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Entry for October 24, 2006

According to today's front page of the Reporter-Herald (RH), Marian Butte homeowners filed a lawsuit against Marostica.  According to Marostica its a campaign stunt -- the RH liberally quotes Marostica's spin but ignores the alleged victims who filed the suit.  Contrary to the impression left by the short newspaper article, this isn't the first time residents of Mariana Butte complained.  In addition to resident complaints, the Colorado based homebuilder, Woodcrest Homes Inc. filed a lawsuit against Marostica claiming he made missrepresentations about the development (it was later settled).

Marostica failed to pay subcontrators, according to the suit filed by Woodcrest Homes, Inc. which left liens on the property in excess of $1 million but he never disclosed this to Woodcrest when they bought the property.  Thus Woodcrest calimed they couldn't sell the parcels to homebuyer's due to mechanic liens against the property.

According to Woodcrest Homes;

"Woodcrest has been damaged by MRP's and

Marostica's fraudulent

representations of materials facts..." 

Please feel free to post your comments below.  We want this to be an open and uncensored discussion so please feel free to post your opinions (including Don Marostica and those who support his candidact for State House) here on the blog.

Carmen M.

2006-10-24 16:09:33 GMT
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Thank you - again - for posting the truth being ignored by our local paper! I do know some people who didn't sue becasue they knew the Reporter-Herald would try to also make them look like fools to defend Marostica.

This is one of many examples where Marostica's role on the City Council conflicted with his role as the developer. People believed a City Councilman who told them the City of Loveland gave him all rights to the lake for the people who bought these homes. He should not be speaking for the City of Loveland while also trying to sell properties that didn't really have the rights he claimed to be using the City of Loveland owned lake.

Amy- if you see this feel free to post your experience with Marostica here - it isn't like the Herald - you can say what you like without being made out to be a fool for defending your rights as a citizen of this city.
--Carol L.
2006-10-24 17:30:56 GMT
By the way - Marostica will say he is poor in court since he hides all his assets in LLC's. Marostica doesn't even own a home in Loveland - look at the County records - his home is only owned by his wife, Carol.

He bought like 6 Harley's but according to our attornies he claims to have no assets so even if you win (THE LAW DOESN'T ALLOW PARTNERSHIPS -LLC TO BE DISSOLVED) you cannot collect.

Marostica brags about hiding all his assets so attornies who work for contigency fees will not take a case against him since he doesn't have the assets to pay a potential judgment.
2006-10-24 17:42:45 GMT
You are again just telling lies. Don is an important person who gave a lot to this community - now he just wants to give back to the community and wear the white hat. I am sure no one is upset about anything in Mariana Butte. Don went out of his way to contribute more to the common areas etc. than those people deserve. The few greedy people who filed the lawsuit know the lake belonged to the City of Loveland and would never provide them any rights nore did Don ever promise them lake rights. I am sure they are a bunch of Radke supporters who want to destroy this community.
2006-10-24 19:42:35 GMT
Let’s just try to understand Andy -

He can't even see the truth of what is happening. It is tragic that so many people in Loveland have bought into Don's marketing scheme that they can only deal with the facts of his record by making wild accusations.

Elevating Don Marostica to the State Legislature only enshrines tax delinquency, bankruptcy, a "cut and run" City Council record, and big-money special interests buying elections. That is not the way to build success for our businesses, schools and families.

There's a difference between getting rich on the backs of tax-payer development subsidies, waivers from ethics laws, special tax-breaks, selling the office of "City Councilman" to the highest bidder, and selfless public service. Electing Don Marostica can only show that Loveland is driven by being selfish, using political power for unethical personal gain, and living off of the benefit of loopholes in the law.

The signs of destruction are already out in this community; they're predominantly red and white and have "Don Marostica" written all over them. Thanks to we can all see the rest of the garbage Don has been spreading around town.

Sorry Andy, you're angry, in denial of the truth, maybe someday soon you'll accept the reality of the facts that make Don Marostica unfit for elected office and reach the understanding of what is truly needed to protect Loveland. A compromised legislator can’t help us.

Yes, it’s a shame that the Republicans nominated Don Marostica for HD51. But, it is more honorable to correct that mistake, vote to keep him out of the legislature, hold Jodi Radke accountable for 2-years, and then try again in 2008.

2006-10-24 21:32:34 GMT
Marostica was not nominated by Republicans. He was selected by RINOs. Republicans selected Kevin McNaught.
2006-10-25 16:16:54 GMT
We need more businesses in Loveland and more transportation. That is why I support Don Marostica for State House. I heard he married a high school student when he was a coach in the 70's but he says it isn't true. He also denies all the garbage being discussed here so be careful - he is coming after you all and it isn't going to be good. May God have mercy on your soul because Don Marostica will not.
--Not a RINO
2006-10-25 17:29:39 GMT
"Not a RINO" writes "we need more businesses in Loveland and more transportation". Please explain. As to first part, Loveland has grown almost 3x as faster as rest of country (almost 3% per year for 20 years vs. roughly 1% per year nationwide). The City actively subsidizes business development, by giving huge tax subsidies paid for by us regular folk. You imply that Don is going to increase businesses here...but how and most importantly, with whose money?
Re. transportation, it's true, Don is trying to raise everyone's taxes (sales tax increase) to pay for what the McWhinneys promised to fix (per their original "Urban Renewal" agreement that let them keep hundreds of millions in public taxes for their own purposes).
Finally, it's telling that NaR ascribes power over our souls to Don Marostica. Scary!
2006-10-25 22:54:10 GMT
Not A RINO raises the spectre that the Don Marostica campaign is really a cover for a strong-arm mobster, mafia-style power take-over. This isn't civic-leadership, but extortion and intimidation. Perhaps Don will deny that he is "...coming after..." us all the same way he hides all of his business success behind his wife.

