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Entry for December 22, 2006

Storm stories - any story about the "Christmas Blizzard" feel free to share them here.  Also, check the main page for stories regarding the Thompson School District leaving cars stranded in parking lots while employee clears his own drive with school owned truck - a exclusive.  Also, read the story about some residential areas being left unplowed - was your street plowed?  Share your story here.



2006-12-22 20:43:01 GMT
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Thanks for your coverage. Our cars are still stuck on Elk Springs street. I am from Idaho and never heard of a city that doesn't plow all residential streets when they have the time after the storm. I guess they did plow some residential streets but not ours -
2006-12-22 20:47:14 GMT
Yeah - my development is also without any plowing. At least my friend came over and used his plow on our street.

the school thing is really bad. i also saw all those cars stranded and wondered what the scool district was going to do about it
2006-12-23 03:27:01 GMT
Shame on the City of Loveland! What does it take to get residential street plowed after primary and secondary are plowed? We helped a very elderly couple out of their cul de sac in west Loveland. They needed to get their meds. How many other people are stuck at home?
2006-12-23 23:58:45 GMT
OK now I am angry - our car is still stuck at the middle school and no one was answering the phone at the school district offices today. Now we need to hire a snow plow just to plow a path to our car. Thank God people survived the storm without any real tragedies. Our daughter just walked home but we never imagined the school would leave it that way.

By the way, we were called Wednesday night by that school computer to tell us school would be let out at 11:00 AM. We got the call a 4:30 PM.
--Arthur C.
2006-12-24 01:59:23 GMT
hey, I noticed that the Reporter Herald is also reporting on the mail delivery and other things you guys did but really saying something contrary to what you have - does this sort of thing always happen? My husband noticed and thought it was kinda funny.
2006-12-26 23:29:29 GMT
Don't believe the nonesense. The Repoerter-Herald also said the city did an excellent job cleaning the snow last Thursday. Meals on Wheels volunteers know better. We had a hell of a time just getting shut-ins something to eat. I know Loveland's plow policy says residential street aren't worth the the time and effort - well it is wrong.

2006-12-27 20:00:55 GMT
I want to correct an error in Today's Loveland Reporter-Herald. My husband and I use the 32 Gallon trash containers and according to the Reporter-Herald, only those with "64-gallon or 96-gallon trash containers" that were missed last week can get their extra (left-over) trash picked-up for free or without stickers.

I checked the link to the City of Loveland on this website and saw the announcement the paper copied for their news article. Indeed, the announcement says 32 gallon containers also.
I just wanted to let you all know that 32 gallon trash containers are included despite what was reported in today's paper.
2006-12-28 16:28:18 GMT
Thanks Tully, I also read both the press announcement from the city and the herald story. You think they could at least get it right when all the need to do is copy down the information! Geeeeee that's embarrassing!!!!!
2006-12-28 16:32:31 GMT
Now,now let's not get carried away. It was really more an error of omission since it didn't say 32 gallon containers couldn't get the free pick-up of extra garbage. I am still sore about the arrogant editorial last week lecturing we dumb residents about how great the Loveland snow plowing plan is and how we have no reason to complain.

I thought the city government was supposed to serve residents and not just business. And the paper apparently adheres to the motto: Comfort the comfortable while afflicting the afflicted.
2006-12-28 16:57:55 GMT
As another resident who has an unplowed street - I want to get rid of that whole cabal downtown - Council, Herald and McWhinneys!

I am sick and tired of their garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2006-12-28 17:00:32 GMT
I think Loveland does more for its citizens than any other city in Northern Colorado. The art statues, Lake Loveland and golf courses show this City Council has made residents there first priority. The development at Centerra is good for this city by providing jobs for the unemployed and low-income residents who live on the westside of town. Without the McWhinneys creating jobs the people in Loveland would be hurting right now.

Thanks you - please do not earase this message Than you
2006-12-28 22:09:59 GMT
I will agree - with less than 30% of seniors going to Loveland's 3 high school going to college - maybe all they can hope for are low-payed retail jobs
2006-12-28 22:11:40 GMT
Yeah, maybe "Ken" is right. Loveland does a lot for its residents. (or is it "TO" them?) In particular, it "takes them to the cleaners" routinely.
It does this directly by regularly raising water and wastewater rates to subsidize future growth, letting traffic congestion continually degrade, cutting library services, and not maintaining other service levels as we grow; all while giving the favored McWhinneys huge subsidies for their developments.
As for Centerra or McWhinneys providing jobs for the unemployed, I'd just LOVE to see the data on what % of the jobs are above poverty-level wages. And in any case, WE the taxpayers paid for even those crappy jobs...even the Reporter Herald reported that the subsidy will be $591 Million in lost County, School District and City taxes...even as new schools require NEW school bonds and higher property taxes!
2006-12-30 01:38:34 GMT
How come I only here about these issues here? I noticed I pay a tax for "street maintenance" on my water bill from the city. Right now, only myself and my elderly neighbors are maintaining our street.

--Rod Runner
2006-12-30 04:50:38 GMT
Those bastards!!!!! I just found your site and a million kisses to the person responsible for letting us know what is happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-01-11 04:59:53 GMT
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