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Loveland, April 4, 2014

Perhaps one of the best kept secrets in Loveland is the ongoing oil production from the 3,000
acre development named Centerra that has qualified for tens of millions of dollars in tax
avoidance schemes by developer McWhinney from the City of Loveland.

Since inheriting their grandparent's farm near the intersection of I-25 and Highway 34, the
McWhinney brothers, Chad and Troy, along with their father have been quietly profiting from the
extraction of many hundreds of barrels of oil across Centerra.

Ever since the State of Colorado required oil rig operators to disclose production numbers in
barrels and by well in 1999, the McWhinney Holding Company LLC has reported hundreds of
barrels of oil from their seven wells spread throughout Centerra.  Today, five of the seven are
plugged while two continue producing oil and more recently natural gas.

Using names like "Wicked 1" and "Nasty 2" the McWhinney's wells west of I-25 have been
plugged after producing hundreds of barrels while wells named "Jeffers" one and two continue
pumping oil east of Centerra Parkway (see Jeffers 2-2 in picture above).

As seen on the map to the right of this story, Nastys 1 and 2 are in the parking areas of the
Sportsmen's Warehouse and roughly the area of Target's parking lot today.  "Mean 1" is in the
field just north of the Target shopping area while "Wicked 1" is in the undeveloped field just south
of Medical Center of the Rockies.

Wicked 1 produced between 30-50 barrels of oil per month since first being reported to the State
of Colorado in 1999 until April of 2000.  Donnamite 1, which apparently produced little to no oil, is
plugged and located on the parcel of land where The Group Real Estate offices are now located
on Stoney Creek Circle in Centerra.

While the McWhinney Holding Company failed to become the next Sinclair they did have more
success with wells east of I-25.  Jeffers 2-2 (in the picture at the top of this story) produced over
261 barrels in June of 2010 while averaging between 50-100 barrels per month between 2000
and 2006.  Beginning in 2010 McWhinney reported the well began producing natural gas to a
peak in January last year of 45 Mcf (Mcf =1000 cubic feet) and dropping to only 30 Mcf last

In July of 2010 McWhinney Holding Company LLC reported producing 316 barrels of oil from
their Centerra wells dropping to 190 barrels in July of 2011.  During the past two years
McWhinney wells in Centerra have produced an average of around 100 barrels of oil per month.

Colorado Oil Production

Industry experts tell LovelandPolitics that east Loveland fields have a history of perhaps 5 years
of production and than need to be plugged for another 5 to 10 years before it is profitable to
pump them again.  McWhinney apparently extracted what they could profitably from throughout
the "High Plains" areas of Centerra before developing the land.  

The controversial lease agreement McWhinney is now contemplating with Anadarko would allow
McWhinney to tap greater quantities of oil using hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling which
forces oil or gas out of the shale to create larger and quicker volumes of production than more
traditional methods.  

Anadarko currently has sensors located throughout Centerra and the "High Plains"
environmental areas to determine where the horizontal drilling will need to go for best results.  By
drilling new wells east of Centerra Parkway which is east of I-25, Anadarko can drill under I-25 to
various locations in west Centerra without creating any obvious disturbance to the residents or
Fracking Centerra
API Number            Well Name            Current Operator / Lease Name                               Well Status
05-069-06180        JEFFERS 2-1                                MCWHINNEY HOLDING COMPANY LLLP                              Producing
05-069-06194        JEFFERS 2-2                                MCWHINNEY HOLDING COMPANY LLLP                              Producing
05-069-06238        NASTY 1                                         MCWHINNEY HOLDING COMPANY LLLP                              Plugged and Abandoned
05-069-06243        NASTY 2                                         MCWHINNEY HOLDING COMPANY LLLP                              Abandoned Location
05-069-06264        DONNAMITE 1                             MCWHINNEY HOLDING COMPANY LLLP                                Plugged and Abandoned
05-069-06272        MEAN 1                                         MCWHINNEY HOLDING COMPANY LLLP                                 Plugged and Abandoned
05-069-06273        WICKED 1                                    MCWHINNEY HOLDING COMPANY LLLP                                 Plugged and Abandoned
McWhinney Holding Company oil wells in
Centerra areas and