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Entry for September 22, 2006

Marostica faces off with Radke on a local radio show debate hosted by the "James Gang" on 600 AM radio (KCOL).  If you are listening to the show now or already heard the show, please post your candid comments here.  Please remember to give your first name!  You can call the James Gang at (970)461-2560 to ask the candidates a question.

2006-09-22 20:57:20 GMT
Comments (23 total)
Still waiting to hear - hey I want to knowhow they stand on the School Board tax issue - we need that money to hire back lost teachers!
--Tim H.
2006-09-22 22:59:14 GMT
I listened to barely thirty seconds of Marostica's condescending, arrogant, snide, self-important diatribe and. . .

I am not voting for him. I agree with another blogger who, I guess, is from around these parts. Leave that box on the ballot empty come election day. Let him and his masters, the McWhinneys, get rich by working for it, instead of at the tapxayer's expense.
2006-09-22 23:58:32 GMT
I agree with Radke, she just said Bill Gates told her (personally) they don't move to communities because of the lower cost (tax subsidies) but because of the quality. Trying to be the cheapest place for business has only brought crappy retail jobs and no quality employers.
--Jen Z.
2006-09-23 00:23:22 GMT
I am tired of Don Marostica describing himself as low tax when he voted for every tax on Council!!!
2006-09-23 00:33:47 GMT
Both candidate did well - I felt the announcer chose issues he thought would help Marostica. I didn't heat anything new - by the way - I don't trust wrestlers.
2006-09-23 00:40:58 GMT
I was told Marostica married his student when teaching high school in Ft. Collins. Is this true?
2006-09-23 05:55:47 GMT
Yes this is true - very long time ago
--Kyle D.
2006-09-24 04:51:45 GMT
Was I the only one who heard Marostica pronounce Illinois with the S. It is hard to imagine he has a college degree!
--Sherman &quot;a tank of a man&quot;
2006-09-24 04:54:31 GMT
On the issues, Marostica clearly won the debate in terms of representing what the majority of Loveland citizens want. If you listen closely to all of the pie-in-the-sky buzz-word talk that Radke throws out, it simply spells LEFT-WING LIBERAL! Loveland's Representative should never be a card-carrying Sierra Club liberal who recieved an F rating from the NRA!
2006-09-24 10:21:27 GMT
Marostica represents the majority of what Loveland citizens? No, he does NOT. He is the lapdog of the McWhinneys. He gets elected and you will do better raising the dead than getting his attention. He could care less about Lovelanders.
2006-09-24 17:05:48 GMT
I am going to agree that Don Marostica showed to be the better candidate. I was tired of hearing about Jodi's background (or lack thereof) in our community. Why would any candidate for office announce they don't have family in town? This doesn't show good judgement. I know Don and he can be slippery as a goldfish when you try to pin him down but at least he is invested in our community.

By the way, I don't remember him every marrying a student in Ft. Collins ever!
2006-09-25 16:34:01 GMT
What a completely worthless "debate." I just listened to it on KCOL's website.

James is a softball interviewer of average to below average intelligence. His right wing leanings totally played to Marostica and it still didn't help Don.

All in all - blech!
2006-09-25 21:41:08 GMT
I agree the interview was a big yawn and both candidates stuck to safe ground. I have a question for everyone - Marostica's new fancy campaign web page claims he has been married to Carol for 28 years. Even his friends say this isn't so - they divorced and married several times. He even mentioned his wife's family property recently - was that the reason he married her again?
--D. Doolittle
2006-09-26 06:22:53 GMT
I like Jodi and think she did a great job. Marostica already raised my taxes, voted for eminent domain and gave the nod to his friends to abuse the public trust while on City Council.

At least we don't know yet what Jodi will do in office.
--Carol Lane
2006-09-26 14:55:58 GMT
Isn't Radke the one who 'forgot' to turn in her financial records paperwork recently?

Shades of Hillary Clinton and the Rose Law Firm.
2006-09-27 00:05:48 GMT
I'm not so sure we can trust Don - when he turned the HOA over to homeowners he claimed it was legal to pay volunteer board members - TOTALLY ILLEGAL in Colorado! Shouldn't a developer know this????
--Uncertain about Don!
2006-09-29 04:57:54 GMT
Are you kidding? A day late filing for a political finance disclosure? Marostica received judgements (check the county records)against him for unpaid bills some years ago. Jodi is apparently not using that and other dirt on Don so he should walk carefully and not stir a hornet's nest. It just might bite back! As for his wrestling skills - bring it on I am ready.
--Large and In-Charge Mother of 5
2006-09-29 15:11:26 GMT
So they both fail follow the stated rules.

2006-09-29 18:01:08 GMT
I listened to the show and thought that Jodi clearly came out on top. She was clear on the points that she wanted to make (and some of them were different from Don’s). Jodi seems to have a fresh and clear understanding of what she can and will to accomplish.
Don said “Meth is a new issue” He's very ill-informed across the board on the issues and arrogantly, makes no effort to become better informed while I thought that Jodi was very strong an her issues AND those of Don’s.
Jodi is not trying to buy people, where as Don (a big money developer) thinks all he has to do is dump enough of his own money (earned off of the backs of Loveland’s people) into this election to win.
Jodi is not a lefty; She is a moderate-And this is why as a PROUD Republican I will vote for Jodi on November 7th. Jodi is moderate, which is why she is indeed winning over Loveland voters of all political stripes as she engages them in conversations at their doors. She truly represents what Loveland voters want. Loveland can be proud of her as she represents them in Denver.
Myself and other good Republicans have already received at least 10 mailings from Marostica -- people are sick of him and they'll remember this on November 7th. Jodi, on the other hand, respects the intelligence of Loveland voters enough to know they'll see through all of Don's slimy, big spender tactics.
2006-09-29 20:15:10 GMT
I have to admit you are on to something. We are Democrats but our neighbors are mostly Republican. They are staunch Republicans but also supporting Jodi Radke because they are tired of Don Marostica. They told us they will be voting all other offices Republican except Marostica. I asked them why and they told me in one word - ethics.
--Shawn Carter
2006-09-29 20:36:13 GMT
It comes as no surprise to hear Liberals are presenting themselves as 'moderate' when they are, in truth, extremists. Lying is what Liberals do best. Just ask the Clintons, who got rich doing this very thing.
2006-09-30 19:14:00 GMT
And Marostica doesn't lie? According to Woodcrest Homes' civil lawsuit (case # 00CV992)"Woodcrest has been damaged by MRP, Marostica.....fraudulent concealment or non-disclosure of materials facts..."

Though he agreed to pay and settle this one privately, everyone at Woodcrest knew of Marostica's poor ehtics. Look it up - the Larimer County case is CV992 in 2000.
2006-10-07 03:05:41 GMT
I never said anything about Marostica, who is a Republican In Name Only (RINO). Try to stay on topic. Or go back to smoking pot.
2006-10-07 17:50:43 GMT
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