It is tragic that "Not a RINO" misses the point that all Don has accomplished so far is promote the lowest end of the economic spectrum: retail and rental. That doesn't raise the standard of living in Loveland, it drags the average down. At the same time his wonderful "make Don rich" projects suck tax-dollars from the city and county general funds to subsidize those projects.

The "confidential" Tax Increment Financing (TIF) deals rebate MILLIONS a year back to Don's companies, and the big developers he serves. These legal tax kick-backs can last up to 25-years. During all that time the rest of us see city fees rise, and the quality of our serves decline. That is the true record of Don's service to the rest of the citizens of Loveland.
2006-10-25 23:34:56 GMT
Mr. Trenary, not enough people read this website for it to have much of an effect on Radke's campaign. She has not taken all this information and used it to her advantage. Why? She has to realize time is precious, and she will not win unless she gets a mailing out or ads in the paper. I am amazed, with the tax liens and now this lawsuit, she has had this information handed to her on a silver platter. Others have done the fact finding and hard research for her. Can't believe she is letting this slip by. I admire you for stepping in, but voicing your concerns just on this website will prove fruitless.
Her walking is admirable, and will help her, but will not win this against his money and in a conservative district. He walks too, I see him. Tell her to get a mailing out, tomorrow!
--atlas shrugged
2006-10-26 00:59:51 GMT
--atlas shrugged--

Thanks, check the financial reports, your contribution to help pay for that mailing will be greatly appreciated. ;-)

A first class "Postal Patron" mailing to HD51 exceeds Jodi's current campaign account balance. Even a selected mailing is very expensive. I'm hoping that Peter Blake, Rocky Mountain News, will note Don's big spending campaign and debtor record and publish it in his next column.
2006-10-26 16:06:52 GMT
her ending balance last reporting period was 5814.00. Thats enough to send a post card mailer out to selected voters. Automated calling is even cheaper.
2006-10-26 18:37:51 GMT
$5,814...OK, let's keep our eyes open. If Jodi is reading this BLOG she might be encouraged to following this advice.

I got an eye-full looking at the Secretary of State Election Finances page. Don's campaign has already spent over $229,000.00 with $12,000.00 still in the bank, what a David and Goliath scenario. He could still dump (Carol could, since Don has nothing in his own name) more than my highest annual income into the race without blinking. $186,000.00???!!! How many Loveland families are trying to live on a fraction of that?
2006-10-27 14:00:42 GMT
Let me want me to believe all of the obviously biased junk attacks on Don Marostica to help you elect Jodi Radke a card carrying left-wing, socialist liberal that is now, with a straight face, trying to convice us she's a Republican! Check out her ad! In her other campaign pieces she supports every labor union, new social experiments, says she supports gun owners rights and property rights, but then you learn she's Ms. Sierra Club and has an F rating from the NRA. Why can't a liberal in this community just stop lying and run as the person they really are? If you don't like Don, fine, stop lying about your liberal candidates! Don definately get my vote, as Jodi Radke will be the greatest gift to the extreme left-wing down in Denver that they have ever seen. LTC should stop acting like he's any kind of voice for the military. It's a disgrace to service men and women that you can't just spread your trash without implicating the U.S. military I served. NO to Radke is NO to gun grabbing, tree hugging, anti-American cut-and-run, blame America first, anti-military, property-taking, liberals that will never get my vote! Vote for Marostica!
2006-10-30 16:16:37 GMT
Sorry KLC,

"There you go again..."

“Admit Nothing –“
Don Marostica hides behind the false front of serving in the "Reserves." Sorry, eye-witness accounts prove that he was a member of the Colorado Army National Guard for seven years. How can a candidate for state office get that wrong or even worse, purposely avoid that service recognition. The Colorado Guard has served this state with distinction for over 146 years (before statehood)! What is Don hiding from?

KLC, you'd better check you ruck-sack for integrity and self-less service. So far all you've demonstrated is allegiance to Don in defiance of facts. You appear to live in a fantasy world that ignores the threats of unaffordable health care, exploding prison populations, rampant home foreclosures and a Loveland economy increasingly dependant on the lowest end of the economic spectrum.

“Deny Everything –“
The Don Marostica future promises rental and retail; more foreclosures and minimum wage jobs. That doesn't raise our community up, it only drags us down. In the mean-time Don can keep lining up tax-payer subsidized developments to get a big return on the $186,000 he’s put into this campaign.
How many times have you held up your Federal Income Tax Liens in a show of pride and accomplishment? Is one personal bankruptcy and three(+) business failures the kind of leadership example you want to put forward to the state and for Loveland’s kids?
Why don’t we see a record of accomplishments along with the boat-load of boards, commissions and committees that Don’s served on? How did he cover all of those meetings and also build a business?

“Make up false counter accusations –“
The kind of voice I give for Veterans and service members is what you must fear most; a life-long Democrat raised by farmers, preachers and teachers who has the personal courage to stand up to the false prophets of the radical right-wing agenda of hatred and fear.
The attack you just attempted proves that you have very little honor or respect for the Profession of Arms. Otherwise, you wouldn’t sully your own service with such a shallow cheap-shot. You missed the range-box, out-of-safe, No-Go, report for retraining.
There isn’t a shred of truth in anything you write about me, and especially not about Jodi Radke. You just hope you can throw cr*p and non one will notice that it doesn’t stick.
The real dangers of land-grabbing around here are all the homes and properties being lost through foreclosures. You can take your slash and burn attitude towards our forests and parks and go worship the Tonka Toys scraping dirt for Don’s next project. Conservation is a conservative value that crosses party lines. But, I suspect KLC, you are in the habit of leaving your litter for others to clean-up.

