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2006-07-12 04:02:57 GMT
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Looks good to me
2006-07-12 14:05:49 GMT
Wow! If this is all true, that Marostica guy must think the public is really dumb!
Why haven't media outlets reported on this guy? Any thoughts from anyone - by the way, I can't believe he is now running as a Republican after funding a Democrat's campaign in 2002.
--Jim T.
2006-07-12 14:53:23 GMT
It's about time the truth was told
2006-07-12 15:56:33 GMT
I want to thank for their investigative reporting into Don Marostica. The Reporter Herald, who just spit out what is given to them by their favorite candidate or peel information off party websites without verification, could take some lessons. We need this kind of fact-based investigation to show the real colors of "leaders" like Marostica. No thanks - Loveland doesn't need that kind of "leader."
2006-07-12 19:19:08 GMT
Marostica also voted to impose eminent domain against property owners who wanted a fair price for their properties from developers. This was back 2004 and only Councilman Glenn Rousey voted no.
--Janey Wells
2006-07-12 22:44:55 GMT
I just spoke with Don, you people should take down this stuff now because he has the money to keep you in court for the next five years!!!! None of it is true he said you are twisting the facts and he will not let you continue this blog since it is slander!!!
--None of you business
2006-07-13 03:47:11 GMT
If you have cogent arguments, make them. If not, keep the silly threats to yourself. If Don Marostica wants to try and explain his actions, he can easily post his side of the story right here. As of July 13, he is still hiding behind political consultants and glossy brochures full of mother and apple pie but missing any content that is real.
--Jim T.
2006-07-13 23:27:42 GMT
Marostica's opponent, Kevan McNaught is endorsed by former US congressman Bob Schaffer, Kevin Lundberg, former US Senator Bill Armstrong, and former state senate president John Andrews. Marostica is endorsed by people like Bill Kauffman who has turned on his party to vote for dem Bill Ritter, and other developers such as the McWhinneys. As for me, my vote will be with the true Republican, McNaught.
--Jack D, Loveland
2006-07-14 00:06:09 GMT
WOW! Did you catch the letter to the editor today from Marosticas team? They are threatening to run you out of town! Can they be more arrogant!!!
--I am affraid to say
2006-07-19 21:06:47 GMT
Has anyone seen the website for the Colorado Club for Growth? They just endorsed McNaught over that sleezebag Morasstica. They even point to Morass's self interested voting on City Council - about time people start recognizing the sleezeball for what he is.
--Hyman Perneua
2006-07-20 03:07:39 GMT
I have a question. Why do supporters of Morastica keep talking about his shopping center on Taft as some great contribution to the city? Are you kidding? He made money and that is why he developed it. Developeing a strip mall is not some charitable act that we should bow before King Marostica for accomplishing. Tim Fritz and his other dancing poodles are paid fools. At least we still have our dignity.
--Betty L.
2006-07-20 03:11:47 GMT
Right on! Marostica is making all his commercial tenants post his sign on the leased property. This is so wrong!!! Don't we have the right to support who we want since we are leasing the space???
--Don T.
2006-07-21 00:49:06 GMT
It depends. We did get several emails from other commercial tenants of Marostica who have the sign on the property without their permission. If there is a real estate attorney out there, please hit permanent link and post your views on the matter for everyone's benefit.
In the meantime, I suggest you look closely at the lease agreement to see if this is mentioned. I own rentals in town and have never asked a tenant to put up a political sign. They are leasing my property so they can post whatever candidate's sign they want.
--Liam Weston
2006-07-21 00:58:30 GMT
Let's see: Marostica, a developer, ran for City Council in Loveland because developers know that council is nothing but sweet candy for them. Then he quit because he couldn't corrupt the council like the McWhinneys did. Then he made a backroom deal with the McWhinneys to quit being a developer if they bankrolled him for Jim Welker's seat. Welker wasn't going to give up his seat so the McWhinneys made a backroom deal with Marostica and the Reporter-Herald to sling mud at Welker. Welker wisely stepped aside because he is the gentleman Marostica isn't and never will be. Now Marostica has the Reporter-Herald doing a drive-by job on Kevin McNaught.

Nice guy, Marostica. Nice guy. But then, you are judged by the company you keep.
2006-07-25 23:38:54 GMT
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