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Entry for March 2, 2008
The Stanley Hotel together with local residents are fighting to stop a deal by the Town of Estes Park to award historic property next to the Stanley to a local developer at a price lower than another bidder.  On the ballot April 1, will be a measure to require Estes Park's Town Board of Trustees seek voter approval before liquidating city own land assets.

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2008-03-02 16:23:57 GMT
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Thanks for reporting this story. This website seems to have lots of great information about Loveland but not much for the rest of Larimer County.

I think we will win but who knows if good candidates will come forward before the filing deadline.
2008-03-03 03:29:43 GMT
This is a small community. Everyone talks but seldom do the real facts get printed or published anywhere. It really is a case about undue influence and the trustees need to resign their offices to retain their good names.
2008-03-04 16:48:52 GMT
Awsome story! I knew about the what but not the why. I never even signed their petition in the first place because I think government officials should have the power to sell land when they need to do it. Now, it looks like the Town Board abused their previlige and need to be reigned in somehow.

Keep up the good work and please report more on countywide issues.

2008-03-05 17:57:42 GMT
Well I don't know anything about this but has anyone in Estes Park considered calling the county DA on this issue? If you suspect foul play that is the best course of action.
2008-03-06 05:48:44 GMT
I love this website but why is this story here instead of on

I don't care about this and I don't think anyone else does. I looked at the link and just read about some kids having fun killing a raccoon. The animals are more important than people crowd was all in a fuss over the episode asking for life sentences and the like.

2008-03-08 05:43:15 GMT
There is no such web site as ''. That's why.
2008-03-09 17:11:48 GMT
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