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Entry for November 22, 2006

The City Attorney, John Duval, has told the City Council they can exempt themselves from the restrictions under Amendmetn 41 that limits what a local official can receive in gifts in a single year from special interests at $50.  All they need to do as a home rule city is create their own regulations.

Here is the question, is it appropriate for the Loveland City Council to try and evade that public mandate for ethics reforms of local officials by setting-up a less restrictive code for themselves before Amendment 41 take effect?  Otherwise, the maximum gift they or other senior officials could accept from the developers like the McWhinneys would be capped at $50 per year.

2006-11-22 20:41:13 GMT
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I have lived in Loveland for 34 years; this is the most corrupt and purely disgusting set of government officials I have ever witnessed. It is my opinion that these folks should be yanked out of their ‘chairs’ by whatever lawful means are available.

Walsh once rolled his eyes at my Mother when she was speaking to the council long before he was elected mayor. Walsh has been rolling his eyes for a long time, and perhaps ‘The People of Loveland’ need to start showing up at these meetings and subjecting this vermin to public scorn.

Remember, Walsh is a ‘public figure’ under the law. Therefore, Walsh cannot sue for defamation of character under any local, regional, state, or federal law.

Mark Sanchez A.S. B.S. M.S.
2006-12-09 04:44:55 GMT
I agree with everything you said above. Is anyone thinking recall like I am?
--Walter K. Dryden
2006-12-20 07:05:32 GMT
Can't you get a better picture of the City Attorney? Don looks the way he always does at staff meetings after the Council meetings
--Unamed City Employee
2006-12-20 07:14:03 GMT
Yes, more people to Council meetings would help the community more
2006-12-27 20:05:45 GMT
I am sick of these people. I don't go to Council meetings anyway since these buzzards don't listen. They make their desicions in private and only talk down to you when you try and talk at Council meetings.

The Sunshine Act seems to be a victim of their dishonesty just like Amendment 41.
2007-01-16 00:21:11 GMT
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