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McWhinney "Company Shrink" May Be Problem For Employees
See our latest story regarding the rise of the McWhinney brother's personal life "coach" to a senior executive in their company.  Also, there is an interesting sidebar regardng the Larimer County Commissioners paying over $2,000 for one-on-one counseling sessions to teach them to get along at taxpayer's expense. 

Please keep any comments general about "company shrinks" and other forms of unlicensed therapy and avoid personal or individual attacks upon any particular person.  This is a common trend the McWhinneys bought into but now may be costing them valuable employees.

Do you think a company "coach" should be allowed to wonder into your office or work space and ask you personal or revealing questions?

2008-03-13 09:19:05 GMT
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My God that is scary! My "life coach" is Jesus Christ and no one else. If I worked there I would politely just say no - but that could probably mean getting fired.

Christian Science, Indian Guru's and now life coaches who pretend to care about you are all false prophets who need to be rejected.

The McWhinneys (if your story is correct) need to remember that employees are hired to do a job and not required to follow false religions or other dangerous life fads of the company owners.

Wow, I used to not like people from The Group (nearer to my profession) or McWhinney people using these terms but now I just feel sorry for them. It must be awful to have to put up with that psycho garbage and not be able to tell her to get lost.
--Free in Loveland
2008-03-13 14:26:33 GMT
The companies that the McWhinneys hold are privately held. They are not publically traded. Therefore, YOU have no say in how they run their organizations.

Perhaps if YOU worked for a living and ran a company that employed a nosy, whiny prick like you who spends their day bitching and moaning, whining and pissing over every little thing instead of doing the job they were hired to do you might have a small understanding of how business works, and how just complex it really is.

For the record - I do not work for the McWhinneys. I would like to see the bunch of them sent packing back under whatever rock they slithered out from under. But I applaud them for being business owners and put up with guttersnipe like YOU.
2008-03-13 22:15:07 GMT
The McWhinneys call themselves “partners” of the City of Loveland. They (or their metro districts) stand to receive over half a BILLION of future Loveland tax dollars to bankroll their schemes. The latest being nearly $80 million to fund a multi-story parking garage in what is now open farmland.

Chad McWhinney has inserted himself into the public process by hosting public meetings, appearances at City Council meetings and by writing a very angry letter to the editor (Reporter-Herald) when the Reporter-Herald dared to publish an editorial regarding Grand Station he didn’t like. All this to convince Loveland taxpayers that McWhinney should have even more latitude in spending sales and property taxes collected on their behalf to fund a trolley for their retail shoppers.

Business by definition is risking one’s own money by taking risks. What do you know about the people who publish this website? Are they asking taxpayers to bankroll their business ventures? If so, please tell us.

The U.S. Constitution has a 1st amendment that says,

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

This website appears to me to be the purist form of “redress of grievances” and “freedom of Speech.” LovelandPolitics is a virtual assembly of Loveland citizens trying to assemble for the purpose of redress of grievances over unfair local government actions on behalf of a very influential developer who also happens to contribute to local council races.

Name calling is the last refuge of a person without an argument. If the McWhinneys want tax dollars to fund their businesses than public scrutiny is something they will need to get used to in the future. Democracy can be messy but it is still the best form of government we know.

Citizens have every right to question the business practices of ventures so heavily subsidized by public funds and debt.

2008-03-14 03:40:40 GMT
The McWhinney's have made themselves a major public partner and recipient of public funds, so they can just put up with public scrutiny. Many of us whiney guttersnipes have run our own companies and have been successful, we simply object to the manner in which McWhinney has claimed its success, and now a stutter with that Grandest of Stations. Many have personally suffered the condescension and bullying of McWhinney and object to their techniques, which trust me, are far from above board. Do you know that they receive direct personal notice of any development proposal, even a preliminary concept that passes through the City’s development review department? How many in the real estate business in Loveland have that type of privilege? They politic, lobby and have receive massive, truly the most massive subsidies in proportion to investment I have ever seen. The corporate culture that has produced that kind of public influence is at least a curiosity worth looking into. It is not surprising they have inserted themselves also into the personal lives of their employees. The lack of respect for boundaries such as this reflect a dysfunctional personality type. They truly know no bondaries either in the public realm or in the conduct of their business. They sould try sitting at the back of the bus for a change and get a veiw that most of us see: their depravity.
--El primo gutter snipe
2008-03-14 04:52:18 GMT
This stuff is weird and makes me wonder what I would do if our company hired a “coach” for the senior staff.

I suggest Chad McWhinney consider using Warren Buffett as a personal role model. He still lives in the house he bought in 1958 for $30,000. He has made his investors money by beating the market in every year except one since 1965 and even gave away most of his fortune to charity. Buffett buys and manages companies to become even more successful.

