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Entry for August 9, 2006

City Council Ward 1 now has two candidates, Daryle Klassen and Cecil Gutierrez.  You can read our report on the race from the main page.

Both candidates appear to be qualified and could be an asset to the City Council.  However, niether candidate has come out with an issue to run on so it may just be a resume contest in which case Daryle Klassen would win.

If either candidate would like to post a message or anyone from the public please feel welcome to do so.  The three rules are 1. Be on topic  2. No lewd comments or libelous accusations  3.  Please identify yourself either by your first name or nickname

2006-08-09 18:12:00 GMT
Comments (17 total)
Why are they running?
2006-08-09 18:30:15 GMT
I don't know Gutierrez but I think Daryle will be good.
2006-08-09 20:10:32 GMT
Two things: Please learn to spell. Second, Klassan is The choice for this position.
2006-08-10 14:42:58 GMT
For those of you who may not remember, it was Klassen who pulled the plug on the Larimer/Weld County regional government (called a COG). Now others want to revive an unelected regional government and Klassen took a position against it. So there are issues already in this race because I think Cecil supports a COG.

By the way - Mr. "Please learn to spell" his name is Klassen not "Klassan" as you spelled it.
2006-08-10 17:34:28 GMT
I suggest you ask him. I have seen it spelled both ways.

As to your civility, I prefer another political blog. That one is far more civil in posts and comments and far more informed.
2006-08-10 18:00:05 GMT
I agree that some Marostica staff polluted this blog with hate speech. Besides that, I like this website and the information it provides.

I think Cecil is a nice guy but not sure he represents the views of this Ward the way Ron Weaks did. It would be interesting to know if Ron Weaks has endorsed one of the two candidates.
2006-08-10 19:45:55 GMT
If you want flex your voting muscles go to the Fort Collins Weekly web site and vote for one of the three candidates there:
2006-08-11 20:11:54 GMT
Thank you for that reminder - I did just go and vote. I think Musgrave will win -
2006-08-11 21:18:55 GMT
Please keep on topic. Who are you voting for of the two? Does anyone know their stand on the "Triangle" sculpture, subsidized housing, school initiative to raise property taxes or the recent McWhinney tax windfall?
2006-08-16 15:28:16 GMT
I see that Marostica and Klassen are holding events together and are AGAINST SCHOOL BOND BALLOT MEASURE 1A! Is this true?? Cecil is a great guy and wants to fund the schools while Klassen I think hates the public schools.
2006-09-25 16:40:15 GMT
Common, now is that fair? I think Klassen is tied-up now to Marostica who is in McWhinney's lap so those lap dogs get heavy especially when business has to pay more taxes for the schools. Remember 1A umpacts more than residents but also commercial business and Marostica don't need to pay more stinking tax.
--JB Wise
2006-09-26 17:13:27 GMT
Klassen's signs are ugly. Did he approve that message? I don't know either candidate but it is very hard to see his name on the sign. I know some find me silly but that is reason enough for me to vote for Cecil since I can at least read his sign.

Hey, and thanks to you guys for posting our comments - when I call the Reporter-Herald line they never print what I say and alway edit the hell out of letters. Thanks for keeping it real!!!!! By the way I am 18 and voting in November for the first time!!
2006-10-01 03:49:25 GMT
Geee tony you should study a little more before voting if that is your only criteria. As someone who voted for 40 years I don't care how slick the campaign junk is and want to know if they are sincere and going to represent the interest of seniors in the community.
2006-10-01 03:51:35 GMT
I hate to say this but isn't klassen a bit long in the tooth? Good guy but really how long can he serve before health knocks him out?
--Jimmy the Geek
2006-10-01 03:53:33 GMT
hey jimmy the geek, i don't kare how hold they are - aren't you practicing discrimination by only voting for the younger person? As an 18 year old I am tired of people judging others just because they are too young or too old.
2006-10-01 03:55:56 GMT
Hey guys I hate to butt in on your intergenerational chat BUT Cecil R. now got a YES on 1A sign in his yard. Old man Klassen hasn't said either way but since he seems close to the "Don" he will probably support more property taxes.
--Don the Avenger
2006-10-01 03:58:18 GMT
By the way that's Don the Avenger (not Marostica)
2006-10-01 03:59:47 GMT
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