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Entry for August 15, 2006

Any suggestions this year where Thompson School District can cut money from the budget?  Please try to be helpful and I will try to email a link of this blog to the School Board.  They seem to be unable to live on the growing revenue they already have so maybe it is more accurate to say - slow increased spending - since the budget appears to be controlled too much by special interests.   ANY COMMENTS?

2006-08-16 01:19:17 GMT
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YES, too many school bus routes to areas very near the schools. They need to cut down the buses by half!
2006-08-16 01:22:29 GMT
As a teacher, we really work for too little and need more pay. There is really nothing to cut at all-I already spend hundreds of dollars out my pocket to buy glue, paper, class art for the walls, movies and other things -you know that we need everyday to teach so there really is just nowhere that I think they can cut because people really need to understand that the need in the schools is really great and we have operated for a longtime on nothing and really need to get better funding than we get right now.
2006-08-16 01:26:32 GMT
The time has come to choose between academics and athletics.
2006-08-16 14:47:08 GMT
Anyone know what a Melo Russ Tax is? This is somehting used in California to charge new home builders the cost of building more schools - why doesn't Colorado consider this?
2006-08-16 15:17:08 GMT
2006-08-17 00:52:33 GMT
Thank God for the Loveland City Council finally saying no to new taxes and that not so reputable builder KB Homes! They denied a property tax just like the one mentioned above (at least Jan, Walt and Steve were voting for the people they represent. The rest of you - shame on you for voting for new property taxes for the Aspen Knolls project.

They took the land from Loveland families through Eminent Domain and now the developer really can't afford that land afterall.

I wonder if the Dems will use this against old Morass Marostica since he lead the effort?
--John H
2006-08-20 05:58:27 GMT
KB Homes changed it name several years because of so much legal action against them for shoddy workmanship and other nonsense. IF the Loveland City Council were a respectable, honest, moral, and ethical body and not whores for developers they would ban KB Homes from Loveland.
2006-08-20 16:10:00 GMT
Maybe put too strongly but I can't disagree. When are people going to wake-up and realize that the city isn't building any new Ole Courses or North Shore Parks but instead loading our town with literally thousands of more people who want to enjoy these same public facilities.

We need to do something to stop this short sighted and embarrassing city council.
--Cary T.
2006-08-21 22:00:15 GMT
Is anyone at the Reporter Herald asking the City Council candidates these questions?
2006-08-22 16:40:26 GMT
2006-08-22 20:13:45 GMT
Is anyone going to organize a group to stop the school board from trying to raise property taxes again? If you are, please let me know because I want to help.

Why don't the homebuilders help pay for the new schools and over crowding? Has anyone seen Centennial Elementary lately? I reminds me of those schools in New York City where there is no grass and every square inch has buildings.
--Jon M
2006-08-23 14:16:05 GMT
What truth is there to the rumor the <I>Reporter-Herald</i> is paying people to write letters to the editor to show support for Angie Paccione?

It is common knowledge they fabricate many of the comments that appear in "The RH Line", so it would follow this is true, but factual substantiation is desired. (I am not a member of the news media. If I were I would readily accept this rumor as fact and truth.)
2006-08-30 00:07:42 GMT
Some people get blinded by their own anger and I believe want to have some simple explanations. I don't believe the Reporter Herald has conspired with anyone. They certainly have their bias and editorial views but that isn't that their right? Writing, printing and distributing some 16,000 newspapers everyday is no small task especially when you also need to make a profit.

I believe Paccione is among the worst candidates that any party could endorse. Besides the fact she has gone bankrupt she also pretends to be black (only to certain audiences) and claims to be the first black woman to....she appears less credible than this Karr character arrested in Boulder.

I wish the Reporter Herald would be more aggresive and explore her outlandish claims in a news story.

In addition, I want this website to be a vehicle for information instead of a place for people to bash the Reporter-Herald. It just gets a little old to me.
2006-08-30 15:58:05 GMT
A bit of friendly advice: When it comes to the Reporter-Herald, don't waste your time, energy, and especially your money on them. They don't care. They don't care if they publish fraud and lies. They don't care if they get caught publishing fraud and lies. They have no morals. They have no ethics. They have no principles or standards. They have no values or beliefs. If they did they wouldn't be in the news media. The Reporter-Herald as a source of valid and credible news is a joke. A bad joke. The newspaper as a whole is the laughing stock of Loveland. I cannot begin to count the number of conversations I have had with people in Loveland who started a sentence with, "You won't believe what that idiot who is the editor of the 'Repeater-Hairball' said when I took him to task for [insert offense here]." He is undeniably incompetent, ignorant, lazy, worthless, and stupid. And there is not one person at that so-called newspaper who is any different. Do you know why he became the editor? Not because he was qualified but because no one else wanted the job when the previous editor left. So a suggestion: Give the Reporter-Herald a run for their money. Use this blog as your publishing platform. Now, if you will excuse me I have to work for a living.
2006-08-30 23:53:21 GMT
Back to affordable housing, has anyone asked the Dist. 1 candidates about where they stand?
--Jim B
2006-09-04 20:13:45 GMT
Why waste timr reading the Reporter-Herald anyway. When it comes to local news they print nearly as much news about Berthoud every week as they do about Loveland, and look at all of the wire stories that they print. Some days there isn't much printed about Loveland at all--except the obituaries, that is.
--Charlie Tuna
2006-09-06 05:18:48 GMT
You people are idiots.
2006-09-15 16:15:58 GMT
A Reporter-Herald employee, I see. Probably the editor himself, since he known to be a sneaky coward.
2006-09-15 17:56:19 GMT
I believe that upper management/leadership at these schools could use a pay cut! Take 10% of their salaries (over 100K for some principals) and put it back into the school budgets. This would be a good start!
2006-09-29 05:10:19 GMT
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