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Entry for July 19, 2006

The Eslami's got the $160,000 break from fees they wanted from the City of Loveland.  The Black Steer owners asked for fee waivers in order to build on ten acres off Highway 34.  They have spoken of a gas station, convention center and "La Quinta Inn" to be on this site across Cascade from Group Publishing.

Anyone at the meeting and want to comment?  Please post it here for those of us who were unable to attend.


2006-07-20 03:56:49 GMT
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My husband and I are upset. We live in Namaqua Hills and didn't want to see this thing built there - I really don't know what the City of Loveland was thinking when they gave away more tax dollars. Do they think bar keeps, hotel maids and gas station attendent jobs are so necessary? It seems sometimes like our City Council just doesn't know how to say NO when anyone asks them for money. Especially a downtown business owner they know. What rational do they have for subsidizing that kind of development?
--Kate W.
2006-07-20 15:11:08 GMT
I am not upset but just left wondering why. If the sales tax isn't really required why have it in the first place? Is there some objective standard the city can point to of how it is some businesses pay full sales tax and others get to keep some for themselves?

Does this mean the hotel built on the property can advertise a lower rate than their competition because the customer doesn't know part of the sales tax is really going into the vendor's pocket? This doesn't seem fair.

What is the objective criteria or is it really onl people who can lobby the council that don't need to pay the full sales tax?
--Dan Coleman
2006-07-21 00:45:00 GMT
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