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Entry for November 7, 2007

Ward 3 could change in the result depending on how many provisional ballots are uncounted.  The Clerk Recorder isn't calling the race yet but we feel confident the chances are very low the results will change with the provisional ballots.

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2007-11-07 20:09:20 GMT
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Why is he celebrating if the tally isn't final? I understand Steve isn't going to contest or challenge the vote count. This doesn't appear very wise since such counts can often differ each time (remember Florida?)
2007-11-08 03:30:45 GMT
Hmmmmm.....I thought the Weedins were backing Steve Dozier. Oh well, you always learn something new here.

Steve Dozier was a good and honest man who deserves a jubilee in his honor for the long eight years he served this community. Is anyone organizing some sort of appreciation dinner or something for Steve and Jan and Larry?

They served this community with honor and deserve our thanks.
2007-11-08 20:43:03 GMT
Lady, do you know where you just posted that message?

The sad part is they won't even be invited to the annual McWhinney Christmas Party (they are no longer useful idiots just idiots).

Jubilee???? I haven't heard that word for ever. He isn't some kind of de-throwned Sultan he is a City Councilman the voters just told "goodbye" I will host a party at my house to celebrate Brown's ugly defeat. Anyone who voted against them will be welcomed.
2007-11-08 20:48:35 GMT
Mr. Solt came to my door and talked with myself and Gil for over 20 minutes. I never met my current councilman. Now I want to see Councilman Solt start holding those public forums he promised us.
--B. King
2007-11-08 20:53:53 GMT
Wow - B. King you don't waste any time do you? I was happy with the election return and surprised with the sparce coverage in the Reporter-Herald. OK, one story for each the day after and that was it. Many people I talked with thought Larry Heckel was a professional firefighter because of that picture in the paper when he was much younger sitting on a fire engine in full uniform and hat. Instead of being a young firefighter he is an old contractor - nothing wrong with that just not what he advertised. Sure he did volunteer work but its not always the same thing for sure. Okay people need to know the truth.
--Real Firefighter
2007-11-08 22:47:43 GMT
Love the picture! They did a great job and have lots to celebrate. Now, it is time for us to all support these guys as I see old Rocky Scott sniffing around your Oct. 26, blog to try meet people he can influence. I love Cecil and know he will do a bang-up job!
--Janet P.
2007-11-08 23:36:03 GMT
I hope these new guys don't let McWhinney turn our City Council meetings into a forum to promote their company instead of just talking about the issue at hand. Any resident would be arrested if we took 1/2 hour in front of Council to give a political speech the way Rich Shannon does. I just pray they have the courage to resist the many tricks McWhinney will play to influence their vote.
2007-11-09 06:24:01 GMT
Congrats to all the people who worked hard. I know Don Archuleta was stuck in the hospital getting his hip replaced so it is a miracle he got so many votes without even campaigning!

Anyway, God bless Walt Skowron for not paticipating in the before election railroad of lameducks like Dozier and Brown pushing more crap out the door the same night the voters rejected them for doing a bad job!
--We Kent & Cecil
2007-11-09 18:27:36 GMT
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