It’s good to know that my vote for Jodi Radke will at least cancel your’s. However, I have to hope that Loveland’s future will be decided by others who can turn away from the example you present.

2006-10-30 17:34:11 GMT

So easy for you to hide behind an anonymous post. I encourage you to contact Jodi directly for answers to your assumptions - but, I'm guessing you truly are too cowardly to actually have a conversation of any merit.
2006-10-30 21:16:25 GMT
Lt. Colonel Ralph Trenary you are one angry gay (happy) man. It is true that Jodi has an F rating from the NRA and I encourage any NRA member to go to the website and validate it and report back to the delusional, projectionist Lt. Colonel that it is he that is willing to say anything to cover for the huge political lie that is the Jodi Radke campaign. She is a LIBERAL and she should be proud of it! She should just stop the lies and run on her truly held philosophies as a LIBERAL and let the votes fall as they may in this community. Her true philosophies would get her elected in downtown Denver, and if her political aspirations are so great as to overrule the truth, they will welcome her and Lt. Colonel Ralph Trenary with open arms! Good riddens Jodi and Ralph! Don't let the proverbial door hit you in your LIBERAL ass! It's OK to promote illegal immigrant sanctuaries, gun confiscation, gay marriage, labor unions, and abortion in this country anywhere you want, but the odds are, it will never get you elected in Loveland, Colorado! This is how democracy should work! You should run as WHO YOU REALLY ARE and give the citizenry an honest choice and then respect that decision, NOT try to pass a conservative, ex-Republican, because IT IS JUST A BIG LIE! Jodi you are attractive and intelligent, but unfortunately you chose political dishonesty and rabid attacks on your opponent as your means to the end of getting elected at all cost. This will only serve to ensure that you never hold any office in this town!
2006-10-31 23:03:06 GMT
Hi Bob -

Again, I'm assuming you've never actually held a conversation with Jodi; this is ever so obvious by your rantings online. But, please clarify if this is untrue.

In fact, Jodi is not a liberal, and has failed endorsements by many of the liberal organizations that endorse Democrats for this very reason. And, the Colorado Medical Society, which generally only endorses Republicans, were so impressed, she is one of the few state candidates with a "dual" endorsement.

Reality check Bob -
Jodi supports "tough" immigration laws - and, doesn't espouse the rhetoric of her opponent, "I'll work hard..." that's ALL he ever says, "I'll work hard..." She has real solutions.

Guns? Jodi fully supports responsibile ownership, and, did indeed grow up around guns and has shot before. Jodi doesn't support the ability to carry a semi-automatic into a grocery store, as her opponent does...and, reality check Bob - most in Loveland agree with Jodi on this one.

But, rather than school you on spelling (good riddens?), your rantings, and, your lack of ability to reach out to actually converse with the candidate as opposed to attack her positions without merit - I'll continue to pray that Loveland has the good sense to identify an authentic candidate when they see one - not one riddled with bankruptcy, federal tax liens, and law suits - what a joke Don Marostica is!

--Jenny S.
2006-10-31 23:53:13 GMT
Bob, Dear Bob ... poor Bob,

There must be agreat deal of fear behind the rabid anger in your last post. Your feeble attempts at intimidation, recrimination and juvenile insults label and quantify your entire effort at defending Don Marostica.

Someday, even hard core Marostica toadies like you will see the facts and realize how wrong it is to place Don in a position of civic leadership. In the mean time, save your insults, it's meaningless and only encourages me to work harder to see your tactics of fear, hate and prefessing the false sanctity of Don Marostica fall into utter defeat in six days.

Don't feel intimidated against seeking professional, medical, counseling or psychiatric support. Meanwhile the rest of us will continue to laugh our ourselves silly at your expense...
--Ralph Trenary, LTC-R
2006-11-01 01:16:22 GMT
Dear, surname-less person ‘Andy’ who posted above,
Good evening… what did you mean when you said,
1 “Now he (Marostica) just wants to give back to the community and wear the white hat.”
- What did he do before? Wear the black hat? (I think Marostica may have, and might still wear the black hat)
- “I am sure no one is upset about anything in Mariana Butte.” (How can you be sure of that?) Proof?
- “Don went out of his way to contribute more to the common areas etc. than those people deserve.” (What people are you referring to? People like me?) People in the East Loveland area? I hope for your sake, you did not refer to the hard working folks who live in East Loveland, including me.)
- Please clarify … Are you referring to the overcrowding of Winona Elementary School? Or perhaps the need for a charter school just down the road?
- (I, was a kindergartner through 6th grade at Winona elementary school starting in 1978.) There was no need for an addition to Winona Elementary until Don Marostica was granted a waiver on lot size so he could pad his bank account. I think Marostica may have obtained a waiver from the city council that allowed Marostica to stuff more homes into the land he purchased just East of Boise and 1st Street.

…more to follow

Mark Sanchez A.S, B.S, M.S.

2006-11-01 05:56:09 GMT
Dear, surname-less person ‘Andy’ who posted above,
Good evening… what did you mean when you said,
1 “Now he (Marostica) just wants to give back to the community and wear the white hat.”
- What did he do before? Wear the black hat? (I think Marostica may have, and might still wear the black hat)
- “I am sure no one is upset about anything in Mariana Butte.” (How can you be sure of that?) Proof?
- “Don went out of his way to contribute more to the common areas etc. than those people deserve.” (What people are you referring to? People like me?) People in the East Loveland area? I hope for your sake, you did not refer to the hard working folks who live in East Loveland, including me.)
- Please clarify … Are you referring to the overcrowding of Winona Elementary School? Or perhaps the need for a charter school just down the road?
- (I, was a kindergartner through 6th grade at Winona elementary school starting in 1978.) There was no need for an addition to Winona Elementary until Don Marostica was granted a waiver on lot size so he could pad his bank account. I think Marostica may have obtained a waiver from the city council that allowed Marostica to stuff more homes into the land he purchased just East of Boise and 1st Street.

