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Entry for October 10, 2006

Oct. 10, is the Old Fashion Political Rally hosted by the League of Women Voters (18th anual) for the Larimer County Chapter.  Please feel welcome to post your comments here about any of the candidates looking to represent Loveland.  These include House Districts 49 and 51, Congress and Governor's race - not to mention Larimer County offices.  Thanks


2006-10-10 23:52:50 GMT
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Don got his ass handed to him. Radke seemed well prepared to take him on.
2006-10-11 05:50:26 GMT
I agree and Radford seemed like a nervous baby chick trembling in front of the crowd. Also, Marostica's lap dog Tim Fritz was nervous and upset by Radke's overly negative comments.
--Art M.
2006-10-11 05:59:32 GMT
Radke is upset that Marostica spent his own money on his campaign. Get over it, who cares. He earned that money through hard work and dedication to his government. Marostica is the guy wearing the white hat in this one.
2006-10-11 06:02:53 GMT
About the govenor's race. What's the truth behind the story Bill Ritter hit and killed a man? That sounds serious.
2006-10-11 12:58:03 GMT
Yes, he was involved in an accident in Africa that killed a man. Here is what the Denver Post printed,

"He rose to become a successful prosecutor, then shelved his career in 1987 to serve as a missionary in Africa. Barely a year into his service, he accidentally killed a man - an episode he rarely talks about and didn't bring up in multiple interviews with The Denver Post until asked."

2006-10-11 13:14:18 GMT
Here more to that story;
One of the largest criticisms of Mr. Ritter is that he is very soft on crime. In fact, Mr. Ritter has regularly plea bargained illegal aliens charged with felonies down to misdemeanors so he would not have to deport them — he’s just that kind of forgiving guy.

I wonder if Mr. Ritter is so lenient to foreigners charged with crimes because of leniency shown to Mr. Ritter back in 1988. That is the year Mr. Ritter killed a man and was never prosecuted nor required or compelled to pay compensation to the widow and family of the deceased.

In 1988, Mr. Ritter and his family lived in Zambia as lay missionaries for the Catholic Church. Mr. Ritter’s wife was a Peace Corp volunteer. According to a report from Zambian lawyers obtained by RedState, in 1988, Mr. Ritter killed a man named Mushibi Katiki Chinyama.

Read on . . .

From the Zambian lawyers’ report:

Investigations have revealed that the road traffic accident herein occurred in May, 1988 when the deceased was hit by a Toyota Land Cruiser driven by Mr. Bill Ritter at Maloyi Village in Mongu at a spot where people usually crossed the road. Mr. Ritter was driving from Senanga District and heading towards Mongu District. According to eye witnesses, Mr. Ritter was over-speeding. The eye witnesses who include the deceased’s son, John Makai Chinyama, stated that Mr. Ritter failed to reduce the speed in time or at all when approaching the spot where people crossed the road at Maloyi Village.

They also stated that after the accident, Mr. Ritter stopped the vehicle and requested the local people to assist him in putting Mr. Chinyama in the vehicle and that he took him to the hospital but that he unfortunately died on the way to the hospital.

The lawyers further report that “a police docket, or file was opened, to investigate the matter” and take action under a formal complaint. But, no charges were ever filed and, the lawyers report, “the docket and all other records of the case went missing in very suspicious circumstances.”

Mr. Ritter was never prosecuted and he never compensated the family, which lost its head of household. The law in Zambia is very clear. Again, from the Zambian lawyer:

Any person who causes the death of another person by the driving of a motor vehicle on a road recklessly, or at a speed, or in a manner which is dangerous to the public, having regard to all the circumstances of the case, including the nature, condition and use of the road, and the amount of traffic which is actually at the time, or which might reasonably be expected to be, on the road, shall be guilty of an offence and liable upon conviction to a fine not exceeding fifteen thousand penalty units or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years, or to both.

§ 199 (1)of the Roads and Road Traffic Act, Cap 464 of the Laws of Zambia

Mrs. Zhita Ngumbu Chinyama is still alive and in her late eighties. She lives in Maloyi Village in Mongu, which is in the Western Province of Zambia. Mrs. Chinyama “complained bitterly that Mr. Ritter was not prosecuted and that no proper explanation was ever given by the Police or the Courts as to why Mr. Ritter was not prosecuted. She also complained about the family not having been compensated after the death of her husband.”

The average family income in Zambia is $580. Fifty percent of the country is unemployed. Mr. Ritter could have very easily compensated Mrs. Chinyama and her family, but he did not. Instead, he returned to the United States and used the story of his missionary work in Zambia to gain greater prominence and boost his profile as he headed toward seeking elected office. But he never mentioned the death of Mr. Chinyama. Only when confronted recently about his involvement in Mr. Chinyama’s death did Mr. Ritter have to confront it. The Denver Post profile said

Ritter and Billy Fuller, a fellow missionary riding with him, say they scrambled out of the car to help the man.
2006-10-11 13:23:05 GMT
He was never charged, never prosecuted. And he wants to be governor?

