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Loveland - September 25, 2012

The two candidates vying to represent Loveland's Ward IV on the City Council are in full campaign mode
reaching out to voters and engaging on the issues as they walk door-to-door to gather votes.

Lifelong Loveland resident and former Mayor Pro Tem, Dave Clark, is competing against local CPA Paul
Mueller who is running for public office in Loveland for the first time.  The election is particularly intense
as the seat they are both trying to fill was vacated by former Councilwoman Cathleen McEwen who was
often seen as the tie breaker on a divided council.  The winner of the contest will serve only one year left
(to fill out McEwen's 4-year term) before facing re-election again in November of 2013.

McEwen's resignation last July, Loveland's City Council has divided largely along partisan lines
and has been unable to decide even some internal business like who will serve as the city's next Mayor Pro
Tem.   Last week Loveland's Council failed to find consensus on how to fund the proposed expansion of
Loveland's Museum leaving volunteers and staff scratching their heads.  Nonetheless, the council has
continued debating and finding consensus on most issues they deliberate over so the partisan divide
appears to be an episodic and not chronic problem.

While both sides are calling the campaign partisan, members of Loveland's City Council have been more
active in partisan elections recently than ever before in recent memory.  While the Loveland Reporter
Herald appears to be taking sides in this debate by their newstorial on the Ward IV partisanship, indeed
both factions on Loveland's City Council have become more partisan in recent years.

While Clark has been open about his Republican affiliations he hasn't been a party activist or particularly
loyal to any conservative ideology while on council in the past.  His reference to party is likely coming from
a perception more Republicans will be voting in Ward IV than Democrats (given registration numbers)
therefore he may get a boost with otherwise undecided Republican voters.

Mueller has been more low-key about his Democrat party affiliations, likely for the same reason, but his
campaign is populated with volunteers recognizable by their previous activism for the Larimer County
Democratic Party.  For his part, Mueller is cautious about broadcasting any particular party affiliation and
to his credit appears to have avoided the same party events Councilman Ralph Trenary and Mayor Cecil
Gutierrez frequented when they were running for local office.

Mueller is also cautious when answering questions regarding the wedge issues like museum funding and
who he will support to be Mayor Pro Tem.  Mueller told LovelandPolitics, "I would like to hear who is
interested in that position and what they bring to the table."

The race is competitive with two viable candidates reaching out to every voter in Ward IV looking for
Ward IV's Competitive
Race To the End
Do you know who you will support for mayor pro tem?

No, I would like to hear who is interested in that position what they
bring to the table.

Why are you running for council?

Simple reason,  when I read the article that Cat resigned [former
Ward IV Councilor Cathleen McEwen], she was one of the more
studious members on the issues, she didn't make a lot of
speeches and hit the issues when she spoke, she always cut to
the chase and I liked that.  That is the type of councilor I will be.

How do you feel the election will turn out?

It is an uphill battle.  But it is one of those things that if I at least
don't try I don't want to not have made the effort.  That is why we
are earning it the old fashion way with shoe leather and door to
door knocking.

Will you run again in a year?

I'll have to make that decision at the time based on the experience
of that year and what I can contribute.

Do you knock on doors that say no soliciting?

Do you know who you will support for mayor pro tem?

I do not know at this point who will be nominated. I do know that Daryle
Klassen was nominated before and I would support him if he was
nominated again. Also, Hugh McKean has been (or maybe just
mentioned) about being nominated - I would support him if he were the
one nominated. At this point, those are the only two that I know that I
would vote for.

Why are you running for council?  

I am a long-time resident of Loveland and have appreciated and
benefited from the long standing conservative values and pro-business
atmosphere this town has offered over the years. I am deeply concerned
with the liberal ideas and policies that are creeping into our city and into
our city government. I will continue to support anyone who will work hard
to maintain the strong values we have had for decades and will openly
and strongly oppose any person or persons who strive for the liberal
agenda of bigger government and more regulations, taxes, and fees.  I
am running because I will do all I can as a member of city council to keep
these conservative values in place in the city.

How do you feel the election will turn out?  

I wish I knew!  I believe there is a sense all across this country that the
last 3-1/2 years of the promised "hope and change" have failed the
American citizens. We need to take some drastic corrective measures
soon. I believe and hope that America will show that at the polls in
November and we will elect a more conservative group of leaders in all
levels of government.

Will you run again in a year?

Yes I will.

Do you knock on doors that say no soliciting?

That is an interesting question.  I will NOT knock on the door unless it is
someone that I personally know. I will simply leave one of my flyers
Paul Mueller,
candidate for
Loveland City Council
Ward IV
Dave Clark,
candidate for
Loveland City Council
Ward IV
The candidates in their own words - LovelandPolitics Interviews
Chutzpah Award

Loveland Mayor Cecil Gutierrez gets
the LovelandPolitics Chutzpah Award
for his comments in today's Loveland
Reporter Herald pretending to dislike
partisan elections and politics.

The story stated,

Mayor Cecil Gutierrez, a Democrat by
voter registration, hesitated to be
drawn into a discussion about
partisanship, saying it doesn't deserve
a role in local politics.

'It's been injected in a major way, and
it's kind of sad, and it's unfortunate
because it's just not necessary,'
Gutierrez said.

"The problem, when you get into
partisan politics at the local level, is
that you have to work with people of
every political affiliation. You can't
solve problems based on ideology..."

Mayor Gutierrez recently hosted
Democrat Congressman Jared Polis
who is running for Congress at the
Mayor's home for a campaign event.

This was the first time in at least a
decade we have been reporting on
LovelandPolitics a Mayor of Loveland
lent both his title and home to a
partisan candidate for any office.

The reporter should have asked how
Mayor Gutierrez expects to work with
Polis' opponent, State Senator Kevin
Lundberg, if he is elected to represent
Loveland in the U.S. Congress.

Click on the thumbnail images below to
enlarge.  3 sides of the Polis campaign
invitation sent only to Democrats and
unaffiliated voters in Loveland to meet
the candidate at Cecil's home.