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County Commissioner Gibson Likely To Face Challenge From Within His Own Party
NOTE:  This topic is being posted for a second time as the first posting appears to have been deleted when the service provider rebooted the system and your site administrator had not yet saved the most recent data.  Contrary to what was recently reported  – the service provider nor LovelandPolitics have reacted to the various threats of lawsuits posted by supporters of Glenn Gibson – it was just a coincidence.  If you have copies of the previous postings, please feel free to post them again.  Thanks


County Surveyor, Tom Donnelly, is said to be planning a run for County Commissioner against Glenn Gibson in District 3.  Local Republicans had urged Donnelly to run because they believe Gibson, also a Republican, is no longer a credible candidate for public office.  Gibson’s personal behavior came under scrutiny when Commissioner Wagner resigned her office, in part, because she said his anger and emotional outbursts became unbearable.  In addition, colleagues or staff of Gibson have reported to LovelandPolitics that he lacks the mental acuity to follow conversations, finish thoughts or properly conduct county business.

We believe this speculation has been going on for some time among county officials and mean no disrespect to his family.  However, if he seeks another term in office, his past conduct and the opinions of his co-workers regarding his ability to control his temper or follow a conversation are certainly news the public has the right to know.

2008-01-09 06:38:09 GMT
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Yes, I heard on the radio today you were forced to take down the story but checked and it was still there but the blogger stream wasn't. Good to know the 1st amendment is still working.

By the way, why is Gibson so angry? Here is what i just clipped from a CBS News website,

"Larimer County Commissioner Karen Wagner resigned on Monday, citing "harassment and verbal abuse" from fellow Commissioner Glenn Gibson.

"In a letter to county voters, Wagner also accused Commissioner Kathay Rennels of failing to intervene in the alleged mistreatment. The letter was posted on the Fort Collins Coloradoan Web site Monday"

OK, what part of 'he acts like a nut' does his family not understand? Even if he were suffering dementia or something else it doesn't give him the right to abuse co-workers or stay in office when he doesn't know what the meeting is about five minutes after it started.

Whatever his problem whether medical or not it should be a personal tragedy instead of a public one where the county also suffers. Get that man some help if he needs it or a sobriety test or something to demonstrate whether these rumors are in fact true.
--Kathy G.
2008-01-09 06:52:46 GMT
That us weird. Anyone who can act better than a two-year-old will be an improvement.
2008-01-09 14:54:54 GMT
Your previous post was removed because it violated the Yahoo Terms of Service.

This action nothing to do with the First Amendment.

Making threats against an individual, elected or not, on the Internet, consitutes a federal criminal offense - which has been reported to law enforcement, including the FBI.
--A concerned citizen
2008-01-09 16:05:59 GMT
What threat? The only threat we read was the threat of a lawsuit by an angry citizen who didn't like the story and threatened us with a lawsuit. That story regarding referenced above remains unaltered in its original form on

According to the service provider, who was contacted by phone last night, there have been no complaints nor actions against this website but the reboot may have lost recent posts not yet backed-up.

If you have any complaint to report about an anonymous posting, please email us at Otherwise, feel free to post your messages here regarding the story.

Scare tactics are not going to stop the discussion here which is protected by the 1st Amendment. Please feel free to post your comments about the story.
2008-01-09 18:12:16 GMT
It is not a scare tactic. It is a statement of fact - if you have any questions about what is allowed by Yahoo you should review the Terms Of Services, which you agreed to follow when you established this blog. And it is also a fact that making a threat - as defined by the TOS published by Yahoo - against an individual using the Internet constitutes a federal criminal offense.

Additionally, a comment posted above Mr. Gibson's sobriety is another violation of the TOS.
--A concerned citizen
2008-01-09 18:37:33 GMT
Anyone who heard Donnelly interviewed on 1310am this week knows he's smart and articulate. Does anyone really still believe Gibson would leave the same impression?
2008-01-09 21:22:52 GMT
Watch out K.T., "A Concerned Citizen" will call the FBI because you were critical of GLENN GIBSON.

Gibson is not the victim here, he is the guy sitting in a county office making nearly $100,000 a year while acting like a bully with a a bad temper and no common sense. Sorry, "Concerned Citizen" but the 1st amendment is what is important here. You are clearly trying to intimidate free citizens from expressing their own opinions regarding a public official.

If you are or Gibson don't like what is written here - post your own opinion. Many other people including a local political consultant and the former head of the Republican Party "Set the record straight by posting their responses here." Gibson (or his wife since I understand she sometimes does the talking for him and is likely more familiar with a keyboard) can post their response to these questions regarding his conduct in public office.

If the election were today, Donnelly would be elected easily. Karen Wagner, one of only three County Commissioners, RESIGNED over her health and stress problems she attributed to Gibson's "verbal abuse." What about the poor employees that may have to endure this clown who apparently substitutes reason with anger in trying to get his way.

Real threats of violence or things like that don't have any place here but I haven't seen any posted here. The moderator appropriately monitors and removes posting that are similar to what you describe.

Saying any politician has a problem with reasoning and speculating as to the cause doesn't constitute a violation of the terms of use.