No, I say.
2006-10-11 16:06:05 GMT
Does Don Marostica have a problem with the National Guard?
- His campaign ads have said that he was in the "5-19 Special Forces Reserves." FUBAR, that's a Colorado National Guard unit. Seven years membership: that's a serious commitment of time for an officer. Beyond 12 drill weekends a year, numerous training jumps (airborne!), and 15-days of AT each year, he should have at least attempted the SF Qualification Course, and completed Officer Advanced Course. How do you forget that? Or, neglect to acknowledge that it was "National Guard?"
- At the Old Fashioned Political Rally he said he served with the 5-19 in Denver. OK, that's either the Headquarters and Service Company at Camp George West, or A Company in Aurora.
- I find it disturbing that an officer who drilled with a unit for seven(7) years can't tell the difference between National Guard and Army Reserves. I am uneasy about a candidate for State Office who displays a questionable understanding of the Colorado National Guard. Overthe past seven-years I only supported 5-19 SF training a few time. But, I'll never forget the experience. They're an impressive, hard-core, unit.
- We need State legislators who understand the 144-year history, and the modern roles and responsibilities of the Colorado National Guard as a key part of Homeland Security. I'm very concerned that Don Marostica not only can't pass that test, but that he's a threat to the Guard.
2006-10-11 18:04:51 GMT
He fudges on lots of things, maybe he thinks it sounds better to say Reserves - but of course the USAR (US Army Reserves) is a completely different organization. Did you know he went bankrupt in 1982? And the IRS has been chasing him for years - I want him to be elected because when this hits the Denver Post, the Reporter-Herald will be explaining why they endorsed a tax cheat and failed to report on his delinquent history of paying income tax.
2006-10-13 00:14:52 GMT
What's going on with Musgrave? No make-up? She looked perfectly awful at the Ranch. No, Don never lied about this! The Reserve I think are the same as the Gaurd. Besides, he also served the fulltime Army and Jodi Radke has never done anything for this country or the community. Everyone I know wants more transportation dollars in Northern Colorado -
--Tim F.
2006-10-13 00:21:46 GMT
Musgrave knows what color her hair is in reality. Which is more than can be said for Paccione. And how many pounds of make-up does Angie 'deadbeat' Paccione trowel on daily? Is Bondo involved? Does she have a contract with Earl Scheib? If so, how many checks has she bounced with them?
2006-10-13 23:53:47 GMT
Dear Tim F.,

Your ignorance of the US Military shows clear as day. Poor choice to insult the National Guard by saying we're the same as the "reserves." Anyone who really cares about the State of Colorado and this Nation knows that the Guard has been there for 370 years to serve and defend our communities at the call of the Governor. The reserves are the worker-temps for the Feds and the active duty military.

So much for defending States Rights and the Constitution. I guess you were the author of that "big federal government knows best" crap the GOP tried to slide into the Defense bill for the current occupant to steal the Guard away without a Governor's consent.

Go find a high school civics book before you start quipping-off about things you have no knowledge, and no right, to comment on. A real State leader would know, and protect, the vital roles and responsibilities of the Guard.

It seems those who are most interested in the transportation dollars are salivating over resale values for their options on property after Don buys enlarged overpasses at I-25 and Hwy 402 and 392. Doesn't do squat for real people trying to survive earning your precious "minimum poverty wage" and sneaking their kids into the ER because they can't get afford the "priviledge" of health insurance.

- FUBAR...tme for a change...

p.s. - Go buy some boot dye and Kiwi. It's embarassing to see you wearing those slop wadders in public.
2006-10-14 02:43:44 GMT
Negative comments by Radke? She calls Don on his record. His recorded statements!? That's negative? He cannot buy my vote. He's already spent almost as much as he could possible earn legitimately from this job if he was elected until term limited out of the position. Do ya suppose he wants to make sure some of Loveland, LLC's properties are suddenly worth more?

Does Tim F.=Tim Fritz.? When Fritz left the house we got stuck with Welker. Marostica already quit one high profile elected position for this town. Why should he get a second chance?
2006-10-14 04:30:01 GMT
Great point - FRITZ - wow there was a stuffed shirt if I ever saw one. I agree with the previous gentleman - the Nationl Gaurd is a great organization and we don't need the likes of Marostica in office. Is anyone else as sick and tired of those Marostica billboards all over town?
--J.T Reed.
2006-10-14 05:46:29 GMT
Hasn't Marostica also been bankrupt? If so, how come nobody has brought this up in the election? I remember back some years his big horse betting venture falling apart and my brother-in-law's company lost big time cause Marostica couldn't pay and later declared bankruptcy. Anyone else remember?
2006-10-14 05:55:44 GMT

- Maybe the blog's "Tim F" is not Tim Fritz. Don Marostica's shadow wouldn't cave so quickly when his candidate is facing exposure and criticism. My regrets if I mistakenly criticized some undeserving citizen's boots.

