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Loveland - May 18, 2011

Do you recognize this man?  To most people in Loveland his name wouldn't ring a bell nor would they recognize him if they passed him on
the street.  Albert Manzi is arguably the most influential opinion maker now in Loveland yet he is virtually unknown to the community he
infrequently visits.

The publisher of the Boulder Daily Camera and President and CEO of Prairie Mountain Publishing (PMP), Manzi is now calling the shots at
the Loveland Daily Reporter-Herald  (RH) regarding everything from what editorial opinions are published, what news headlines run on the
front page down to who gets to keep their jobs – from the RH Editor and General Manager to the receptionists.

Potential candidates for Loveland’s municipal election next November may consider a special trip to Boulder to gain the Reporter Herald’s
endorsements in our local election now that Manzi is in-charge and making these decisions from his office on Pearl Street in Boulder.

Dean Singleton, CEO of MediaNews Group, Inc. which owns the Denver Post along with 58 daily newspapers in 11 states, bought Lehman
Communications earlier this year which owns the Loveland Reporter Herald.  MediaNews Group formed Prairie Mountain Publishing with the
E.W. Scripps Company when it acquired an interest in Scripps newspapers in 2009.   The Loveland RH along with the Lehman owned
newspapers of Longmont and Canon City were placed under PMP following the acquisition.

On Friday the 13th, Manzi arrived at the Reporter-Herald in the morning with Dean Lehman to initiate even more lay-offs in Loveland.  
By day’s end the Human Resource Coordinator, Advertising Production Coordinator, and even an RH receptionist discovered they were only
two weeks away from an unemployment line.

If you doubt who is really calling the shots at the Loveland Reporter Herald, just ask the RH Editor and General Manager
Ken Amundson.
Amundson is among the latest group of casualties resulting from Manzi’s most recent visit to Loveland.

Amundson, the past President of Colorado’s Press Association and former General Manager of all Lehman Communications, was considered
an essential part of the Reporter Herald by many in the community.  As one source told LovelandPolitics, “he was unceremoniously shown
the door without any fanfare or even a public announcement thanking him for many years of dedicated service.”

According to another source working at the Reporter Herald when it was purchased,

“One thing that really stands out to me about him [Manzi] is that during the meeting when we were told of PMP's buyout of Lehman in late
January, Al said he would be visiting Loveland a lot to get the feel of the community. The only time I've seen him here is when he's laying
people off.”

Apparently, an advertisement sales assistant who had been previously let go along with the newest batch of employees shown the door are
now being invited to apply for the receptionist position in Loveland.  Ironically, somebody at PMP believed having a local person answering
the phones would retain the “hometown” appearance of the newspaper even though much of the operation has already been subordinated to
the growing multi-newspaper staff at the Boulder Daily Camera.

No word on whether Manzi is planning another trip to Loveland in the near future which is probably good news for the survivors of his latest
visit.  In the meantime, the fact the Editor and General Manager of the Loveland Reporter-Herald was removed from his position last week
appears to be unimportant to those deciding what is news in Loveland from their offices in Boulder.
The Most Influential Man In Loveland
is Albert Manzi and he doesn't even live or work in Loveland
Key Moving Dates Provided to
RH Employees by
Prairie Mountain Publishing

March 22
Announce change to affected staff of ad
design, news side page production and
layout team in Longmont and Loveland.

March 25
Deadline for those affected to apply for
openings - 4 ad designers, 7 to 7.5 page
designers, 1 layout person -

May 9
Last day of news side page production in

June 12
Tentative date for last day of news side
page production in Loveland.  
Albert Manzi