Stop threatening people to stop free speech and put some reasons together why you believe he deserves another term in office.
2008-01-10 02:15:03 GMT
I like Donnelly but don't know who else is running can anyone say if others are running?
2008-01-10 07:10:49 GMT
Wow, the dullest bulb in the box on the Planning Commission, bigoted and biased, and a surveyor too, that sure makes him well qualified to run a large complex organization. I have interacted with Donnley on a professional level and find his behavior to be about as inappropriate, a fine replacement for Gibson!!!
--Rousey calls me ignorant
2008-01-11 03:53:05 GMT
Wow - you just wrote a near verbatim repeat of an attack upon George Washington by those who wanted him removed as head of the Continental Army during the revolutionary war.

Did you know George Washington's first profession was as a surveyor and his modesty and kind manners were mistakenly interpreted as evidence that he wasn’t quick witted?

Washington was a gentleman from Virginia who was misread by the New England patriots to be a simpleton incapable of running a complex organization. In the end, they were wrong as I believe you are in this case.

At the moment, my only known choice will be between a belligerent and confused Hill Billy or Tom Donnelly. At this moment, I would say Donnelly is the better man for the job.

Wear Rousey’s accusation as a badge of honor, he clearly doesn’t realize who he is dealing with on this blog. Your response to him on that matter, while fairly “in-your-face” was truly a classic posting they should not soon erase!

2008-01-11 19:16:59 GMT
Tom Donnelly = George Washington. Sorry, not buying it. Surveying in Washington's time was at the edge of the new science of the time, I belive Jefferson also dabbled in it but it is now a profession at the lowest rank of the development industry. It is not a degreed profession, only certified and is in no way preparation for the complexity of modern management and politics. County commissioners are active managers as compared to Council members that only meet to set policy and need to be professionally qualified. Yes, I wear Rousey's insult with pride. He is a clear example of an underqualified politian attempting to make sense of the Council's botched economic development and incentive policy now playing out in the Johnstown annexation war. I am only glad to be a former City employee and not suffering the indignation of serving cretins like Rousey or Donnelly. Donnely embarrased my staff and his off-line personality was clearly inappropriate and immature. Donnelly is qualified only because he is ideologically aligned with Loveland conservativism. Otherwise he is in no way suited to holding managerail control over a large and complex organization.
2008-01-12 00:59:12 GMT
Donnelly is a good guy and makes an excellent candidate for this office. I believe he and Steve Johnson (who is popular with Democrats) have agreed to run as a team in different districts while Kathay is looking at Steve's seat in the Senate.

The Donnelly/Johnson train will be tough to beat and likely comprise a majority in the next County Commission.

Kathay Rennels isn't popular with many people and may have lost her base to run for higher office. If you recall, one Republican Central Committee officer resigned over disgust when Kathay was trying to be more pro-abortion than Planned Parenthood and also ran to the left whenever she thought her position was unpopular.

Johnson married right and will certainly get help from his Father-in-Law, Senator Wayne Allard. Likely also that Donnelly will receive similar support up the chain.

So, bashing this Donnelly guy really doesn't make any sense at this point.
2008-01-14 18:49:19 GMT
Steve Johnson's Father-in-law is not Wayne Allard. Wayne has a daughter with a last name Johnson, but she and Steve are no relation. Steve worked with Wayne and took over his vet practice after Wayne took on higher political aspirations.
2008-01-15 02:42:18 GMT
Thank you for the clarification. Too many Johnsons. The point remains the same that Johnson will get backing from Allard and Kathay will try and find a higher office. In the meantime, Eubanks doesn't seem to be popular with anyone so his chance at re-election appear lowest.
2008-01-15 18:20:30 GMT
Is he really going to run?
--Gable Walker
2008-01-17 01:55:21 GMT
Now that I know Gibson's supporters hold nothing but contempt for surveyors or other workers who didn't require "a real college degree" I hope he looses and is humiliated in the process. No joke, he really doesn't appear to respect anyone.
--The Cabinet Maker
2008-01-17 01:57:39 GMT
The Republican party is fracturing because the powers that be in the party have decided government exists to transfer tax money from individual citizens to business buddies of the politicians, while leaving us with ineffective government and lousy planning. From now on I'll only vote Reform or for any moderate Democrat who makes sense. Sorry, Tom.
--Fed Up Republican
2008-01-21 00:41:20 GMT
2008-01-25 20:26:37 GMT
Thank you for reporting this first. I suspect "Fed Up Republican" is only fed-up but was never a Republican.

Glenn Gibson, like other embarrassing local politicians, has only given Republicans a bad name and needs to go. Tom makes an excellent choice and i will be both voting and contributing to his efforts to win this office.

Yes, Dude, I agree. Go Tom Go.

Buy the way - great "search" option on the homepage. I just spent two hours reading about all our local elected officials by just searching their names - great tool.

I need to get to bed but keep up the good work!
2008-01-26 09:15:50 GMT
OK< I have never been a Registered Republican but I have voted that way in the past, but now I realize my tax money shouldn't be tranferred to business buddies of the politicians, which is what today's Republican Party is all about. Eric Eidsness was a good Republican, he went with the Reform Party.
--Fed Up Voter
2008-02-03 21:54:05 GMT
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