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July 9, 2017

Loveland attorney and City Councilman Troy Krenning asked Loveland's city
attorney to investigate his colleague, Joan Shaffer, over her qualifications to
continue representing Ward II on Loveland's City Council since she appears to
no longer reside within Ward II; an important qualification for her office.

Shaffer claims to be residing on W 10th Street in Ward II but refuses to
disclose a specific address.  In fact, one colleague along with a friend of Shaffer
report she has instead moved in with an elderly man who recently lost his
wife at his residence
between 1302 and 1334 E. 6th Street in Loveland which
is not within Loveland's Ward II.  In the meantime, her personal effects are
said to still be in her office where she moved them after departing her last
recorded address in Ward II.

Shaffer's Changing Residence History

In early 2013 LovelandPolitics published a sidebar story regarding Shaffer's
alleged "couch-surfing" and failure to maintain a residence within Ward II to
which she
responded in writing.   At the time, Shaffer was being chased by
creditors and according to city staff difficult to reach regarding city issues
given her desire to keep a low-profile presumably to avoid creditors.

The IRS filed tax liens against Shaffer and her then former husband (now
deceased) for unpaid federal taxes for the years 2007-2009 (on file in
Larimer County since 2010) while Comcast also was trying to collect unpaid
cable bills from Shaffer.

Shaffer than moved into a tiny apartment above the
moBetta Gumba
restaurant in downtown Loveland at 141 4th Street owned by local developer
Barry Floyd.  Floyd received nearly $1 million in City of Loveland subsidies for
the ArtSpace Project of another building he owned which Shaffer not
coincidentally was a strong advocate.  In addition, LovelandPolitics was told
Shaffer took on odd jobs like cleaning the short-term apartments to cover
months she was unable to pay the full rent to Floyd for her modest apartment.

Loveland's City Charter clearly states that each city Ward be represented by
two city council members who must reside within the Ward they represent
for the duration of their term in office.  Shaffer is unlikely to seek re-election
in November when her four year term expires.
Loveland Councilwoman Refuses to
Resign; After Leaving Ward II
Loveland Councilwoman Joan Shaffer, right, being sworn-in
alongside her then husband Mark Shaffer.


I have pretty reliable information that you no longer
live in your ward.  Before I ask the City Attorney and
City Clerk to assist in determining your place of
residence I'd like to simply ask you to share your
current address and confirm that you reside in your

This information is now coming from several sources
and will likely become a rather public issue very soon.

Thank you,


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On Jul 7, 2017, at 9:22 PM, Ward II - Joan Shaffer
<> wrote:

Troy and Council,

As stated previously, I live on W 10th. I have
intentionally left my specific address out of this
venue. The last time I shared where I lived with a few
members of council, within 12 hours my personal
address was posted on a local blog, replete with
"posters" that police and legal council raised concern
for my safety. I will no longer take that risk. I have
registered my residential address as necessary on
public record.

Thanks for alerting me of the threat.


Joan Shaffer
Loveland City Councilor, Ward II

On Jul 8, 2017, at 8:19 AM, Ward I - Troy
Krenning <>

Joan I'm not sure what "threat" you are talking about.  
You have elected to make make this a public issue by
including others in what I had hoped would be a
simple and discreet request.  

Clay, and others, I have been provided direct and
convincing evidence that Joan resides in the 1300
block of East 6th (I will not disclose actual address as
a courtesy), a home outside of the ward Joan was

If that is true, and I'm convinced it is, Joan is
disqualified from serving on the City Council and any
action she takes (and has taken) compromised the
integrity of the Council and the City.

The home addresses of City Council members are a
matter of public record.  I've never heard of any
member of the Council who refuses to provide their
home address, which of course is a requirement to
run for and continue to hold a council seat.  

If Joan is a victim of crime then she can avail herself
of the protection of our police like any other citizen,
and she should.  But the excuse that she can keep
secret her address because her last address ended
up on some "blog" is a little shallow.  

I am registering an official complaint that Joan Shaffer
is no longer qualified to remain on City Council due to
her living outside of her ward.  

I request the City Attorney and City Clerk investigate
this complaint and provide the address of Joan
Shaffer's  "residence" to me and anyone else in the
public who requests it.

I also believe Joan Shaffer should be prohibited from
participating as a member of the city council until this
investigation is complete.

Clay, if you need something more formal to begin and
investigation please tell me what you think you need.  
If my complaint needs to be made in a public session I
am willing to do that.

I have had three citizens contact me about this issue.  
I'm happy to share more about what I know although I
doubt it is necessary.

Thank you,

Troy Krenning

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