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Entry for January 22, 2007

Lincoln Place is talked about in City Hall as the "catalyst" project for the downtown area.  190 residences combined with 22,000 sq. ft. of commercial space makes the parking awfully tight at only 304 spots.  The developer is going to ask the Loveland City Council in early Feb. 2007 how to get out of the deal.

According to one source,  the apartments are tough to rent without dedicated parking space - should the City Council allow the parking to be closed to the public?

2007-01-23 06:37:27 GMT
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Thanks again for another VERY INFORMATIVE story. Any pretence that there was room for public parking has been eliminated in my mind. It looks like they were really using public debt to finance a private project and got caught when the developer realized his tenants will want parking.
--Nathan B.
2007-01-23 13:56:32 GMT
I heard a guy the other day on 1310 AM in the morning say no one in Loveland cares about all these special tax districts being created.

I stopped caring when I heard the planning department refer to developers as "customers" and the public as "pests."

I guess more public participation is considered an infestitation by the city staff.

Many people in Loveland care about all the special tax districts and crazy sales tax increases but we don't complain since no one in city hall is listening.

--Art the "Pest"
2007-01-23 16:25:24 GMT
How can you let them talk to you like that! We pay the taxes that make their jobs possible!
I am not happy about the downtown spending of tax dollars to help private companies especially when they compete with my commercial space on the 34 - why should the city subsidize those landlords?
2007-01-23 16:27:55 GMT
Yes, I think the City Council should allow the parking to be private at Lincoln Place.
2007-01-23 16:29:21 GMT
Why don't you make a printed edition of Like a weekly paper. I always need to print articles for my friends who don't know computers.

I say let them have the parking anyhow and give all the money back.
2007-01-23 16:50:24 GMT
Yeah! That would be great. Love the coverage below on Republican party - where else does the candidate of the party need to defend himself with tough questions.

Anyway, don't like the monster on 287 called catalyst. Council needs to enforce their contracts and agreements.
2007-01-24 04:21:27 GMT
I didn't know they want to now take away the public parking. Where are people going to park? Its wierd that the previous drug stores on that property were not government subisdized but allowed lots of open parking for people shopping downtown. Now the Urban Redevelopment agency picks a project that way over builds the lot with the excuse we will get parking as a "pubic use" only to learn it was a bait and switch trick.

Are you serious about the idea they will still give government money to the developer for building those narrow sidewalks? Isn't that their responsibility anyway when rebuilding the property. Can I get the City of Loveland to assist in expanding my private residence on Jefferson by paying for the landscaping around the sidewalks and calling it a public use?

Geee, maybe the Sullivan's need to be compensated for all the years we used their parking lot when friends and relatives visited.

The Lincoln Place appears to be everyhthing except what was advertised. It towers over the downtown despite promises of comparable size buildings, there are no open spaces or areas for landscaping as shown in the renderings by the Authority and lastly we can't even use the parking anymore.

The City Council should really run the city like a business and show their business savy. Tell the developer to take a hike and pay for everything if they are unwilling to provide the public parking that has been promised since the project was adopted. If one red cent of taxdollars goes into the monster building I will fight it with everything I have!!!!
--Concerned downtown resident
2007-01-24 16:11:01 GMT
I agree with you it is ironic. Those of us who lived in town more than 30 years used to always park on that lot when we had business downtown. Now we can't after the city got involved and promised to add public parking to the development. Truth stranger than fiction.
2007-01-24 16:15:08 GMT
Earth to Loveland Urban Renewal Authority - we in Ft. Collins created OPEN space with our redevlopment grants and funding. Over building the lot is what uncontrolled growth does, NOT progressive forward looking urban redevlopment agencies.

Next time you might consider an open mall area like in Boulder or Ft. Collins where the public really does have a chance to enjoy a friendly environment and more green areas.

Lincoln Place looks like Donald Trump is running the Loveland Redevelopment Agency instead of progressive people who want a higher quality of life for all the diverse residents in a community. Too bad for Loveland residents and birds.
2007-01-24 16:23:09 GMT
Daisy - you are right. It just reminded me of what it looks like. An indian gambling casino!
2007-01-24 16:25:20 GMT
The new residents downtown will help everyone whether there is enough parking or not. Give them a break - Loveland's downtown has been in a slow death throttle for years thanks to the McWhinneys. The new building, tenants and modern upbeat shops will do us a world of good.
--Downtown Business Owner
2007-01-25 18:26:27 GMT
Lincoln Place has 200 not 190 new residential apartment homes. Each one is carefully designed and built to be better than anything already in or near downtown. Most everything there is junk anyway in apartments or lousy old houses.

The average size apartment is app. 1,300 sq ft. You know most neighborhoods in Loveland don't have parking difficulties because the average households only has 1 car.

1 car space will be available for each tenant which is already too much. We believe many young urban professionals will be interested in moving to downtown Loveland without a car a commuting to work b y the excellent public transportation system.

The Redevelopment Authority has done a great job and now just needs to fix a few eyesores downtown still keeping the better funded shopper away. I hate to say it but Heartland Cafe is awful to look at and doesn't attrack the kind of people who would be able to shop at the nicer stores soon to be in Lincoln Place.

I encourage everyone to let the City Council know we like Lincoln place but just need to clean-out the garbage holes in downtown.
--Jeff R.
2007-01-27 06:31:43 GMT
I don't agree. Lincoln place can add to our downtown but "Heartland Cafe" as you say it is a great place to eat!
2007-01-27 19:35:17 GMT
The good news is the taxpayers in Loveland will not pay for the garage. It already didn't have any capacity for extra parking and everyone knew this.
2007-01-29 19:45:57 GMT
Are you kidding? $1 million and no public parking. Who do they think they are kidding?
--Loveland Taxpayer
2007-01-30 02:23:27 GMT
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