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Entry for August 28, 2007

Every seat on Loveland's City Council will be contested in the Novmber 6, 2007 election plus a new Mayor will be elected  See list of candidates

Voters will need to vote by mail this year as the County Clerk has decided against voting in polling places.

Already, one candidate dropped out only 37 minutes after qualifying to be on the ballot.  Tony Adams notified the City Clerk at 12:37 AM this morning that he changed his mind.  His top three signatories on his nomination papers may chose an alternative candidate.

Who do you believe will win?  How many, if any, of the incumbents do you believe deserve to serve another 4 years?

2007-08-28 22:49:32 GMT
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Thank you for providing the COMPLETE list of candidates. I saw the paper this morning which only listed those who decided NOT to run instead of those who are running. Thank God for this website because everyone was looking this morning!

Mayor - Anyone but Krenning

Ward 1
Cecil Gutieriez

Ward 2
Mary Bahusmeyer

Ward 3
Kent Solt

Ward 4
Don Archuleta
--Walter S.
2007-08-28 22:55:46 GMT
Too bad Barry decided not to run. I like him and he would have made a great Mayor. Diddos - on your comment. I read about who didn't run in the Herald and came here this morning to see who IS running.
2007-08-28 22:58:09 GMT
In answer to your last question, editor, re. which incumbents deserve 4 more years:
None. 0. Zilch.
--Larry W.
2007-08-29 05:50:40 GMT
Good thing I only live in one ward since I really don't know these people. I understand from this website that Jan Brown has real estate agent Kitty Wild running her campaign. Good, they deserve each other.

For those who don't know, Kitty was nearly thrown out of the Republican Party for openly supporting a Libertarian candidate running against Congresswoman Musgrave.

Her employees were reported to have been compelled to also support Don Marostica during his campaign for State House.

I feel sorry for them mostly - whether sober or not anyone will do a better job than Jan Brown (I like the Queen of Mean story) LOL LOL!
2007-08-29 08:57:18 GMT
Correction - Kitty Wild worked for the liberal Reform Party candidate who is now running as a Democratic candidate. Jan Brown doesn't need to be drunk to be incoherent. It comes naturally.

NO INCUMBENTS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2007-08-31 04:55:43 GMT
Interesting, you can call Jan Brown a drunk and that's not libel. But call the editor of the Reporter-Herald a supporter of drug use and that is. This blog is just as biased and corrupt as the Reporter-Herald.
--Silent Majority
2007-08-31 13:03:24 GMT
I don't anything saying she is a drunk. It says she doesn't need to be drunk to be incoherent.
2007-09-02 00:30:48 GMT
Well, you are obviously illiterate and are incapable of writing a coherent sentence, so why should anyone take anything you say seriously? I suggest you get a real job instead of writing crap on blogs.

By the way, Ms. Brown has been informed of the slander and libel on this blog, and Yahoo has been notified as well. If their Terms Of Service are valid this blog will cease existence shortly.
2007-09-02 14:39:54 GMT
Hank: That's funy. nex time tri to be mor serous. Jann Brwn dos't realy care abut this bloug. empy thrats donn't meen much.
2007-09-02 21:19:37 GMT
Hank, before you threaten people make sure you read both the law and Yahoo's terms of use.

Jan Brown is an elected public official and also currently a candidate running again for public office. If someone believes she is incoherent when speaking at Council meetings, they have every right to express this opinion. They can even compare her manner of speech with whatever other type of person they choose.

Your vocabulary indicates you are pretending to know more about the subject than you really do.

Your threats are of little use hear. Try using your brain instead to post an intelligible argument as to why you feel she should be re-elected instead of embarrassing yourself with silly threats you cannot enforce.
2007-09-02 21:27:57 GMT
Hank - "cease existence shorty" doesn't make any sense. You might have meant, "cease to exist shorty."

Yes, I made a grammatical error - as did you when correcting me. My point remains the same. I didn't see anyone calling her "a drunk" as you put it. What I saw was the terribly rude (but not libelous) comment that she is incoherent even when sober. Though rude, the comment is subjective and covered under political free speech. Look at the anti-Clinton or Bush websites on Yahoo if you need an education in this topic.

In the meantime, help your friend Jan understand that we CITIZENS of Loveland are the people she was supposed to be representing these last four years instead of just McWhinney Enterprises!
2007-09-02 21:44:29 GMT
Hey, great pic of Jan Brown in a huddle with McWhinney and one of his minions at the last council meeting.

She ignored anyone who she didn't know was with McWhinney I am sure.

I first voted for her to beat Forrest Knox and she is know many times worse than he was. How dare she try and run for re-election after what she has done to this town!
2007-09-04 21:13:35 GMT
Hank your comment that, "By the way, Ms. Brown has been informed of the slander and libel on this blog" shows you know very little. Slander is spoken you knucklehead. Where did you HEAR anything said let alone written on this site about Ms. Brown being a drunk? I just read through every blog posting and can't find it.

Get back to your dreary day job and stop threatening people practicing political free speech. Now, I know it must be true that 4 in 5 Americans can't find the US on a map. You don't even understand the most important founding principles of our country FREEDOM NOT FACISM (also called public/private partnership).
2007-09-05 07:19:25 GMT
Regrettably, it appears that Jan Brown has also been successful in "persuading" at least one (and possibly more) candidate(s) to withdraw from the race so that "the chosen" will be able to run unopposed. This apparently happened with Ward II, where Mary Bahus-Meyer was "persuaded" to withdraw leaving the elites' Carol Johnson to run unopposed.
2007-09-08 00:16:14 GMT
Scoop, I heard Carol Johnson lost her re-election bid in Golden because she was a nasty and difficult person. Loveland voters may not appreciate having to learn this after she is in office as the good people of Golden discovered. Four years is a longtime to put-up with a nasty potty mouth on City Council. I hear she can make a construction worker turn red with her foul mouth langauge.
2007-09-08 01:20:31 GMT
yes, anyone who saw her in action couldn't vote again for her -
2007-09-10 03:39:36 GMT
Jean, I heard something similar. I didn't hear about the foul mouth, but that she is quite nasty to those who don't agree. A friend who lives there said she was verbally abused by Johnson just for carrying a petition that Johnson didn't agree with. Apparently voters there made her a one-termer.
2007-09-12 04:53:32 GMT
"I really don't know these people"

"Reported to have"

"Appears that"

"I heard"

"I hear that"

"A friend said"

All those running for council and mayor have email and/or listed phone numbers.

Try calling them and asking some questions instead of making assumptions.
2007-09-12 16:37:08 GMT
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