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Entry for November 26, 2007
Loveland's new City Council was sworn-in and went right to work voting on issues brought to the council by staff for the November 20, 2007 meeting.

See stories (new council sworn-in and Surety Waiver).   Sam Betters who runs the Loveland Housing Authority, apparently encouraged by Mayor Pielin, requested the council break precedent and abandon requirements for surety bonds on the public improvements required for their Mirasol subsidized housing project currently under construction.  Admitting they already received over $600,000 of fee waivers from the city for this single project, Betters said the waiver wasn't finanically necessary but a way to divert money away from insurance brokers and banks.

A new council majority emerged and defeated the request leaving Pielin, Heckel, Rousey (old gaurd) voting alone with newly arrived Carol Johnson.  The remaining 5 council members articulated reasons why it was a bad idea and defeated a motion by Johnson to approve the waiver on a 5-4 vote.

2007-11-27 06:23:58 GMT
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Does anyone know why Steve Dozier played hooky? Kind of ironic for a guy who was defeated for not attending meetings or even participating. You would think he could make the final darn meeting he was supposed to attend - he is toast if he ever tries to run again. Also, Dave Clark aint no "new majority" he is certainly old guard as you call the others.

I know the "old guard" is out next time if they keep up this crap. Anyway, Rousey ain't gonna run so who is left who can win besides the Mayor?
2007-11-27 06:32:00 GMT
Now less than 2 years to the next election. I can't wait!
2007-11-27 06:33:42 GMT
Learn to spell: G-u-a-r-d.
2007-11-27 13:19:28 GMT
Somebody "PLEASE" consider running against Carol Johnson for City Council next time around. She was voted "OFF" the Golden City Council for a reason.
2007-11-27 14:49:16 GMT
Steve Dozier had informed the council at a previous meeting that he would be out of town.

Let's see...12 years in office? Hmmmmmm. Go ahead and admit would miss not having a city counicl member using this blog.

2007-11-27 21:44:23 GMT
Yes, I admit it. You once said Jan Brown could care less about Well, her apathy was a mistake. People may not have the time to attend meetings but they care about what their city council is doing nonetheless.

LovelandPolitics reported the high number of foreclosures in town at a time the Herald ran an editorial claiming it was really just a misunderstood statistical anomaly. The departure (and his arrival for that matter) of the previous Republican Party Chairman of Larimer County was reported here 1 month before anywhere else in the media. Candidates running for Loveland City Council in the last election were listed here nearly a week before the information was available in the local paper. The failure of the city to adequately clear streets after the Christmas storms last year was reported here first while the Herald ran an editorial complimenting the City of Loveland in an attempt to discredit our reports. I could go on as the list is now near 100 stories either reported late or missed entirely by local media but first reported here.

Area papers like The Coloradoan (now Loveland Connection locally) and the Rocky Mountain Chronicle have obtained stories from this website and provided the credit as appropriate – the Loveland Reporter-Herald is said to have a ban on mentioning this website anywhere in its pages. Blogs and nationwide media watch groups like Colorado Confidential, The Outlander, MediaMatters and others have sourced this website for stories.

We even provide The Denver Post background and assistance on local stories (like the high number of regional foreclosures) while our town’s paper continued ignoring the story likely in of deference to advertisers before finally reporting the crisis. Stories and blog postings on have been read by talk radio hosts in numerous Denver and local radio stations (too many times to list here).

As a Loveland homeowner, I really want you to understand that protecting the values of our homes while also ensuring a high level of city services to maintain a quality of life is important. The only bias this site has shown is to protect the health, welfare and safety of Loveland’s residents. Yes, there are some people who really dislike this website, and we chose them specifically. We put integrity in front of popularity.

You are always welcome to post your opinions here as is any resident of Loveland.

--Liam B. Weston
2007-11-28 01:52:33 GMT
Isn't that off-topic? Why is that posting still up and who are you?

I do agree that Jan Brown didn't have a chance. My family enjoyed her little tantrums on the mpeg here and my neighbor took down his sign after we showed him. If more people knew how arrogant and rude Larry acts on council I think his re-election would have come out entirely different.

2007-11-28 01:59:18 GMT
Okay –Mark. Please explain to me who didn’t spell guard correctly. I had to go and read everything just out of curiosity but can’t find it anywhere. I know the only other way to spell guard is g-a-r-d-e but that is when you write avant-garde. Here I think they used it correctly.

What did I miss?

2007-11-28 04:44:52 GMT
'Guard' was misspelled in the article these comments are about.
2007-11-28 13:38:15 GMT
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2007-12-03 18:30:59 GMT
Kudos to this site for reporting local news accurately and quickly. The Reporter-Herald is slanted & slow. THAT'S the reason they finally drew competition from the Coloradoan's new venture. That's how competition in a free market is supposed to work. When incumbent businesses get too expensive, not innovative enough, or unresponsive to customers, a competitor sees opportunity and provides a choice for consumers. Thriled to see it!
2007-12-06 06:34:03 GMT
I agree with Steve. The RH is too stale, boring and really not very accurate in the reporting. We need an alternative publishing everyday instead of occasionally.
2007-12-15 07:39:34 GMT
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