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Loveland,  March 19, 2012                                                                                                                           

Ft. Collins bail bonds agent and former candidate for Colorado House District 49 (HD 49), Mary Victoria Marble (Vicki
Marble), is running in Colorado Senate District 23 (SD 23) which the incumbent Republican was term-limited from
seeking re-election.  

As a result of redistricting last year, SD 23 is an oddly narrow district running roughly along Interstate I-25 from
Broomfield in the south to its northern boundaries falling inside Larimer and Weld Counties.  During a Republican
Assembly in Ft. Collins earlier this year, Marble decided to abandon her pursuit of HD 49 where Perry Buck is now
running and instead seek the Republican nomination to run in SD 23.  Marble sought the advice of a Larimer County
official to find out if her Larimer County residence north of Timnath was inside SD 23 which is east of Ft. Collins
before making the hasty announcement.

As a bail bonds agent, Marble is an advocate of reducing the size and scope of government and a popular candidate
among her fellow Tea Party activists.  Marble also campaigns to help her business by trying to force the county to
require more people accused of crimes to be bonded before trial instead of using a pre-trial release program.

Glenn Vaad, who represents his native Weld County as the State House Representative for Colorado’s House District 48,
is also seeking the Republican nomination to run in SD 23.  Vaad, a former Weld County Commissioner and Mead Town
Councilman, found his Weld County home is no longer in HD 48 post redistricting so he cannot seek re-election.  
Therefore, Vaad is seeking a return to the Colorado Legislature representing SD 23 and challenging Vicki Marble in the
Republican primary.

Republican Officials Worry Marble Is Another Maes

Republican Party officials reported to LovelandPolitics their fear the SD 23 election could devolve into a microcosm of
the disastrous gubernatorial election of 2010 when political novice Dan Maes was the Republican standard bearer.  Maes
received only 11% of the vote for governor in Colorado's November 2010 general election.

Maes, a political unknown backed by the Tea Party, won the Republican Primary election over scandalized former
Congressman Scott McInnis but Maes' credibility began falling apart after he won the primary.  As Maes’s credibility
declined, so did the polling numbers of credible Republican Party nominated candidates also backed by the Tea Party like
Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck who was in a close race for U.S. Senate.  Senior Republicans in Larimer
County worry that Vicki Marble could also discredit their party in a fashion similar to Maes thus hurting other
Republicans in adjacent legislative district races and perhaps across the state.

Vaad supporters claim their candidate’s thirty year history of public service including being elected to the Meade Town
Council, St. Vrain School Board, Weld County Commission and lastly State House Representative prove he is tested in
public office while Marble is not.

Marble supporters call Vaad a Rino (Republican in Name Only) and point to his low voting scores by various taxpayer
advocacy groups and gun rights organizations.  Marble’s
website even has the former aide to President Clinton and now
Fox News contributor, Dick Morris, endorsing Marble in a short video where he calls Vaad a “RINO” Republican.

Former Larimer County Sheriff James Alderden told LovelandPolitics,
“From my perspective she is not credible because
the whole way she approached the bonding issue and pretrial services was self-serving and not in the public’s
 Alderden was referring to a campaign by Marble and other bail bond agents who want to force a greater
number of citizens, even those charged with the most minor of offenses, to post bond or populate the already over
crowded county jail.  Alderden served as the elected Sheriff of Larimer County from 1999 to 2010 and was
of a hero among conservatives for his out spoken nature and strong stance on controversial issues.

Conservatives have been split on the pre-trial release program because it typically requires conditions on pre-trial release
defendants like taking Breathalyzer tests some say are unconstitutional. They argue this is de facto sentencing before trial
while other conservatives argue the program allows people of modest means to stay with their families before trial while
keeping space available in the jail for violent offenders.  Marble is critical of Larimer County's use of home monitoring
technology that lowers the cost to taxpayers of incarceration by allowing people accused of non-violent crimes to remain
at home or working before trial without having to post a bond.

Did She Lose Her Marbles?

