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Entry for September 25, 2006

Loveland High School was hit with more graffiti (Sept. 23 or 24) over the weekend by a group calling itself the ICP (Insane Clown Posse).  This violent organization was responsible for killing a police officer in Mass. earlier this year.  Any comments on what Loveland should do to stop this growing gang in our town?

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2006-09-25 16:22:11 GMT
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What is our police department doing about this?? I haven't read anything about this in the Reporter Herald.
2006-09-25 16:24:59 GMT
I think the members of the Affordable Housing Committee should go and volunteer to wash off the graffiti they brought to our town with their do-gooder liberal government subsidized housing. My kids know who these kids are and they live in section 8 (not affordable housing compunds) here in town.
--Janey Wells
2006-09-25 16:29:50 GMT
The Insane Clown Posse (ICP) are an American hardcore hip hop/horrorcore rap duo originally from West Bloomfield, Michigan, consisting of Violent J (Joseph Bruce) and Shaggy 2 Dope (Joseph Utsler). They almost always professionally display themselves in full black and white "evil clown" makeup that could be compared to the corpse paint of black metal musicians or the makeup of the rock group KISS. Violent J's makeup is usually drawn as a smiling face, while Shaggy's is an angry face. While never achieving full mainstream success, the group has nevertheless obtained a number of platinum and gold albums as well as a dedicated fan base.

Here is an excerpt from Wikelpedpia about the group - yes - lets get them out of the high schools!!!

2006-09-25 16:56:25 GMT
A few years ago, because of concern for the young children living in my neighborhood at the time, I contacted the Loveland Police Department about a rental property in the area I suspected was a meth lab.

Their response was to ignore my telephone calls regarding my concern and then inform me, by way of a flier, that I lived in a high crime area.

About a month after that a handful of representatives from the Loveland Police Department held a neighborhood meeting in a church not far from where I live and the outcome of that event was: We are too busy to do our jobs--serve and protect--but if you want to spy on your neighbors and let us know, that would be okay.

To make a long story short, the people who lived in the rental house left in the dark of the night, the house was gutted, remodeled, and was sold.

No thanks whatsoever to the taxpayer funded Loveland Police Department.

My point, here, is simple: Don't expect anything from the police. You won't be disappointed that way. And if you want to catch these vandals, set up a wireless web cam at the school and catch them in the act.
2006-09-25 17:58:59 GMT
There are two candidates running in Council Ward 1 for City Council. Has anyone asked them what they will do to stop this?
--Gale Herr
2006-09-25 22:02:30 GMT
Suspect methlabs? Post the address here so others know where it is not safe to rent
2006-09-25 23:54:57 GMT
Pay attention, dude. The house was gutted.
2006-09-26 00:36:45 GMT
Great site!!! Why doesn't the school district prevent students from wearing the ICP t-shirts? If it is really now a gang they should prohibit in the schools.
--D. Doolittle
2006-09-26 06:19:20 GMT
Please post the actual graffiti. It would help people to understand both the extent of the problem and how much there is. It really looks bad and I wonder if the School District will make the parents of the ICP members pay - everyone who reads this should call LHS and ask Doug (Principal) if he will press charges and stop taking the graffiti clean-up out of our maintanance budgetbc
2006-09-26 14:53:47 GMT
I took some pictures this morning - about five different locations on Loveland High - where the graffiti appears mostly on doors but also brick. The tagger identified him/her self as Juggalo #920. The least the PD can do is run down this individual (many kids will know who it is) to see what evidence there might be against them. Not Columbo work when the vandal signs his name and brags at school about it.

I will post the pictures this evening.
2006-09-26 15:16:42 GMT
Thanks for the pictures! Sometimes I feel like I am living in Colorado City where the "prophet" controls the news. In Loveland, the local paper will never print stories that might not advance the interests of the developers who buy up so much advertsing.

We need a more representative government in town. Thank God for you guys are the only ones informing us about lots of things going on in town.
--Dapper Dan
2006-09-29 04:12:38 GMT
I vote for going after the gang member(s) and making him/them clean this graffiti at their expense. Accountability is truly needed here - let's get it done!
--Time to Fight Back!
2006-09-29 05:15:17 GMT
I noticed this morning (Sept. 29) that Loveland High has already repaired the damage.

You should call the Principal of Loveland High, Dr. Doug Deason (970) 613-5200 to see what they are doing about the ICP members on campus. He is really a nice guy and his office hours are 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM.

If everyone who reads this calls they may understand the community is tired of paying for cleaning-up after the ICP. Simply expelling the trouble makers would save them money in the future and certainly make the school a safer learning enviroment for the normal kids.
2006-09-29 16:06:42 GMT
And not a word about the matter in The Reporter-Herald.
2006-09-30 19:15:31 GMT
Why would there be? They have yet to report on Bill Ritter, who hit and killed a man, as well.
2006-10-09 13:20:30 GMT
I thought this was about the High School graffiti problem?
2006-10-19 23:38:44 GMT
I thought this was about the High School graffiti problem?
2006-10-19 23:39:09 GMT
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