Loveland Insurance Agent
Running For Council
Robert Snyder of Loveland Seeking To Replace Councilman
Glen Rousey in Loveland's Ward 2
Loveland - June 12, 2009

Loveland Farmer’s Insurance Agent Bob Snyder, age 42, has announced he is running for
Loveland City Council this year to replace Ward 2 Councilman Glenn Rousey.  

Rousey stated two years ago he would not seek reelection to his seat on the council in a
posting he made on the LovelandPolitics blog.  Rousey was elected in November of 2005 to a
four-year term which expires this coming November.  So far, Snyder is the only candidate to
express an interest in running for Loveland’s Ward 2 seat.  The city election will be held on
November 10, 2009.

Snyder spoke with LovelandPolitics today in a telephone interview regarding his candidacy.  
Snyder stated, “I own a small business in Loveland and love this community.”  He described
himself as “pro-business” and expressed concern over the council’s direction away from being
“pro-business” in recent years.

Snyder stated, “I will be honest, as a business owner I am pro-business and see more
businesses coming to town as a good thing.”

Bob Snyder and his wife Gail have lived at
427 Wapola Ave. in Loveland’s Mariana Glenn
since 2003.  Both are active volunteers for Immanuel Lutheran Church and School.  Gail is
described by fellow church members as a “type A” personality who knows how to raise money
and get things done for the church and school.

Bob Snyder is an active member of Loveland’s Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International
and Gideons International.  Snyder hails originally from New Jersey and holds a Bachelor’s
degree in industrial Engineering from Trenton State College.  
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New City Charter
Campaign Contribution

Candidates running in November's
election will need to comply with new
campaign contribution limits added to
Loveland's City Charter as a rusult of
ballot Measure 2C.

Below is an excerpt from
Loveland's charter:


(a) Limits. No person may make contributions
and/or contributions in kind totaling more than one
hundred dollars ($100.00) to the candidate
committee of any candidate for the office of Mayor
or for any position on the City Council. No person
shall make a contribution or contribution in kind in
the name of another person or knowingly permit
one's name to be used by another person to effect
such a contribution or contribution in kind. These
limitations shall apply to all contributions or
contributions in kind, whether made directly to a
candidate committee or indirectly via earmarked
gifts passed through an intermediary, except that
these limitations shall not apply to:
(1) Contributions or contributions in kind made by a
candidate to his or her own candidate committee;
(2) Independent expenditures; or
(3) Monetary loans that are: (a) personally
guaranteed in writing by the candidate or the
candidate's immediate family, or (b) secured by
real or personal property owned by the candidate
or the candidate's immediate family.
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Bob Snyder, Candidate
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