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Entry for January 4, 2007

Superintendent of Thompson School District (RJ7), Dan Johnson, has claimed that all school equipement was working to clear school parking areas since the first storm.

Those who read know differently.  Neighbors of one district employee who enjoyed the holidays at home after plowing his own driveway notified (picture above).  Now, the poor management of school district employees and equipment has resulted in grades k-8 not being able to return to school until January 8, weeks after the blizzard.

Any comments?

2007-01-04 23:26:27 GMT
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We also noticed none of the school parking lots being plowed after the first storm. In fact, they didn't start until this week. As the mother of three I am very unhappy about the Dan Johnson pretending they were plowing when they were not. Loveland is a very small town, and too many of us live near schools and know what really happened.
2007-01-04 23:31:15 GMT
I don't know anyone happy about this! If the City of Loveland plowed its own streets and enforced its own laws with regards to sidewalk clearing, schools would be in session as I write this
--Art M.
2007-01-05 20:49:18 GMT
While I think big snowstorms understandably take some time to clear, Art M.'s point is well taken. Though the local paper reported that the City was going to let unshoveled walks slide after the holiday storms in order to give residents a break, I think it might be more due to the fact that the City hasn't met significant parts of its own responsibilities. Some City-maintained walkways have been a mess, completely untouched after 2 weeks while others went uncleared for up to a week. I think this is because pedestrians and bicyclists are too "unimportant" to bother with, for some City officials; and also because the City continues to let services slide while pumping money into infrastructure that developers need.
2007-01-05 23:02:42 GMT
Thank you for posting the picture of my neighbor's snow plow. While I appreciated all the help he gave us plowing our street I must confess I was worried someone would ask why he is using school district equipment to help his neighbors. Now that kids couldn't go to school one week I am worried.

I see the latest truck picture (school truck at private residence you have two posted) has a missing gas cap and large dent in the side of the truck from hitting the brick around our mail box.

Should I tell him to stop helping us (he is very nice) and focus on school properties or just let it go?

Any advice would be appreciated -
--Concerned neighbor
2007-01-11 04:55:50 GMT
If you want something done do it yourself. Three snow storms left over three feet of snow on my street, where there are at least three people with health issues who must not exert themselvs shoveling heavy snow. The Thursday after the first snow, the big snow of the three, twenty people on my street, seventeen with shovels and three with snow blowers, set out at nine in the morning to clear the street and sidewalks. Eight and a half hours laters it was cleared. And cleared again after the second storm. And again after the third storm. So far, not one plow from the city of Loveland has come this way. And probably won't.

What I would like to see is the XXXXXX, publisher of The Reporter-Herald, XXXXXXXX XXXXX, get off his XXXX and shovel snow. He won't because like all of his employees at The Reporter-Herald, he thinks he is too good to help his fellow man.

----Silent but hard-working majori
2007-01-11 16:03:15 GMT
Well, you always challenge us in what we should allow on the site. We want to operate this site as an unedited open forum discussion but attacking a person for their weight seems to be going too far. Therefore, we regret to inform everyone the above email was slightly modified (the X's represent things taken out) so you still have the person's views absent the personal attacks on an individual.

For the record, we subscribe to the Lovalend Daily Reporter-Herald and think they serve an important purpose in the community. While, like you, we are dissapointed they too often identify with certain special interests in the community to the detriment of the larger number of residents, we want to encourage rational arguments instead of personal attacks.
2007-01-11 16:23:27 GMT
Hey, what about the concerned neighbor's question? She should call her School Board representative IMMEDIATELY if not the County prosecutor and report these guys!

2007-01-11 22:42:51 GMT
Turn him in PLEASE. Why are we paying higher property taxes to the school if they can't supervise their own employees? He should pay for the truck damage if it wasn't school business he was doing when he damaged the truck
--Optional Means Optional
2007-01-12 18:30:24 GMT
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