Integrity, principles and the good old fashion Protestant work ethic have served both he and his investors well for over 40 years. Old fashion modesty hasn’t hurt him either. You don’t need the biggest house on Lake Loveland, the fastest sports car in town or the hottest young girlfriend or trophy wife to be successful.

These are false goals that will never make a man happy as he matures and grows old. No indeed, count your blessings (like the ½ billion in taxpayer money to assist in your developments) and go about trying to keep the promises you have already made to this city and your family.

In the end, you will cherish your life and be thankful to God for the many blessings he brings you. And only use coaches for advising you in sports instead of life’s many problems.

--Concerned Citizen
2008-03-14 06:05:54 GMT
McWhinney, I am told, is suffering the same problem many people are experiencing - too much debt. They borrowed the most they could by leveraging the property they own. Now that property (as real estate prices drop) isn't worth what they borrowed on it and new projects like Grand Station are not getting the critical financing they need. The higher-end retailers are not signing any new leases anywhere right now as they watch the dropping consumer price index to see where their future earnings are going.

The "coach" and other issues discussed here don't really help or hurt since the problem is really money. Either you have it or don't. In a time when the Fed is giving discount money to JP Morgan Chase which is backing Bear Stearns to prevent total failure since the stock was down 20% yesterday alone - there is a liquidity crisis that impacts every business but especially for developers who need to leverage their assets to build.

McWhinney desperately needs to lease Grand Station space now or risk losing the entire project. The problem is their people are not experienced and they are looking for a head of leasing to save their shirt. It has mostly to do with ownership expectations by the existing hotel owner in Centerra looking for consideration in Grand Station - I can't get into the details without risking revealing who I am.

McWhinney's liquidity crisis is real, I am told, but certainly not unusual since even JP Morgan is suffering such problems in this falling economy.

Loveland should be taking a very hard look at their bond rating and planning for the fall-out of a failure on the bonds they already backed for these developments will mean in the future.
2008-03-14 13:29:03 GMT
"employed a nosy, whiny prick like you who spends their day bitching and moaning, whining and pissing over every little thing instead of doing the job"

Could this be how the coach really feels? Hmmmm......
2008-03-14 13:32:13 GMT
Thanks "Insider" for an important clarification. True - lack of liquidity is really hurting them but they are making valiant efforts to still meet payroll and not leave their people on the street without jobs.

In the meantime, the City of Loveland needs to recognize the situation in the economy (not McWhinney) created and consider injecting capital into the company (an important future revenue source for Loveland) to ensure they can continue as planned. I am confident that Grand Station can work if the city reconsiders the Trolley decision and provides capital to McWhinney to make payroll beginning in April. This could be low-interest loans or some other sort of security they can pay back in the future so no taxpayer can complain they lost money.

If the city is really a partner and wants to preserve their future revenue source of new sales taxes from McWhinney and Grand Station, they really need to consider in closed session some sort of assistance to make sure the plan works as already approved by the voters.

Failure to act could cost not only McWhinney but also the City of Loveland millions in future tax revenue.

I do not work for or represent McWhinney in anyway.
2008-03-14 13:47:54 GMT
Let's see, put out information that we are financially streesed and may leave if the City does not reconsider its support for the trolley. Sounds like a strategy they would come up with. Grand Station is failing for very valid market driven reasons, not because they did not get their trolley. I work in development and to anyone I have described this project to outside of our region, they have laughed at the idea given the area's population, income and existing retail development. This thing was a joke from the start. If they go out of business because of it they took the risk and they can suffer the consequences. If there is demand, they can sell this land to another developer (one that is capable) and it will move forward. A little diversity in the market would be a good thing. Good riddence. They can sell their jet and few of the homes before they ask for another hand-out from this community. Oh, I forgot I DO NOT WORK FOR OR REPRESENT THE CITIZENS OF THIS COMMUNITY IN ANYWAY. My life coach told me to say that.
2008-03-14 22:52:04 GMT
2008-03-22 00:38:24 GMT
Did anyone get the The Group Real Estate mailer this month? They bragged about giving you the facts and not just puff as was the claim of one Coloradoan columnist regarding The Group's monthly real estate news mailer.

Well, according to that promotional rag Grand Station is the biggest real estate development this year! Last I looked it is still a pile of dirt with no progress.

In fact, Walmart is still the largest and growing new retail in our area - unforunately. Grand Station is likely to scale down into something much smaller while Chad goes forward with just a couple small commercial buildings for now.
2008-03-24 19:27:11 GMT
Yippie - the Life Coach at McWhinney has left! Thanks to this website in helping the vain McWhinney brothers understand people are laughing at them. Just like hollywood stars take to Christian Science, the McWhinneys took to this old bat peddling fake remedies for life wrapped in her new age double speak. The fad is over!

Now maybe the McWhinneys should look to God for moral guidance and understand the office is for business and not massages and counseling.
2008-04-20 05:27:19 GMT
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