…more to follow

Mark Sanchez A.S, B.S, M.S.

2006-11-01 06:01:00 GMT
Bob, please educate us on what tax increase Don Marostica didn't support? Let's see, McWhinney sales tax rebate YES, citywide sales tax increae YES and now the school measure 3A which is only needed since developers are not paying the cost of capital improvements. Lastly, Marostica's Loveland Commercial has that lovely building next to the old skating rink housing "Payday loans" and check cashing.

Marostica isn't for less government or lower taxes since he supported every tax increase to come along. He doesn't have the character to promote primary jobs in this community but instead builds garbage buildings that house drive-thru liqour stores and check cashing not to mention his support of government subsidized housing.

As a conservative Republican, I could never support Marostica since he lies so much about both his beliefs and motives. Jodi Radke is a moderate Democrat who isn't running for office to make herself richer.

Lastly, I could never support someone who has outright lied to the IRS about his income like Marostica has in the past. Radke's only failing is not understanding the need to educate people about Marostica's bad past. Therefore, many uninformed voters are likely to vote next Tuesday for the biggest liar on the ticket because he spent $250,000 to get elected to a little State House seat. As Loveland slowly turns into a big box shopping slum because of the lack of quality people in government - I will be moving.
2006-11-01 17:07:16 GMT
I think the Lt. Colonel Ralph Trenary has some kind of misguided messiah complex. Bob, above, while a bit abrupt, speaks the truth. I too don't understand what appears to be a thinly veiled attempt to cover her true political positions on issues. It's not just Jodi, but every Democrat and so-called Independent that has run in HD51 in recent history that tries to dishonestly promote themselves as a "conservative" in this community simply to win an election. When you read between the lines and get into the details of their stated positions, you find they are all far to the left of the majority of us in this community. I am a supporter of our 2nd Amendment Rights, and have seen myself that Jodi got an F rating on a lengthy questionnaire that contained several specific policy questions on our rights to keep and bear arms. Jodi didn't receive a B, C, or D, but an F for her responses to those questions. Therefore, regardless of what she says to try to get elected, she is NOT a supporter of my constitutional rights. I have already voted for Don Marostica, and strongly encourage everyone else who demands political honesty to do the same!
--Tom G.
2006-11-01 17:13:33 GMT
Tom -

Shortsided to focus on a single issue. Our constitution (2nd amendment) is not in jeopardy, but, our community is - due to such misguided focus. Draw attention to an "issue", ignore the reality, our community suffers. Typical politics...

Deny the "facts" that Marostica is a cheat...go ahead. All the documentation is there. I'll place my vote for someone with character and integrity anyday so that my kids have a future.

2006-11-01 21:57:19 GMT
Hey Tom, Congressman Mark Foley also supports gun rights but would you vote for him? If you really think Marostica will stand-up for you when the gun control lobby tries to ban automatic weapons again - than you are a fool.

Marostica hasn't been loyal to anyone but himself and he needs people like you to gain power. Marostica needs to associate himself with credible causes and organizations since he personally doesn't have any credibility and really will do nothing to advance gun rights. Apparently, you were not paying attention when he supported "law enforcement" through James Brady resolution etc...In the legislature, Marostica will vote for peace officer associations that support limits on our 2nd amendment rights not us. He has no back bone and will bend to whatever he thinks keeps in office.

I pitty your naive outlook and vulnerability. If you voted for Marostica - look out for those Nigerian emails with get rich quick schemes - they are as fake as Don Marostica.

2006-11-01 22:20:47 GMT
Dear Tom G.,

Thanks for elevating my efforts to divine proportions, but leave it lower case. Regrettably both you and “Bob” have succumbed to the cookie-cutter, flat as cardboard myth that you can spew the word “liberal” and it carries the weight and meaning of some denizen of the underworld. That’s not logic, or the facts, just mudslinging political hypocrisy.

It just not that simple (well, at least not for the rest of the world). I challenge you to broaden you horizons. Read these studies by a non-partisan study group and take their test.
Political typology article:
take the typology test here:
Ideology article here:

The facts of this race are in the Rocky Mountain News this morning. Peter Blake has “outed” Don Marostica as a big-money politician with a dark personal financial record. Why does Don hide the truth of his repeated failures in finance and business? Why does he hide his seven years of National Guard service behind the title “reserves?

Unfortunately, there is a defensible argument that the National Rifle Association’s political candidate questionnaire is not solely a measurement of support for the Second Amendment. The “Right Bear Arms” is a far cry from the unfettered distribution of the assault rifle Don wants to carry so he can go collect his groceries. Don’s cherished AK-47 isn’t sport or hunting; it’s meant to kill people.

Electing Jodi is no threat to my guns, her family’s or anybody else’s. If you can’t argue the real issues of the election, stop making-up false accusations. Plenty of people still have the opportunity to ignore your fantasy about gun-stealing ghouls, and then cast their ballots based on Jodi’s merits and Don’s bad baggage.

