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Entry for November 09, 2006

The Visual Arts Council (upon City Council request) will look at moving "Triangle" from its current location to Benson Park.  We have a poll online to see if you agree that it should be moved to Benson Park, sold or put into storage.

UPDATE - The VAC has decided to honor the request and move the sculpture to Benson Park right next to Loveland High School.  Apparently, it will be covered by landscaping to shield it from people who may choose not to see the sculpture.  Is this just a fig leaf for modesty or a way to make the display less offensive?

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2006-11-09 18:45:43 GMT
Comments (3 total)
I think the art piece is a great carving. However; I think it should be put in a venue nearest to those folks who beat their chests and demand it be placed in my area.

Mark Sanchez
2006-11-10 04:27:54 GMT
I think it is sad that no one commented on this issue.
2006-11-16 05:31:23 GMT
I think we are burned out on it. I was wondering about the 1000 art pieces they have stored at my expense. Is that really nencessary? They say it is to rotate but who the hell cares, leave it alone. i cannot imaging the waste of concrete in moving these all the time.
--Ron P.
2007-03-07 09:16:40 GMT
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