Could the Larimer County Republicans be so hypocritcal as to nominate a bankrupt, tax dodging, ethically challenged candidate? Especially when their goddess, Marilyn Musgrave, has set the standard that a decade old bankruptcy is a disqualifier for political office. Go figure...

Looks like the writers on this BLOG have reported a record that qualifies Don Marostica for night cook at a hamburger stand, not the Legislature. What's the "Reporter-Herald" reporting, cookie recipes?
2006-10-17 04:30:19 GMT
Sorry LTC T, you are wrong. They are not reporting cookie recipes today. Instead the front page is about a pumpkin patch and a trebuchet for throwing pumpikins over a corn maze North of Loveland. You are very close Sir.

Does anyone know if this is really true about Marostica? I haven't heard it anywhere else and it seems to me if it were true it would be all over the papers.
--Carl G.
2006-10-17 15:04:47 GMT
Dear Carl G.,
I have no reason but to beleive the other writers on this BLOG. Each has written as a first-person source (...I know that Don...).

The Report-Herald endorsed Don for the primaries and is getting a big profit from his advertising. They need to be quickly challenged on their journalistic ethics/standards.

The reporters who have covered the political races are Kate Martin, Pamela Dickman and Greg Schreier, 669-5050. Everyone looking at this BLOG should call them and ask them to report Don Martostica's true record, not just his marketing plan.
2006-10-17 15:37:12 GMT
The Reporter-Herald HAS journalistic ethics? When did THAT happen?
2006-10-17 16:17:33 GMT
I heard Marostica's boy, Tim, advertised his own candidacy years ago for the legislature by saying in print that he was a Navy Seal. That is, until the Navy Seals sent him an official Cease and Desist Order, threatening legal action. Can anyone corroborate the story about Seal Boy?
2006-10-19 03:09:32 GMT
I heard Marostica's boy, Tim, advertised his own candidacy years ago for the legislature by saying in print that he was a Navy Seal. That is, until the Navy Seals sent him an official Cease and Desist Order, threatening legal action. Can anyone corroborate the story about Seal Boy?
2006-10-19 03:10:34 GMT
I don't know but Tim did lie about his employment thus the Repoerter-Herald called him a "Rocket Scientist" at company he left years before but continued to pretend to work there.

I also know Marostica was concerned about being in the National Guard and not serving in Vietnam when he was of age (like Bush) at that time. Maybe that is why is saying Reserves.
--Jack Sittingbull
2006-10-19 04:49:29 GMT
I keep hearing negative things about Mr. Marostica, but what about the other candidate? Is she any better? I am certainly sickened by his lack of ethics, and I believe Loveland deserves better, but I want to vote FOR someone. Who is this Ms. Radke? I'm sure her website would paint her as the next Mother Teresa, but does anyone in this area know her? Really know her?
--Pam P.
2006-10-20 04:09:27 GMT
I keep hearing negative things about Mr. Marostica, but what about the other candidate? Is she any better? I am certainly sickened by his lack of ethics, and I believe Loveland deserves better, but I want to vote FOR someone. Who is this Ms. Radke? I'm sure her website would paint her as the next Mother Teresa, but does anyone in this area know her? Really know her?
--Pam P.
2006-10-20 04:10:58 GMT
To Pam,
I've met Jodi on several occasions and we visited in my living room last week. (I moved back recently and did not know her prior to that.) After an extensive dialog, I came away with observations and answers. Jodi is a bright woman and well spoken. Her background is clean and she is of good character. Jodi's concern about the community, family, children, and education is NOT lip service. She carefully explained her stand on issues, and answered my questions. More importantly, she asked what was important to me. What are my opinions? My kids like her, too. You are correct that she is not a saint; she is human. I firmly believe that she is the type to learn from experiences and hold herself accountable.

I've never met Mr. Marostica. I find it suspicious that he does not know the difference between the National Guard and the reserves. He was in the Guard for 7 years, and still does not have his story straight.

My vote has already been cast for Jodi.

2006-10-20 14:20:52 GMT
Steve Miller claimed that he did not have record numbers of wrong assessments, but look at (table 8 on page 20). He had the highest "Protests to Assessor" in the state in 1999 nad 2001, the number usually taken to be the measure of the assessor's acuracy.

Also see questions aobut Steve Miller's character in the Rocky Mountain Chronicle article "Is Steve Miller a Gangster of Love?" at or a similar article titled "Sex and the Assessor" at
2006-10-22 23:47:12 GMT
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