--Ralph Trenary, LTC(R)
2006-11-01 23:42:56 GMT
There are already over 22,000 gun laws in the United States of America that run roughshod over the second amendment to the U.S. constitution. Do you think Marostica is going to do anything about that? I seriously doubt that claim. I do not doubt that Marostica wants to serve, however; I think he is going to serve himself, and his business associates who will remain nameless at this time.

Marostica also claims to crack down on illegal immigration. Last time I checked, this was already done. Correct me if I am wrong, but did or did not the Colorado legislature already pass the toughest illegal immigration laws in the country?

--Mark Sanchez
2006-11-03 03:33:25 GMT
Jodi Radke:
- Liberal Democrat trying to act like a Republican...Why???
- A Liberal supported by hoards of labor unions, and other left-wing organizations
- Active in the Sierra Club and other tree-hugger organizations that have made it nearly impossible to use our own oil and gas reserves, making us more dependent on foreign oil, driving up the cost of fuel, the cost of our homes, and limiting our private property rights.
- Says she supports "responsible gun ownership" meaning she supports "lock away your safety" trigger locks that would require government intrusion into you home to enforce; According to Jodi's biggest supporter the obviously-liberal LTC Ralph Trenary only guns for "sport and hunting" are OK, not those meant to "kill". If I could make sense of that, I'd be a LIBERAL! Guns are for sport (target shooting), hunting (killing and eating), killing (hunting to eat, war, protecting myself, protecting my children and family, protecting my fellow-man and my country), Law Enforcement (killing bad guys, protecting my children and family, protecting my fellow-man, community and country)
- No business experience, but thinks she knows that businesses can do more for everyone (you know, the evil business thing)
- Not married; supports gay marriage.
- No children, but thinks she knows what parents should be doing for their children (like trust them to the liberal teachers unions so they can be taught that EVERYTHING is OK... like gay marriage, blaming America for everything, guns are bad, Republicans are bad, etc.)
- Hates evil developers (you know, all those evil guys who build homes and businesses where our beautiful families, with beautiful children, make all of their beautiful dreams and memories together, so that thousands of workers can have jobs that build, repair, maintain, and protect our country, homes, and businesses so they can support their beautiful families!)
- Supports class-warfare (you know Don Marostica is evil because he's been successful, and yet she supports business owners who would like nothing more than to be successful so they can do good things for their families and their communities like Don has)
- Has supporters like left-wing liberals like LTC Ralph Trenary, Jeff, Mark, Jenny, Ed, and Jim, but wants us all to believe she's really quite conservative.

Jodi Radke is a life-long liberal that is trying to lie and attack her way into office. She should be ashamed of what she has brought to Loveland politics and the Democratic Party. She definitely should not have attacked Becky Jay for being fat...that just wasn't nice.


2006-11-04 03:16:45 GMT
I am a registered Republican. I do not support Marostica. Never once did I say that I supported Radke. Perhaps, I will not vote for either candidate. However, rest assured I will vote, and I will request a paper ballot if there are Diebold voting machines at the voting center I choose.
2006-11-04 03:33:53 GMT
Again, ill informed. Let me guess, you've of course, actually confirmed your assumptions -no wait, that'd be too easy, to actually converse with a candidate directly before spouting rhetoric....comical really.

I won't waste space discounting all of your "nontruths" other than to say, you are obviously a person filled with rage that left uncontrolled, could be devastating in this community. You should really seek assistance for this.

Your rhetoric is truly laughable ---on so many levels. And, easy to spew - please, correct "my" assumption - that you've actually made an effort to speak with Jodi Radke directly - of course you haven't...

Hide behind your words - Jodi has the support of many, many Republicans, including myself. Why? Because she is a person of conviction, faith, and principled leadership, unlike Don. Don is a tax cheat, cited for fraud, amongst many other things - an embarrasment to Loveland.

It doesn't matter how many buildings you build -his legacy is what he's made it - filled with dirty business schemes to make a buck - Jodi has my vote - integrity.
2006-11-04 07:11:56 GMT
I and thousands of others have watched Jodi in action. Her hate filled tirade at the Old Fashioned Political Rally (go see it for yourself on the Reporter-Herald website) was the most unbelievable thing we have ever witnessed in Loveland politics. This full-tilt implosion was both scary and sad as we witnessed a young lady so full of rage and contempt that she lost control of her self. Once off the stage it only got worse as she went to her booth and had a complete emotional melt down. This isn't some bad "B" movie in-which Jodi leads Loveland's lost souls to salvation on her way to the Presidency. This is about telling the truth and leading on critical issues to our state. Jodi has inflated her resume', lied about her opponents (Becky Jay included), and people who are long standing highly respected Democrats in this community won't go anywhere near her because she is mentally unstable. Once again just watch the Old Fashioned Political Rally speech. Political aspiration and narcissism are no substitute for real experience, real accomplishments, and real generosity like Don Marostica brings to the table. No one is perfect, and in attacking people who have weathered very tough times in business here in Colorado, you make the mistake of attacking thousands of others who remember and lived through those tough times too. They are well remembered. The difference is that some of us got up, dusted ourselves off, and went on to try another day. Don brings unmatched experience, skill, generosity, and maturity to HD 51, and will make one of the best Representatives we have ever had. Can't wait to see what low-level attacks are yet to come from Jodi Radke (two this week already). That's OK! Don Marostica committed to running a positive campaign from day one, has lived up to that commitment, and will be our next State Representative. Thanks for running Don...You definitely have my vote!

