, I was shocked (and sorry didn't report it) when Klassen asked how unannounced visitors could get in. Unlike Pielin, he is witty and funny but made me wonder if he understood what was being proposed.

Of course, the gates are to keep those of us who can't afford $1 million homes out. Allowing this to go through was a terrible mistake they will regret.
--Janey Wells
2007-02-07 16:10:47 GMT
Loveland is a growing community and people moving to this area want to live in gated communities. Increasing crime (look at 16th Street in Loveland) and too many government low-income housing projects are making new residents worried about their safety in Loveland.

Let's face it, not all of us want to live in "diverse" communities. The gates protect people from the rif-raf we see all around downtown Loveland looking for money for their next high.

I suspect most of you wouldn't want to live outside a gate in this community in twenty years.

In six months, come and take a look at the homes in Outlook at Mariana Butte and you will like what you see. Yes, they are exclusive but will not cost $1 million. There will be a ranch style model starting in the low $400,000s.

As Greg said last night, these will be homes you can live in forever and even retire since you can always feel safe. As Loveland grows so does its crime and most people know they may need to move as their neighborhoods become more "diverse"
2007-02-07 16:19:09 GMT
Are you saying the gates keep minorities out?
2007-02-07 16:21:08 GMT
Not exactly. Just the ones living in Loveland's low-income areas that nobody wants to see driving down their street in a Ford LTD. Many are now coming in from the Swift raids.

Check out the development and give it some thought before you are too quick to complain about the project. If you prefer to speak English, you probably will want to live in a gated community in twenty years in Loveland.
2007-02-07 16:24:20 GMT
Is this what Councilman Dave Clark also is involved in? A gated community to keep minorities out of his neighborhood?

I say we don't build ourselves into gated communities but instead CONTROL THE BORDER! As an Hispanic I also don't support illegal aliens coming to live in Loveland and compete for jobs.

I hope Gene Pielin moves-in with you bunch of cowardly racists. Old bald white men with silly little goatees - what a sorry bunch.

I assume I will not be welcome in Outlook since I am Hispanic.
--Carla Mendez
2007-02-07 16:31:57 GMT
Carla, you will be welcome if you come to clean my house but otherwise - stay out.
--Old Silly White Guy
2007-02-07 16:33:28 GMT
I cannot believe you people! I will not take that poersonally since it sounds like another Gene Pielin failed attempt at humor.

Anyway, I don't think people in Loveland should be allowed to close their neighborhoods to the public. thats all
--Carla M.
2007-02-07 16:36:08 GMT
Gene has lived in this community for 20 years. I know personally he has visited Mexico on vacation and liked the people. Maybe he just doesn't want to see them in his neighborhood. What is wrong with that?

He is an honorable Councilor who this community should not mock in this way.
2007-02-07 16:39:57 GMT
Pielin is synonymous with inappropriate jokes. Gene is from Chicago and I grew-up that way too. People poke fun at the poles, jews and even people like Skowron who crawled out of New York. OK, not so much the colored folks anymore since we have so many now in the city and they don't like it.

I think gated communities are fine and I would buy a house up there if I had the dough.
2007-02-07 16:44:39 GMT
Glenn, what is "wrong" with that is Gene Pielin always pretending to be a bleeding heart liberal looking out for his fellow man.

As Johnny points out, Gene is none of those things but he pretends to be the quiet gardner type. Instead he is the constant gardner always planting little seeds of discontnet among the races.

Now he really wants to see whaite people have gated commuities in Loveland. I just don't like the two faces - I wonder what he would say if Habitat for Humanity wanted to build a house for minorities next to where he lives?
2007-02-07 16:48:34 GMT
I know it wasn't discussed but come on, we all know gated communities are meant to keep lower-income and minorities out of the neighborhood. And why not? Because it is wrong.

Gene Pielin should feel ashamed of himself! My wife (who is from New York) caught the doorman reference immediately. It wasn't meant to be funny it was code for (comm'n Walt even you guys in New York had a way to keep minorities out of nicer areas). Doormen were famous in the 1950's and 40's for running minorities off the blocks they protected.

As a Loveland resident, I was ashamed to have Gene Pielin's coded little comments broadcast over the television for everyone to hear. His shameless attempt to appeal to racism to support gated communities for Loveland was a low-point for this City Coucnil.

We are all anonymous here, let's admit it was wrong for Gene to support the project on that basis.
--Anonymous but not racist
2007-02-07 17:01:25 GMT
Yeah, I didn't get it the first time but now I know what you mean. The doorman has exactly that function of racially profiling people entering a building.

If Pielin thinks people should be allowed to lock diversity out of their neighborhoods, maybe he needs to move to South Africa.

Outlook just sounds like Aprthide for Loveland.
--Janey W.
2007-02-07 17:08:27 GMT
I didn't know Pielin was so concerned about who drives in his neighborhood. I say we get La Raza to protest in front of his house - no one doing the yard work he expects - just hispanics loose in Pielin's subdivision.

Maybe he will get in his car and drive with a diaper on 9 hours back to Chicago nonstop! lol
2007-02-10 07:05:03 GMT
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