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Entry for August 12, 2006

Please post any comments on the Rock Crest Apartments story regarding the expensive cars in tenant parking (see index page).  Late model SUV's, sports cars and even a covered Mercedes Coupe.  Can't pay your own rent but can't give-up those expensive wheels-why are Loveland taxpayers responsible for their rent?

Coming next week, the Inspecter General Report regarding HUD Voucher fraud in Greeley.  Landlords and tenants abusing the system.  Apparently, Loveland Housing Authority has not been audited by the IG (like Greeley) but lack of evidence of citizenship was a common violation in Greeley.  See report details next week and a crime report for Loveland's Housing Authority properties.

2006-08-12 16:51:27 GMT
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This is outrages!!! Maybe someone should ask the two guys running for City Council what they think about this and are they willing to stop the affordable housing Marxists.
--Maxine - 20 yrs in Lov.
2006-08-12 16:58:37 GMT
I think it is only "income qualification" so it doesn't matter what care you own.
2006-08-12 17:25:13 GMT
Government corruption? In Loveland? Lawdy.
2006-08-12 20:27:31 GMT
So there is government corruption in Loveland? So? The corrupt Reporter-Herald, whose incompetent journalists couldn't find a hooker in a whorehouse, won't report on this, and if they do it will be a toothless article like the one penned about city employees who have taxpayer-funded credit cards.
2006-08-13 16:05:10 GMT
I agree - why did no one demand an independent investigation on the credit cards? Well, it appears from a previous post that the Ft. Collins weekly is watching this site. Are they independent or would they report on this?
2006-08-13 22:16:36 GMT
Great site! I am looking forward to the IG report you mentioned on Greeley. I there a number or weblink where we can report HUD voucher fraud in Loveland? I know about lots of it going on but don't want to get involved personally since I have a business here.
2006-08-14 14:47:01 GMT
Contrary to what it says on the masthead The Fort Collins Weekly is not independent. Just check the bias and slant in much of the supposedly objective and in-depth articles they publish regularly.

But why should The Fort Collins Weekly investigate a Loveland issue? Shouldn't that fall to the Reporter-Herald, which claims to be the paper of Loveland?
2006-08-14 17:51:18 GMT
Now that the Thomspon Valley School District has begun its annual poor-mouth routine perhaps you could set up an entry that documents the waste that goes on in the school district.

Seeing how the Reporter-Herald probably won't.
2006-08-16 00:00:48 GMT
Great idea! If you can email me (click email on index page) information I will gladly do this. I will need some help since I don't follow it closely but have been surprised at some past actions of our school district.

2006-08-16 00:48:08 GMT
This makes me sick to my stomach. Our son and his wife barely survive making 20 thousand each and they don't drive new cars. Does this mean my grandkids get less from their parents so tax dollars support these %&$(*#@ living in affordable housing?
--Dan H.
2006-08-22 16:43:31 GMT
YES - Why don't you call your City Council representative (numbers on the front page of this site) and let them know!
--Janey W.
2006-08-23 14:18:56 GMT
Nothing will come of calling your elected officials, except they will be condescending to you. Vote them out.
2006-08-24 00:21:54 GMT
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