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Coloradoan Launches Loveland Paper
The Coloradoan of Ft. Collins, Colorado has launched a local newspaper to compete directly with The Loveland Reporter-Herald called the Loveland Connection for advertising. will now feature top story headlines about Loveland from Loveland on our homepage with a link to the online version of the story. We also carry headline stories involving Loveland from various media sources in the "Topix" box on

The Greeley Tribune publisher announced sometime ago an effort to create a Northern Colorado newspaper. We were contacted by Ft. Collins Now (affiliated with Greeley Tribune) about providing Loveland content but declined.  In addition, the Rocky Mountain Chronicle in Ft. Collins has provided in-depth coverage of Loveland Politics in recent months and appears to be gaining in circulation as a weekly paper in Loveland.

Have you seen Loveland Connection and what is your opinion? Are they covering the news in Loveland differently than The Reporter-Herald? According to one employee of The Reporter Herald, he believes his newspaper's publishers are too slow in adopting new technologies and believes this is their biggest threat.

Any opinion on Loveland Connection?

2007-12-04 22:38:13 GMT
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Thanks. Ha-kinda funny this is one item you really are not going to find well covered by any newspaper because its about them> I like the coverage but think their reporters will start printing McWhinney press releases when short on content> Hope not but after so many years of reading crap its hard to have hope.
--K. Suslov
2007-12-04 22:44:39 GMT
If it is the same quality reporting as the Coloradoan, its readers will not be any more enlightened after they read than before. I subscribe to both the Coloradoan and the Reporter Herald, and while you may find fault with the R-H (and who among you is perfect?) the Coloradoan carries a much more permeating odor with its stories!
--Greg R. Snyder
2007-12-05 03:45:42 GMT
I am happy to have the chance to see another take on Loveland's news. The RH always seems to dumb things down similar to a middle school paper where the teacher doesn't want to offend anyone. Greg, you may be right, I don't ever read the Colorado and don't know anything about that paper. I do know, however, that the Greeley Tribune seems more professional than the RH since they really report the hard news.
2007-12-05 07:11:19 GMT
Is it really local or just The Coloradoan's one Loveland reporter?
2007-12-06 02:53:32 GMT
Anything is better than what we have. So far, the coverage is many times better than the Repeater-Harod. I just hope they don't get lazy and start printing stories to try and make friends instead of reporting the real news.
2007-12-07 16:17:33 GMT
The Coloradoan is an anti-American publication. By joining with them you have made it clear what you are.


2007-12-16 17:47:42 GMT
I think that the Loveland Connection is mostly a rehash of the content contained in the Reporter-Herald only a day after.It takes me one minute to peruse the total paper because I have read nearly word-for-word the day before.I would like to see the Loveland-Connection think and report outside the box.Like maybe motive,an ax to grind,no comment responses,our just plain out and out lies .Do some back checking.Find out why the Reporter-Herald selectively prints news that fits its conservative bent only.The RH line is an example,If your critical about how the city is being run often enough you will not see your complaint in the paper.Just did out the facts,don't take comments by influential persons and politicians as fact.Ask penetrating questions,seek the truth.
2008-01-04 23:45:55 GMT
I agree completely! Anyone see LovelandConnection headline today? SWAT TEAM TRAINING EXERCISE A SUCCESS. What? Are they kidding? Of course it was a success you morons it WAS A DRILL!!!!!

A SWAT team success catching bad guys or rescuing hostages is a "success" not a training drill!!

The Coloradoan will never make a foothold here unless they report something interesting or scandalous.

The only thing dumber than that headline is the Loveland Reporter-Herald billboards warning people about impostors and claiming to be Loveland's only hometown paper. I can't tell you how many people now think the Herald is desperate and going out of business because of those dumb ads. Too defensive, weak and really silly for advertising the fact they finally have competition to a community that really didn't know it yet. You should have the dumbest of the two awards each week....that would be funny,.
--Loveland's Finest
2008-01-06 06:35:41 GMT
Oh my God! Gibson has been dealing a short deck for years. Where have you people been? As long as he votes Republican on the issues and says no to wacko environmentalists who want to tell me how to use my farm - so what if he's a little mixed-up upstairs?
--Ed S.
2008-01-07 22:09:54 GMT
Back on the topic-

Did anyone read the RH line comments about someone not wanting to receive the Loveland Connection in the mail? Is this for real?

Common - Reporter-Herald, you can do better. How many people do you know want to STOP a free mail subscription from a newspaper?

Does the Herald expect us to believe that someone who receives hundreds of pieces of junk mail advertising per week was offended because a credible local newspaper was sent to them for free?

I am not sure I believe this is entirely credible. However, the caller to the RH Line could be sitting two desks away and be an employee of the Herald. This would mean they are still just printing a phone call recorded on their message machine.
2008-01-14 18:54:50 GMT

Grow-up. The Herald doesn't appear to be financially strong since they are so worried about Loveland Connection. Even more interesting are the former employees for the Herald now working at the Connection.
2008-01-15 05:06:53 GMT
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