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Entry for September 25, 2007
Kitty Wild (Jan Brown's campaign manager) appeals to the greater Northern Colorado real estate for help re-electing Brown.  In the meantime, Brown has been found to be cheating with her campaign by using her official City of Loveland portrait and email address for campagin purposes.

What is the remedy?  Will she win this election?

2007-09-25 17:23:07 GMT
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I looked at her website, and no where does it state how the site was paid for. Nor does it list the name of the treasurer. Are city elections held to the same standards as state elections? Do the same rules apply?
--Republican on a cat hunt
2007-09-25 17:47:51 GMT
The website has now been changed. It formerly directed emails to her city of Loveland mailbox. Now it uses a contact form where the email address isn't seen. The website was provided by Kitty Wild.
I don't think she needs to list her treasurer, but I could be wrong.
2007-09-25 19:43:35 GMT
I checked just now & didn't see anything wrong either but if Brown did use the City email that stinks. And dumb! The bigger story is that the real estate biz is Brown's main shown by Miss Kitty. Pretty telling.
2007-09-25 23:45:39 GMT
It is really funny that the Reporter-Herald and City Council correct their mistakes when you guys report them! They must be your most loyal readers!

I don't think people will be happy to learn Kitty Wild is trying to raise money from Realtors outside Loveland for our local election.

Her comment about real estate is her life so politics is her business made me ill. Are there really people out there who believe our democracy is so cheap that their participation is only for quick personal gain instead the larger good of society. She seems to be a very cynical cat.

I have nothing against real estate people and have always advocated using an agent instead of trying to sell your house alone. However, if this is where their big commissions are going i just would rather not list my home ever again with a local real estate agent.

2007-09-26 00:10:55 GMT
I thought the website said it was paid for by Kitty Wild's real estate business. What is wrong with that?
2007-09-26 00:13:38 GMT
I have watched many council meetings. My husband told me there was a woman on council but I didn't believe him. I never heard her say a word. So she doesn't have my vote but does anyone know that other guy who is running in our ward?
2007-09-26 00:16:39 GMT
Any candidate whose campaign sends out an email entitled "If Real Estate is your Life, Politics is your Business" needs to find another career.
2007-09-26 00:45:02 GMT
I have to laugh (loudly) at your description of this trashy website as non-partisan. You clearly have an agenda so why not be more honest about it? You have no credibility. Period.
2007-09-27 22:06:13 GMT
The council is so bought by real estate "interests" that I've seen them think the realtor's endorsement is everything, as if there are not other interests in our community worth hearing. I've been here five years, and I hear it wasn't always this way, that employers like HP and Kodak (quality jobs), supporters of open space, trails, etc. were involved in politics.

This council was largely put in place to serve real estate interests. I say to thoe interests - make your money on the free market, not from the taxpayers!

There is nothing market-oriented about this Council. The fees on construction of even modest, affordable homes and apartments are going through the roof, while they subsidize the likes of McWhinney with our tax $$.

Meanwhile, we keep missing opportunities. Like giving up the rec rights to Lake Loveland, which the City once held. Trying to close the swim beach. Letting subdivisions be built that look awefaul. Losing sales tax revenue to the Centerra URA. etc etc. Time for a change.
2007-09-28 05:08:24 GMT
Kitty Wild is a flaming liberal who supported Eric Eidsness.

2007-10-11 20:43:52 GMT
Exorcist, you sound like a person who spends the majority of your waking hours in front of a television instead of reading a newspaper or getting out of your apartment. Nonpartisan does not mean without any bias or opinion - get out your dictionary before you post. It means the website is niether Republican nor Democratic in its slant. As I read through the many stories I would have to agree.
2007-10-16 22:20:07 GMT
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