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Entry for June 26, 2008 - The Cornucopia Votes

Pictured Above is One of Many Vacant Commercial Parcels in West Loveland Where the Tenant Moved to Centerra -

The Loveland City Council adopted on a 7-2 vote stretched over 6 separate resolutions the annexation of five McWhinney owned parcels into the City of Loveland called the Grange Addition, changes in zoning for the "Savanna Addition" and other changes to the Millennium Addition PUD at their June 24 meeting.

One adjacent property owner who spoke to the council, Kelly Jo Bonser, asked, "Is this normal - to do so many in one evening...?

Especially eerie was the lack of discussion over so many complex and consequential items.  Of course, many of these items were already discussed with the City Council in advance via secret meetings at McWhinney headquarters where the public was unable to attend. 

Councilmen Kent Solt and Cecil Gutierrez voted no while the rest were in lock-step with Mayor Pielin in supporting the many resolutions.

Next step will be the August meeting where the Council debates giving the authority to add properties to the McWhinney tax MFA (Master Finance Agreement) to McWhinney.

2008-06-27 06:19:19 GMT
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I didn't get a chance to see the meeting but the results are not surprising. Only 2 Councilors speak for residents while the rest are just McWhinney's dancing poodles.

What really angers me is a friend told me Kelly Bonser asked if they understood what they were voting on and nobody answered. Strange and disturbing. I think residents should go to meetings and use public time to ask simple questions about what they are voting on that night. If they can't answer - I will be first to sign the recall petitions.
2008-06-27 16:39:59 GMT
Thanks for the update but I really don't understand it either. What makes me angry is to see all the blight we now REALLY have in town as a result of McWhinney's tax subsidies.

The fact they are going to give even more authoirty to McWhinney in August for more productive farm areas to be declared blight is disturbing. Somebody needs to stop all this nonesense.
2008-06-27 17:39:12 GMT
I'm glad to read that at least (at last) two Council members are sticking up for us. Given how there's so much pressure to march in lock-step to the Manager's and McWhinneys' drums, I think they deserve a hand.
2008-06-27 20:38:04 GMT
I agree even though I never met them both just want to say i really like to catch-up on the news here since i cannot walk well now. They deserve some special award for surviving that smarmy Gene guy. doesn't make you made?
2008-06-27 21:02:04 GMT
I am not sure I believe what I am reading. Do you mean to say Loveland will allow Mchinney AGAIN to put new land under their special tax district? This is a total farce and no sincere person can pretend Centerra is full of Urban Blight.
2008-06-28 04:56:40 GMT
I am not sure I believe what I am reading. Do you mean to say Loveland will allow Mchinney AGAIN to put new land under their special tax district? This is a total farce and no sincere person can pretend Centerra is full of Urban Blight.
2008-06-28 04:57:51 GMT
Imagine Walt Skowron just turned 75 years old. That means if he continues to allow McWhinney quasi-debt financing paid by 25 years of future taxes to continue, he will be 100 years old while we are still paying for his mistake. Just something to tink about this August.
2008-06-30 15:24:41 GMT
I can believe that one or two on council are just dense or , at best, not very intellectually curious. The sad thing about this and many similar issues is that most of these people are smart enough to know they're screwing the average citizen for a few 'special' citizens. Change is needed on our city council more than at any other level of gov't.
2008-07-01 01:49:13 GMT

Ok, I'm new to Loveland politics. I'm a Denver native relocated to Loveland.

I want to see Loveland prosper, I'm not one to watch Loveland die on the vine. Someone clue me in on what our mission is here. I agree 4th ave is a mess. The city should be devoting much time & dollars to re-inventing our Historic Downtown District.

How can we save downtown, yet control our borders from nearby cities who may try and annex land we fail to bring into the fold?

I'm concerned about this new airport issue. An Airport Authority must be in place to protect Loveland from Fort Collins, I'm nervious about currant talks.

Please understand, I know I'm newer to the area. I'll listen & learn, just put me up to speed.

P.S. Has anyone noticed the Reporter Newspaper censors the comment blogs after each story. They only let you put in the comments they like. I couldn't tell you how many of my comments were turned down, because they didn't agree with me. I evan called the editor she said "tough"!!!

--A Friend
2008-07-01 05:34:01 GMT
In a nutshell, people involved here believe in TIF's and Urban Renewal projects for the purpose of restoring downtown or blight as the law was intended. Using tax incentives to boost developer profits on sprawl near I-25 (that would develop anyway) is not popular here. Councilman Cecil Gutierrez (who won the last election by a landslide) coined the term "manufactured growth" to describe what he is against.

For your orientation, only Councilmen Gutierrez and Councilman Kent Solt vote independently on Council. Sometimes Klassen and Skowron do but most times vote to support the majority who were funded and backed by McWhinney. The rest of them, two developers and a Mayor who works in landscaping for developers and an attorney (Carol Johnson) are looking for jobs or contracts with McWhinney and would sell their own Mother for a couple bucks - so your interests don't get on their list of priorities.

The Herald does frustrate many of us and that is why this forum is here - so people can responsibly speak out on various city issues.

I think this site will even accept guest editorials here but I haven't seen many in the time I have been reading. Welcome to the forum - Ouch/Rousey - by the way - is Councilman Glenn Rousey who also occasionally posts information here in trying to defend his honor. Nice guy, but certainly voting with McWhinney on everything.

2008-07-01 15:37:27 GMT
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