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Republicans Reject Gibson Giving Donnelly A Landslide
Tom Donnelly, Larimer County Surveyor and Loveland Planning Commissioner, won a surprise upset over incumbent County Commissioner Glenn Gibson to be the choice of Larimer County Republicans for County Commissioner.  Donnelly garnered 77.7% of the vote over Gibson 22.1%. This means Gibson will need to submit a petition to the County Clerk (as any citizen can) with enough signatures if he wants to run in the Republican Primary.

Many Republicans interviewed by LovelandPolitics at the assembly of elected delegates from every precinct in Larimer County expressed concern over Gibson's conduct in office. In addition, they recognized Donnelly as an active member of their party who had done a good job as the County Surveyor. Donnelly had many powerful supporters including the Larimer County Sherriff who, according to some, is still smarting over Gibson's opposition to the Sherriff's request for funding an expansion of the jail.

The Larimer County Democrats will hold their assembly next week and select a candidate from the party ranks. Roger Hoffmann is rumored to be the likely candidate to prevail in that contest if he chooses to run. Hoffmann is a community activist who ran before for County Commissioner against Gibson. He may be a formidable candidate if he enters the race.

2008-03-02 07:48:38 GMT
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I think he is our only planning commission guy who hasn't run for Mayor of Loveland.

That picture is too much - oh my God! How did you ever get that?

I think Gibson lost because Jan Brown was seen wearing his sticker. Anyone who she supports is doomed from the beginning in gather of actual Republicans.

It will be interesting to see who the Dems run. I heard a rumor Steve Dozier was considering changing parties and running as a Dem. Any truth to this?
2008-03-02 07:55:13 GMT
I am asking that you please remove that terrible photograph of Glenn looking down while Tom is smiling. Glenn wasn't aware of what was happening and it is unfair for you to be using this image showing him in this state of mind.

Thank you
--Concerned friend
2008-03-02 17:01:17 GMT
I think that was the problem "concerned friend"

Commissioner Gibson doesn't often know what is going on and needs to step aside now that the party has spoken. Its time to elect a more presentable Republican to that seat.

Donnelly will not get a cake walk from the dirty dems so Gibson should not try and get on the ballot and force Donnelly to waste time & money beating him again in the primary vote. I heard that Karen Wagner way over stating how bad Gibson's rantings were but most people knew he lost touch a long time ago.

Cheerful about the future!
--Not concerned
2008-03-02 17:06:31 GMT
It really depends on who the Democrats run. If Gibson were to run again it would have been an easy seat to get back in the Democrat column. Now we just need to see who Tom Donnelly will be competing with for the seat.
2008-03-03 03:27:12 GMT
Glenn Gibson is puzzled by his resounding lack of support?
Only his huge ego has insulated him from the well-earned dislike of constituents, county employees and the elected officials he works with. Now his own party has hung him out to dry, and he doesn't understand why? Perhaps Gibson's Teflon shell involves more than his own inflated self-importance.
And, to think he cancelled his monthly citizen meeting only to have his candidacy rejected.
2008-03-03 05:19:39 GMT
I like Tom, he is clean-cut and well spoken. Glenn wasn't really a bad guy but whether it was earned or not the baggage was too heavy for him to run once more around the track.

As for the problems with the Sheriff, law enforcement is the primary job of local government. If the Sheriff wasn't getting support, than Glenn wasn't doing his job.
--Bob O'
2008-03-03 16:09:37 GMT
I hope that Glenn Gibson decides not to run a primary.
2008-03-04 21:32:37 GMT
I hope that Glenn Gibson decides not to run a primary.

2008-03-04 21:33:21 GMT
The Republican Executive Committee was informed that Dan Betts has been discussing this with Gibson. We all got an email from Kirk Brush saying the Executive Committee is to remain nutruel and that Gibson communicated to Brush (our Chairman) that he does intend to file a petition.

Gibson was at the hall Friday night to set-up his decorations (which isn't allowed)and when he was asked to leave lost his temper and began trying to push the volunteers around.

If he wants to know why he only got 22% - that is why. He is a very small man in a big position. He should spare his family further humiliation and gracefully exit stage left. Otherwise, it will not be over until Donnelly has him pinned to the mat until the ref counts ten.

That is something none of us want but we really can't avoid it.
--Don't Try To Guess
2008-03-05 04:12:16 GMT
It’s funny to listen to this republikan banter about the poor, embarasing behavior of Gibson and to have worked with Donnelly and know how indiscrete and offensive he is and likely to get you all in the same embarrassing position. This guy on a personal level is a loose canon and you all will regret your choice. Like a friend of mine always says, you republikans, with your holier than thou bigoted views and tendency to hypocrisy, left to your own devices, will ultimately self-destruct.
2008-03-05 05:42:50 GMT
Ouch, that is just mean. Anyway, news is Gibson will petition to be on the ballot and if he has enough relatives in the party he could make it. Word is the Gibson clan is boiling some squirrels tonight for a big family gathering to decide his next step in the race.

Hey, Karen Wagner was a quitter and Eubanks (at least according to this site) is almost a Republican which puts him somewhere to the right of Miss Moderate Rennels who I heard carries a coat hanger in her car in case she needs to terminate someone's pregnancy early to demonstrate her pro-choice stand.

So, Dems have a quitter and now a trader and the Republicans have Steve Johnson and Tom Donnelly with no credible Democrat yet announced to run against either one.

Sounds like you are full of bitter grapes because the County will soon be run by quality Republicans instead of hill billies and baby killers.

--O'Kelly Green
2008-03-06 06:22:43 GMT
I wish Gibson would stop his childish rant. There is nothing the Democrats in this County want more than to run against Gibson because they know he would never win another elected office.
2008-03-06 16:25:02 GMT
Hill Billies and baby killers, whatever happened to hate the sin not the sinner, that’s the hypocrisy I’m talking about. That's the Tom Donnelly I know. You go Tom!!! You go cause you are already on your way out. I wonder what it will be that does you in, will it be that indiscrete offensive comment during a BCC meeting, or that staffer that files a complaint of offensive behavior, or an accumulation of bungled administrative decisions that land surveying just did not prepared you for. We will see.
2008-03-07 01:53:27 GMT
So Gibson is back in for now - he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell.

Yelling at a 19 year old Republican volunteer because she was enforcing the rules was a terrible mistake on his part that has nothing to do with the Sheriff.

One guy is responsible for Gibson's mess - he needs to look in the mirror instead of blaming the Sheriff or anyone else for why we lost confidence in our commissioner.
2008-03-07 19:09:44 GMT
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