2006-11-04 11:42:57 GMT
Let's run the roll call of voters who support at candidate who is:
- habitually delinquent on his Federal income taxes (6 is not “rough times” it’s an inexcusable habit),
- repeatedly hides his failed fiscal and business skills behind the bankruptcy laws,
- happy to joke about wandering around grocery stores with machineguns (why not our schools too?),
- practiced at the “cut and run” strategy and resigned from the Loveland City Council when his requests for “special exemptions” to pad his wallet were denied,
- denies the truth of his military service in Colorado’s Army National Guard by watering-down, evading, who knows, that eye-witness fact by saying he was in the “reserves,”
- able to prop up a divisive, unpopular political campaign with over $161,000 of his taxpayer subsidized personal fortune,
- setting a questionable example for all citizens by hiding his wealth behind his wife’s name so he’s a lesser target for punitive lawsuits around his deceptive business deals,
- happy to walk out on our children in order to attend a “fundraiser” that shows no record of actually taking place or raising any money for his campaign,
- the inspiration for such a gaggle of frivolous insult and slur throwers that the rest of us are quite sure, and confident in our decisions to trust our votes and the future of our community to selfless leaders like Jodi Radke.

Take a hard look in the mirror: Betty, M&amp;M, Tom G., poor Bob, KLC, Not a RINO, Andy, John, Matthew, Joe T., Wealth Creator not waster, Hugh D., BTB, Don&#39;t say, OB1Canobe, and all of the Report-Herald’s hand-picked endorsement letters. The rest of us can clearly see what you are advocating. You are quick to criticize and demonize the rest of us for not bending to your will. Take your hatred, fear and false piety and go looking for a hand-out from Don on Wednesday. Surely Carol will let him have that money out of her accounts.

--Ralph Trenary, LTC(R)
2006-11-04 17:52:50 GMT
Hi there! I am new here. Actually, the first time I have ever commented on a BLOG, I feel so cool. Anyway, wow, you all, and I mean all, strike me as very pissed off, undersexed and bored with the rest of your lives, individuals. I mean that really respectively if you know what I mean.
Well, I just spent the last ummmmmm maybe hour reading the last couple of week’s worth of "information" and I must admit I feel completely entertained, and sucked in and thrilled to be a part of the party.
I didn't try to memorize everyone's names, but a few stick out more than others. LTC Ralph Trenary, I just think you are definitely sleeping with Jodi Radke. Congratulations! She's hot, just ask my husband or most male constituents...anyway, you are way out there for her, so congratulations, I hope it's worth it.
You all seem so well informed on insider information that it makes the average Jo like me think this is a conversation between very few but highly informed individuals. I am not in on anyone's inner circle, just listening and reading, so if these questions sound ignorant, it's cuz they are. (I know how to spell cause, or because, but I just like to say cuz). Why is Jodi Radke advertising about only her republican and independent supporter’s? Why isn't she proud enough of her party affiliation to brag about their support? I think it's because she knows this district requires a true conservative, and I mean small government conservative. Not a freaky right wing conservative, no district needs that! I did get a chance to see Jodi speak at the old fashioned political rally, and yep, she seemed slightly out of control and even more pissed off then you gentlemen. Don spoke about the issues and his experience (okay, so you already guessed, smart boys, I support Don Marostica). I just wondered what the hell was wrong with Jodi that night. But soon to find out from other encounters and the League of women vipers debate, she's just one pissed off biotch. Hmm, sorry about that, I don't know her personally, and haven’t spoken to her, I did run into her in the bathroom one day and she was getting ready to speak, and seemed unusually insecure for a chick taking on the things she is taking on in the way she chooses to approach things. She was way fakey happy and way over playing her success in the race and struck me as scared shitless...not who I want representing me at the state house.
Okay, I don't want to slam Jodi, just a few questions. I do want to talk about Don. What are you all so afraid of? You all wish you had worked hard and had the balls to risk enough to experience bankruptcy and suffer through tough times, tax leans all that big bad stuff our country and great state allows because the result of these risk takers is job creation, tax revenue, bettering our communities and lives of citizens living in the communities. Why is it so evil to succeed? Do you all want to fail? Why slam a human being for trying with all his might to succeed? What's wrong with him putting things in his wife's name? Do you really think that matter's if he is found to do something wrong? The law would find that man guilty if he is guilty of something. I feel like all three or four of you talking to each other on this little slice of heaven blog, know Don is good and extraordinary man who has succeeded after many failures and never ceased to get up in the morning and try, try again...I hope to have half the strength and energy to succeed in my life and business endeavors that it must have taken the Marostica's to make it where they are. I hope he wins this race and I hope he can instill his work ethic down in Denver, we would all be better for it.
Oh and I think truthfully, Jodi shouldn't brag about how much money Don has raised and spent on this race, it was all to fight the evil right wing, she'll be easy to beat, just cuz.

--chick mccool
2006-11-05 03:02:39 GMT
My, my, my … chick mccool…you are one twisted piece of poultry,

Sorry to drop too much reality on your slithering rantings; but Jodi Radke is closer to my daughter’s age than my own. As a medical professional, my wife recommends that you seek counseling, or at least double your Prozac, Quaaludes or whatever you’re on.

I can’t see where anyone opposing Don Marostica presents fear of his past or potential. It’s generally pure disgust for someone who manipulates the Loveland City Council to pad the profit margin on his projects, and then pulls a cut and run when they wise up and stop allowing him to feed at the tax-payer trough.

Many of us have worked hard for decades, served in the armed forces (and have the capacity to remember), and did it without repeatedly (1983), repeatedly (1993), repeatedly (1994) and repeatedly (1996) failing to pay Federal Income Taxes. That kind of pattern is usually known as a modus opperandi in law enforcement circles. That is not the kind of example that ambitious Loveland entrepreneurs should aspire to imitate.

