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Entry for August 6, 2006

A new page has been posted regarding Marostica's recent concentration on transportation issues.  You can find a link to it from the main page of   According to one political commentator, Marostica is looking to push for off-ramps and other improvements where he or his friends own property.  This theory certainly would explain why the largest developers along the I-25 corridor are dumping their money into his campaign to augment his own $125,000 expenditure.  The commentator also speculates that it explains why someone who quit one public office (City Council) when he was told Federal law would prevent him from voting on his next project, now is so excited about serving the public again.  In fact, spending four times the annual salary of the office to get elected.  If serving the public is all he cares about, why did he quit the Loveland City Council?

2006-08-07 02:28:17 GMT
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Thank you for this update. How many times do you see some transportation project that was only for special interest. I don't want an off ramp into another ugly Marostica strip mall. I will be voting for McNaught to keep these self-interested @#%$@ and their speacial interest friends out of office lol
2006-08-07 02:51:50 GMT
Sorry guys, you haven't told us anything new. The McWhinneys and Don have been working on this for a long-time.
2006-08-07 02:56:17 GMT
On the last string, you shut it down so I couldn't post, I wanted to say that old man complaining that you were not in Loveland 33 years like him was outrages! Well the part where he told you and anyone else not from loveland to leave.

Why don't the 80% of people in the 51st House District who haven't lived in Loveland not vote for Marostica since he thinks we have no say in politics because we haven't been here. by the way, didn't the paper say Marostica got here 15 years ago? Maybe that old man should leave and go discover the world, maybe he will discover Marostica isn't as important or powerful as he thinks
--Don't want to say
2006-08-07 03:02:46 GMT
I have a joke. What is more expensive than a Loveland City Council Chair? Marostica's House Chair in the State Capital. That one will cost him over $100,000!!!
--Janey W.
2006-08-07 03:05:24 GMT
I did NOT vote for Marostica in the primary. I will NOT vote for him in the general election.
2006-08-09 20:13:37 GMT
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