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Entry for September 29, 2007
Ed Haynes is likely to resign as Chairman of the Larimer County Republican Party. Click here to read the story. In an apparently unrelated event, Haynes' comments calling Osama the N word as an illustration in his argument before the CSU student communications board has angered area Republicans. Any comments on either recent event?

Also, who do you think is a good person to replace him?

2007-09-29 07:37:05 GMT
Comments (17 total)
Too bad Ed didn't have enough time to really make an impact on the party in Larimer County. He is a very good guy but those comments at CSU demonstrate lack of judgment.

I think Betts is the guy who should be tapped to take over where Ed finishes.

2007-09-29 12:09:22 GMT
If Ed goes the snot-nosed little punk at CSU should go.
2007-09-29 14:20:55 GMT
When I came here earlier today there were three comments to this entry. Now there are two.

In other words, you can say whatever you want about President George W. Bush, but you can't say what you want about anyone else. So much for Free Speech.

If this is what the Larimer County Republican Party is about I am through voting Republican.

Ed Haynes, take note before you step down. Andrew Boucher is a lodestone around your neck like Bill Clinton is a lodestone around Hillary's neck.

2007-09-29 19:51:37 GMT
Please someone enlighten me on what the heck Andrew Boucher has to do with anything??? His name comes up as the scapegoat for almost anything anyone is pissed about. I know him, and by the way, do not trust him, but he is not the person that comes to mind with the issues reported on Loveland politics.
This is about Ed Haynes and his thoughtless remarks,and big mouth. He and Andrew have very little to do with each other. Andrew has very little to do with the Larimer County Republican Board. Not only is he not active with the LCR, but he is not respected, nor consulted by them either. So leave him out of it!

Ed makes poor choices in words, and is an embarassment to the party. I hope someone articulate and intelligent will take over the leadership. It is much needed and missed.

By the way, Dan Betts is definately not a good choice. We need someone with integrity and honesty as well, and he does not fit that role.

--Larimer Republican
2007-09-30 01:13:10 GMT
LEt's face it, the Republicans in Larimer County have lost all intellectual and moral authority as they scramble to throw money at businesses and elect folks like Marostica and let McWhinneys hijack the Regional Transportation proposal. I really think I have to start voting Reform if we want any fiscal discipline and a free market. It's sad that probably event he Democrats are now more fiscally conservative than my good old Republicans. I'm a moderate, government has its place, but its place isn't business subsidies. Haynes faux-pas at CSU just illustrates the larger problem.

Boucher is a problem because so many Republicans at the local level have embraced him.
--Fiscal discipline anyone?
2007-09-30 04:42:50 GMT
I wouldn't go so far as saying that. Larimer County Republicans are good, honest and hard working Americans.

Tax cheats like Don Marostica and other unethical developers are wrecking this party and its reputation. I heard Ed is waiting for Marostica to get a replacement since they don't want any Republicans against illegal immigration in that position.

You know the saying - For evil to to triumph all good men have to do is nothing!
2007-10-01 18:16:59 GMT
I think the mission business is an excuse. His little moment in the lime light showed how poor his judgment is.
2007-10-02 02:42:45 GMT
You sure he isn't leaving to work for Mit Romney?
2007-10-04 02:48:20 GMT
No, even Romney has standards.

I hear Dan Betts is whining about wanting to be next in that position.
2007-10-07 13:48:42 GMT
Not Betts PLEASE!!!! Boucher told me they are still looking at the options.
2007-10-07 22:36:52 GMT
Is he on the Executive Committee? Boucher is a guy runnning around trying to squeeze money out of being a Republican and local candidates. We need independent people who aren't involved only for personal gain to participate.
2007-10-08 19:05:35 GMT
Doug, isn't everyone doing everything for personal gain? Why does everyone act like you can't help yourself, without breaking the law of course, and your party at the same time? Wayne Allard has certainly gained (financially, prestige, power, etc.) by being in the US Senate, but hasn't he done a great job for us there? Look, we are Republicans not collectivists. We encourage people to improve themselves, to help themselves. I don't know Boucher, but I do know he is not on the Executive Committee. Doug, if you are truly a Republican I urge you to support whoever is appointed chair
--Honest Abe
2007-10-08 19:44:34 GMT
Actually, I didn't know about Ed Haynes' announcement until this afternoon (10/8). In fact, I was out of the state for much of last week.

Sorry, folks. Don't believe everything you read on this blog.

So, "Insider", when did I talk to you about this?
--Andrew Boucher
2007-10-09 02:55:59 GMT
You clearly don't remember. It was before your trip when the discussion of Ed's competence was raised within certain circles. We just didn't know he had already accepted a certain HD Rep's request he resign so somebody more able could be found.
2007-10-15 18:21:22 GMT
Brush is his replacement. Just heard it today.
2007-10-16 23:24:56 GMT
According to Andrew Boucher you shouldn't believe everything you read on this blog. But you should believe everything on his blog, that he and his various personalities post? Hardly. Boucher is a sneak and a coward, who willing whores for the likes of the McWhinneys.
2007-10-27 16:23:22 GMT
Anon: Speak for yourself. I live in Larimer County. I am a Republican and I do not embrace the likes of Andrew Boucher. As far as I know no one in the Larimer County Republican Party likes or trusts the sleazebag.
2007-10-27 16:26:09 GMT
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