I do believe that it was the Republican controlled US Congress and a Republican President who gleefully clamped down on bankruptcy. Could Don they have had Don in mind? All of this just in time for Northern Colorado to lead the country in foreclosures. High density development, huge taxpayer subsidies, and low-paying retail jobs are all the distinctions of Don’s contributions to the Loveland community. His record so far is pushing us down the economic ladder, not raising it up (well, except for himself).

While Don’s Roll Call of gleeful supporters has surely welcomed you into their company, nothing you have put into run-on sentences makes a difference. Voters who value integrity, selfless service, commitment to Loveland’s children and a viable economic future will not follow your example. On Wednesday morning the big story will be that Don’s return on his $186,000 investment is…zero.

--Ralph Trenary, LTC(R)
2006-11-05 03:50:11 GMT
Wow Ralph - I think you have more brains and class than Chick Mccool can even recognize.

I have also been reading these blogs without commenting until now. Chick Mccool sounds like a nut with a potty mouth - she also doesn't understand ANYTHING about conservatives if she supports Don Marostica.

She is right that Marostica takes risks. But when you lie to the IRS and don't report all your income it is risky. In Marostica's case he got caught and was forced to pay what he owed. Enron executives took similar risks as did the Congressman from Ohio when he took illegal favors from Jack Abramhoff.

I do believe Don Marostica thinks he helps the community by building a strip mall. That is because he comes from Sterling, Colorado and isn't well circulated outside Northern Colorado.
The rest of the world hates the 100,000 same strip malls thrown-up for quick cash return and adding nothing of value to this town.

Don Marostica is a petty tax delinquent trying to get on the big stage. If he wins, the people most sorry will be the lemings he walks off the cliff by his own greed and ignorance.

No self-respecting Republican would post a sign in their yard for a serial tax delinquent.
--Tony Anderson
2006-11-05 05:15:29 GMT
Thank you Tony for summing this up. You must also recognize that many signs for Marostica (like the newly city subsidized development next to Group Publishing on the 34) have a Marostica political sign ATTACHED TO HIS COMPANY SIGN. I have seen Loveland Commercial employees doing this all over town!

Has anyone filed a complaint to the Secretary of State for Marostica's open use of company resources (likely not reported) in support of his campaign. It isn't exactly a secret in this town.
2006-11-05 05:21:58 GMT
Who would report this? Even if the Secretary of State nailed him on it the Daily Reporter Herald would ignore the story since it hurts their buddy. It is very sad (having lived here many years) to see the Lehman's (owners of the paper) hide-out in Longmont while their newspaper cheats this town of any fair reporting.

The Denver Post will not be so kind. Imagine wanting to remove Welker for forwarding an email that was controversial while Tax Delinquent Marostica is thought to be a credible choice?
--Betty R.
2006-11-05 05:28:47 GMT
I want to ask Chick Mccool how she explains Marostica cheating on his taxes and having the IRS put liens on his properties to pay?

Please try and answer without using profanity this time. You must have enough vocabulary to that I am sure.
--Tony Anderson
2006-11-05 05:31:45 GMT
Chick Mccool seems to share values with 50-Cent by his get rich or die trying. I work in security - currency transportation - to be more exact. Just what I learned here I could tell you Don Marostica could never get a security clearance or even a job for Brinks or Wells Fargo protecting currency shipments. And people will support him going to the State Legislature? Wierd!!!!!!
--Don (proud to be trusted) worker
2006-11-05 05:42:45 GMT
LTC R - You made a mistake by only mentioning four years Marostica didn't pay his income tax. In fact, they were five I believe - you forgot 1995.
2006-11-05 05:46:14 GMT
Chick Mccool seems to share values with 50-Cent by his get rich or die trying. I work in security - currency transportation - to be more exact. Just what I learned here I could tell you Don Marostica could never get a security clearance or even a job for Brinks or Wells Fargo protecting currency shipments. And people will support him going to the State Legislature? Wierd!!!!!!
--Don (proud to be trusted) worker
2006-11-05 05:46:40 GMT
It was nice talking to you boys. Thanks for the responses, although no one addressed Jodi's inability to embrace her own.
Sorry for offending any of you brainy, classy guys, I was just sort of disappointed at the level of junk on this site when I have seen over and over to go here for more good information about the candidates. I guess I was just trying to bring the same level of conversation I had read from you anti-Don pro liberal supporters. Well, the thrill is gone, see you all after election day. I hope you all can try to put your energy into something positive, you seem to have so much to offer.

I doubt I will come back to this site, so don't bother responding again. You all have much more important slander and destructive comments to make in an effort to educate us average voters...

See ya,

--Chick MCCool
2006-11-05 14:42:52 GMT
Slander? How come all the Marostica supporters call facts about his life slander? What I think she intended to say was libel (slander is only spoken and libel written).

Of course, the definition of libel is showing knowing disregard for the truth. Sounds like just the right definition for those fabricating tales about Jodi out of desperate fear of Marostica losing not only the race but all the money he invested in it.

Why hasn't anyone asked Marostica why he didn't pay back all the people who loaned him money but never got paid back- bankruptcy is a legal way to escape your debts not a moral escape. He still owes people money!
2006-11-06 01:16:35 GMT
Interesting recount Chick McCool - because I believe I happened to be in the restroom during the Rally the same moment you were - you were in a "Marostica" t-shirt - and, I was a "person" just using the restroom, in fact, I approached Jodi and spoke with her - and, the experience was not at all as you speak of. If you actually "spoke" with her, you may be able to speak from a factual basis - but, I know you'd much rather rant and rave and hide behind a blog - so, I'll let you enjoy yourself.

And, do you actually "read" the paper- Jodi had ads from "all" supporters, Independent, Democratic, and Republican, but, I understand, you are SO absorbed with this blog, you probably missed a day or two of the a fellow Republican - you are humiliating.

