McWhinney Mega Yacht In The News
While Loveland's Council Wrestles
With Employee Lay-Offs
Loveland - August 12, 2009

While Loveland's City Council wrestled last week with budget cuts that have precipitated the lay-offs of
emergency personnel in Loveland's Police and Fire Departments, Chad McWhinney's mega yacht named the
Chiron was quietly heading North along the Pacific Coast of California.

Now docked in Newport Harbor the 92.5 ft. mega yacht hosted former Congressman and
SEC (Securities and
Commission) Chairman Christopher Cox along with other prominent Republicans for a fund raiser
for the
National Conservative Campaign Fund.  Just two weeks before the party Chad McWhinney asked
Loveland's City Council for a 61% reduction in certain development fees intended to support the necessary
costs of expanding emergency services in town.
 None of the laid-off Loveland city workers were invited to
the party.  
see story on McWhinney mega-yacht party in California

Details On Chad McWhinney's Mega Yacht
Chad McWhinney's mega yacht is named Chiron and was custom built in Tacoma Washington in 2001 by the
Nordlund Boat Company.  The ship is registered to the innocuous sounding "Chiron Leasing LLC" but the
registration goes to McWhinney's headquarters in Loveland  
Loveland, CO 80538  UNITED STATES.   

Loveland, Colorado is listed as the "hailing port" but LovelandPolitics could find no evidence that sales or
personal property taxes were ever paid in Loveland or Larimer County for the mega yacht.  Most owners of
smaller boats and recreational vehicles (whether stored in Larimer County or not) pay a personal property
tax to Larimer County and sales tax in Loveland.

Sporting the hull number NDL10574E101 the boat has been seen in famous ports throughout the world.  
Chad McWhinney seldom travels on the Yacht but instead travels by air to wherever the boat is docked.  A
full time crew and staff operate the yacht for McWhinney both in and out of port.  The massive yacht has a
capacity of 190 gross tons.  
Click to see the registration details.

The Irony

The National Conservative Campaign Fund is a Political Action Committee (PAC) dedicated to helping
conservative candidates running for congress.  These candidates espouse limited government, less taxes and
more private competition.   

The McWhinney empire is built on contrary principles.  McWhinney's empire is largely financed through
creative public financing schemes that shift the cost of development from the private sector and onto the
public sector (taxpayers) through metro districts, urban renewal TIF (tax increment financing) property
taxes and other models.  Unlike conservative congressional candidates who look to reduce the power,
influence and control of government, Chad McWhinney refers to being a "partner" with government and
instead increases the number of legal government entities with every new urban renewal authority or metro
district he creates for new developments.

Especially ironic is that McWhinney has funded various efforts in Northern Colorado to repeal tax limits and
impose new regressive taxes upon hard working residents to cover transportation projects his company
committed to complete.  The 1% sales tax called the RTA, Ref. C to limit the Colorado Taxpayer's Bill of Rights
(TABOR) and other pro-tax initiatives were publicly backed by McWhinney.

Taxpayer rights advocates in Florida have recently found themselves fighting McWhinney in a battle to
impose a TABOR like Florida taxpayer's bill of rights to limit the ability of local governments to raise taxes
without a vote of the people.  
See a letter written on McWhinney letterhead telling Floridians not to support
their TABOR like initiative and denouncing generally efforts to impose tax limits  
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Fundraiser Details

WHEN:  August 6, 2009

WHERE: Chad McWhinney's     
92.5 ft. Mega Yacht In Newport
Harbor, California


Chairman Chris Cox


Yachtsmen                    $1,000 per person
Captain                         $2,500 per person
Admiral                         $5,000 per person
Admiral of the Fleet     $10,000 per couple
link to an invitation
for the cruise

link to registration form
for the cruise
Actual pictures of McWhinney's Yacht