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Entry for October 3, 2007
Are we an island?  Accoridng to the City Council majority, yes.  Councilman Walt Skowron is concerned the City of Loveland will spend down reserves and paint itself into the corner financially by approving increased spending (6%) in light of a potential downturn in the general economy.  Read story.

Is he right or do you agree with the rest of the City Council that Loveland is an economic island and should not be concerned with national or regional economic forecasts?
2007-10-03 18:23:28 GMT
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Sorry - I posted in the wron place. Ooops

Walt Skowron is the real fiscal conservative on Council not those knuckleheads who will do anything the City Manager tells them and than get nervous when they are forced to think.

OF COURSE LOVELAND IS NOT AN ISLAND. 45% of people in town work outside Loveland. Regional economic health is critical to this town.
--Walt (not the Councilman)
2007-10-03 18:32:39 GMT
God bless Mr. Skowron. I am sick and tired of local officials always spending more than coming back to us for tax increases to pay for their poor planning.
2007-10-04 02:07:01 GMT
Please keep a copy of that meeting. I can't wait to hear Sleepy Gene's explanation when projected revenues fall short AGAIN!
2007-10-04 02:40:22 GMT
They couldn't delay the budget since we need to get the 3.5% pay increase for all city employees through payroll in-time for their January checks.

Walt was too busy feeding his face when Don explained this to the Council in the closed session.
--One Who Knows
2007-10-04 02:51:23 GMT
Why was this being discussed in the closed session in the first place?
2007-10-04 03:54:08 GMT
If Mr. Walt Skowron is a conservative he should be warned: The Reporter-Herald will run a smear campaign against him just like they did against Jim Welker and just like they are against Rush Limbaugh in the RH Line. They are publishing the lie and falsehood Mr. Limbaugh made anti-military smears when he did not.

I would suggest calling the editor of the Reporter-Herald, but he will do with you what he did with me - give you lip service and attitude, and hang up on you. So I jut canceled my subscription of ten years with the Reporter-Herald.
2007-10-04 15:26:43 GMT
Go Walt Go! We love you.
2007-10-05 19:21:52 GMT
He is a cantankerous old man who contributes nothing. Gene Pielin often has to provide the adult supervision in closed session since the current mayor cannot control him.

I know Gene and he has NEVER fallen asleep at any council meetings. If he looses his run for Mayor he should sue Guchwale for this nonsense.

No one running has done more for this city than Gene Pielin. He has personally brought millions of dollars in tax dollars to this city by personally recruiting the McWhinneys to build in Loveland instead of Ft. Collin or Johnstown.

--Tired of Walt
2007-10-07 13:45:46 GMT
How terribly unkind. I find his wisdom to be lacking among the sheep who wonder through the issues from their $1,000 chairs.

This town is really tired of being sold-out by a bunch of sheep who can't think for themselves. God bless Mr. Skowron and all the wisdom he contributes to an otherwise carefully scripted act they call a council meetings.
--Karn D.
2007-10-08 22:48:53 GMT
Don't be concerned. Help is on its way as the arrogant and difficult four (Pielin, Brown, Dozier and Heckel) are probably going to lose the next election.
2007-10-11 05:10:46 GMT
Such assertions. Suppose you differentiate yourself from the Reporter-Herald and provide fact and truth to support your claims. Just because they make stuff up doesn't mean you should or can.
2007-10-14 15:14:55 GMT
Sorry David, I don't understand what you are trying to say.
2007-10-15 15:43:56 GMT
I just want to thank Councilman Skowron for once again reminding the council their projections on sales tax revenue are too optimistic.

You guys are spending too much time on Jan Brown acting like a little child. The city finance man told the council their projections are already too high for this quarter - Walt was right
--Fiscal Conservative
2007-10-18 04:59:58 GMT
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