2006-11-06 03:05:11 GMT
Betty -

Are you reading the same mailers I've received from Jodi? The first said (I'm looking at it now) her opponent - large land-developer and millionaire (is this negative?) It's a FACT. And, Don himself claims both and claimed pride in both in the paper several times. Negative? Maybe on your planet.

The second mailer? Seriously Betty, reread these. The first, again, FACT with source cited, the others, FACT and sources cited -and, all have appeared either in print or in speeches ---you are delusional...truly.

I am troubled to share my party with you as a Republican, smarten up my friend!
2006-11-06 03:17:39 GMT
Why are all of Marostica's fans so abrasive? What are you all so angry about? Everytime I look at this site another Marostica supporter is ranting again. By the behavior you all exhibit, I hope the guy does not win. At least Radke's people show maturity and wisdom, even though I do not agree with their politics.
--Loveland Republican
2006-11-06 20:58:14 GMT
Just some observations:
- Don Marostica has obviously gone through some tough times in business. What successful business owner hasn’t? You critics are the please give me a hand-out types that NEED others to create your jobs for you, because you don’t have the guts or leadership required to take risk, get knocked down, get up again, and keep on going, stick-to-it, attitude required to succeed in this over-regulated (thanks to socialist LIBERALS) environment. This is NOT a crime, just what it takes to create the jobs that feed you and your families. There are a lot of good business owners that are Democrat and Republican that struggle every day to create jobs. For the Jodi Radke supporters, you must also hate Angie Paccione, based on your reasoning for attacking Mr. Marostica, but we don't see it here.
- Jodi Radke continues to "claim" her Republican roots to pull the wool over the eyes of the electorate. Is this a de facto denouncement of her chosen party, the Democrat Party? Her vicious attacks on Becky Jay would support that. Clearly it is, but she doesn’t tell us why she is so disappointed with the Democrat Party. She should. Or, is it all just a rouse', you know, just another LIBERAL in this community trying to lie her way into office? The latter is my guess, as her thinly veiled positions, and organizational affiliations place her squarely in the far-left, John Kerry, "blame America first", cut and run so our children can deal with terror crowd. You know, “EVERYTHING IS OK, UNLESS SOMEONE ELSE DOESN’T LIKE IT, THEN EVERYTHING IS SOMEONE ELSES FAULT”. We need proven leaders, NOT professional complainers!
- Jodi's attacks on her opponents, Becky Jay, and Don Marostica, are NOT demonstrations of leadership! Just more "destroy your opponent" so you don't have to think or lead politics. Don Marostica has stayed positive throughout this campaign, letting Jodi, a silver-spooned, spoiled little emotional wreck of a girl shoot her mouth off at every turn.
2006-11-06 22:31:07 GMT
If Don Marostica failed to pay $73,000 to the IRS well into the late 90's it can't be related to a bankruptcy 15 years earlier. He owed the IRS income tax because he was making lots of money. "Tough times" have nothing to do with hiding wealth 15 years after a personal bankruptcy.

As a Republican, I will not be voting for Don Marostica or Mark Foley or anyone who I think needs the Republican Party more than the party needs them.

Jodi assured me she grew-up in a family with guns and will not abridge my rights to own mine. In a state where the next Governor and State House will likely be Dem I hope to have someone on their side protecting my 2nd amendment rights.

Please stop associating Don Marostica with the Republican Party. He won a primary but so did David Duke, Mark Foley and other incredibly bad people.
--D. Karr
2006-11-06 22:45:30 GMT
I am tired of Don and his supporters saying he is running a positive campaign. Every advertisement for Don says, "The only candidate with experience."

Saying Radke has no experience is negative campaigning isn't it? I can just imagine our failed former House Rep. Fritz who is now being paid by Don jumping up and down saying, "Very clever Don, very clever."

I will never do business with Don again.
--Former Fritz supporter
2006-11-06 23:29:42 GMT
Here are some additional interesting facts for consideration, Marcus.

Jodi NEVER attacked Becky Jay, ever. I know this personally, in fact, she curbed it at every turn, despite the many, many voters who shared negative experiences about Becky and her tenure on school board and in this community.
So, you are wrong, and, again, espousing rhetoric that is untrue.

Jodi Radke, silver-spooned? Are you kidding me? As a voter, we checked her roots and her position on the 2nd Amendment throughly - and, she is far from siver-spooned - she is middle-class and grew up that way her entire life with parents of modest means and no college.

I'm troubled by your lies - you are a real embarassment to those of us that are Republican, and, this community.

And, again, Jodi has NEVER attacked Don - she's shared personal experiences that she's had with Don - and, printed and sourced FACTS on mailers - you are the one who is NEGATIVE - consistently.

And, might I point out, you, amongst other Don supporters are negative, negative, negative and make up horrible lies throughout these blogs to hide the FACT that Don is a tax cheat and fraud - not someone I want representing me at the Capitol.

2006-11-07 03:28:14 GMT
I am concerned that the credibility of our Republican Party is at stake if Marostica wins today. We don't need anymore unethical Republicans trying to promote themselves in public office.

By affiliating with the Republican Party I didn't give-up my ethics. Don Marostica is a big government liberal who has already voted to raise our taxes on City Council. Republicans who say one thing while doing another do not deserve my vote.

I know many Republicans are down this year because of Mark Foley and Marostica still being on the ballot - you still need to vote for Musgrave and all the local Republicans on our ballot. Please don't stay home out of disgust for Marostica - your vote will make a diffierence for Musgrave and others!
--Jean Munoz
2006-11-07 16:41:35 GMT
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