One Larimer County Republican official worried aloud to LovelandPolitics, “like Maes we love her politics but question
her personality……we don’t think she is a credible person and will damage everyone on the ticket if she wins this
”  The official said he worries that school teachers will protest her candidacy once they discover she
characterized them as sexual predators.  

The official was referring to an incident two years ago when Marble
posted on her Facebook website,
Mary Victoria Marble: Thanks, Shane, it is a huge message to Larimer County Commissioners and Sheriff’s
Office about how “The People” are repulsed by how they are wasting our tax money and growing Government in
another unproductive way.  And if it isn’t bad enough, there are PreTrial employees preying upon Defendants
offering easier release conditions if the Defendant agrees to have sexual relations with them……maybe some of these
PreTrial employees are x-school teachers.”

In defense of the Larimer County employees who were being accused of criminal misconduct by Marble, County
Attorney David Ayraud
sent a letter August 25, 2010 to Marble stating in part;

“As you know, there are a limited number of Larimer County Pre-Trial Services employees.  Accordingly, it is not
difficult to identify the individuals you are making these statements about.  As I am sure you are also aware, such
statements made by you in the above publication are false, or at a minimum such statements are made in reckless
disregard for the truth……may be considered defamation, an actionable claim under Colorado law.”

In addition to her Facebook comments, Larimer County employees believe a fake Facebook page created in the name of
at least one county employer full of satire and mocking ridicule was the work of Vicki Marble but they had no way to
prove this allegation.

Sheriff Alderden also commented on Marble’s 2010 allegations against county employees saying,
“The allegations she
made would be a crime and she never brought it to my attention or any law enforcement that I am aware of.”  
Alderden also commented on what he described as Marble’s anti-law enforcement perspectives while wondering aloud if
she could prevail in a general election, he commented,
“She has real exposure because of her anti-law enforcement
positions and lack of credibility.”

For her part, Marble is an outspoken critic of local governments and their employees.  She can bring a meeting of like-
minded political fellow travelers to their feet in cheers when railing against the abuses of the rights of individuals by local
governments.  Like Maes, she also has struggled in the past with filing proper paperwork.  In 2005, then Vicki Donoho
(now Marble) nearly lost her bail bonds license due to violations of Sections 12-7-105(I), C.R.S. and Section 12-7-106(I)
(b), C.R.S.   In an
Administrative action by the Division of Insurance, Marble pleaded guilty to violating state law by not
filing bail bond reports as required.

Marble's other liability may be her close friendship with former Larimer County Republican Party Chairman Larry Carillo
who was charged with embezzling some $17,000 of party campaign donations for personal use.  When Larry Carillo
turned himself into the Glendale Police Department on July 7, last year, his first call went to Vicky Marble.  Marble
reportedly drove to Glendale personally to pay Carillo's bond and take Carillo back to his home.  Carillo has pleaded not
guilty to the criminal charges and is awaiting trial.

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Is Marble The Next Maes?
Is Senate District 23 Candidate Vicki Marble
the Republicans' Next Dan Maes?
“She has real exposure because
of her anti-law enforcement
positions and lack of credibility.”
Former Larimer County
Sheriff James Alderden
March 18, 2012
"Hi, I wanted to take a minute
to endorse Vicki Marble who is
running in a Republican
primary against Glenn Vaad in
Colorado's 23 district.

Normally, I don't get involved
in primaries but when there is a
clear conservative against a
clear Rino, you know
Republican in name only, I
think it is important to make
an endorsement and this is one
of those cases.

I met Vicki at a school choice
rally in Denver and she told me
about her campaign and I think
it is really important we elect
her so please give her a hand.

Thank you"

Dick Morris  

see video at
Navigating the
Marble Maze
"And if it isn’t bad enough,
there are PreTrial employees
preying upon Defendants
offering easier release
conditions if the Defendant
agrees to have sexual relations
with them……maybe some of
these PreTrial employees are x-
school teachers.”

Vicki Marble
Facebook Comment
August 2010
Entrepreneur Status

According to the website
TradeMarkia, Vicki Marble filed a
trademark for the name
"Lesbian Lager"
Marble is reported to own a liquor
store and is said to have a creative
side for creating new
beer brand names.

Here is the link to the
Trademark information