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Loveland - January 21, 2013

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) slammed the City of Loveland and
HACOL (Housing Authority of the City of Loveland) for abuse of housing subsidies provided by the
federal government in a letter dated January 17, 2013.  The federal agency ordered a repayment of
approximately $332,220 to seniors living in Loveland's so-called low-income housing along with other
remedies.  HUD's directive impacts all seniors who paid the mandatory ~$116 monthly fee while
residing at the Mirasol Senior Community in Loveland.

For years, senior residents of HACOL operated Mirasol Senior Community living complex in south
Loveland protested paying additional fees in excess of the allowed "affordable" housing rates required
by the federal government be charged to residents in exchange for receiving the housing subsidies for
the Mirasol senior complex.  HUD determined the City of Loveland improperly contributed to the
Mirasol project using CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) which included purchasing water
rights for a private building.

Longtime Housing Authority director and community activist, Sam Betters, defended his scheme
whereby the Mirasol community center imposes additional fees in excess of $100 upon residents to
pay for the community center and related activities.  The center was transferred to private hands
despite receiving over $17,000 in subsidies for water by the City of Loveland using federal funds.

According HUD's January 17, letter signed by HUD Deputy Administrators Yolanda Chavez and Milan
Ozdinec, Loveland violated federal regulations as did HACOL when charging senior residents more
than the approved "affordable" rate at Mirasol.  Despite a letter last year by Loveland City Attorney
John Duval arguing the payments by residents were "voluntary," HUD's letter commented,

In addition to the CDBG and HVC program violations above, the Department has determined that
the Mirasol Project has violated the HOME Regulations at 24 CFR Part 92......

When regional HUD official Leroy Brown brought the violations to the city's attention two years ago
he was met with considerable resistance.  Councilwoman Joan Shaffer and Mayor Cecil Gutierrez used
their influence within the city to combat the seniors at Mirasol by carrying water for fellow political
traveller and friend Sam Betters.  Better's influence in both the city's response and coverage planted in
the Loveland Reporter-Herald drew sharp criticism by this website which first reported the wrong
doing in early 2010.

One Resident Determined To Fix Problem -

Now deceased former Mirasol resident, Bette J. Jacobs, dedicated the last years of her life to exposing Sam
Betters and getting the City of Loveland to enforce the restrictions on use of federal monies for affordable senior
housing as intended.  Even while in hospice battling cancer, Jacobs continued contacting city officials and gathering
information regarding Mirasol which was later turned-over to LovelandPolitics by a friend of Jacobs in a large box.

In the end, Jabobs efforts were not in vain.
Mirasol Madness:
Loveland's Troubled Senior Housing Project
Letter By the Late Bette Jacobs
To Mirasol Management

Mirasol Senior Living Community
Donita Fogle, Mirasol Housing Director
Loveland, Colorado 80537

Dear Donita,

As my current lease expires April 30, 2011, this is
my required written notice that I will not be
renewing my lease.

It is sad, and regrettable, that Mirasol has failed to
measure up to its highly-advertised "affordability,"
"highest quality materials" and "professional
services and trained personnel."  I trust you are
aware, Donita that I was one of Mirasol's chief
supporters from its beginning in 2006 and 2007.  
In August 2007 I donated my piano to Mirasol.  
At that time I was not sure that I would ever live
at Mirasol as I was at the very
bottom of the
"waiting list" for an Alamosa (only 6 built).  I was
so impressed and delighted with the concept of

I also had the deepest respect and admiration for
the HACOL staff.  HACOL has contributed
greatly to the Loveland Community by providing
adequate housing facilities for persons and families
low to moderate incomes.  However, the
behavior, and manner in which Samuel Betters,
Moofie Millie, Mark Bety, and even you Donita,
have dealt with me since I expressed my sincere
concerns for the Mirasol Community at City
Council, is inexcusable and Sam's
attack on me,
personally, has
completely destroyed all trust and
respect I have had for the integrity and
purpose of HACOL's executive staff.

You are exploiting residents here at Mirasol, and
increasing in many a further "dependence" on
"others," and sense of entitlement!

You misuse "compulsory" DUES for excessive
use of Mirasol's service van (which
accommodates only 7) for "trips" to Denver,
Longmont, Boulder, Estes Park, Black Hawk
etc...also food trip off campus, for breakfasts,
lunches, ice cream etc...for NON-HOUSING
relatives!!  ALL Mirasol residents pay high rent,
plus DUES.  Homeowners pay HOA fees of
$297 per month (outrageous!) for the
entertainment  of a few.  This is an independent
living community
and 95% of residents drive their
own vehicles.  Our population is over 90 persons.  
Those few who "choose" such trips and outings
should use their own transportation, NOT the
service VAN!

The cost of food and gasoline continue to rise, and
the homeless and Hungary residents of Loveland
continues to rise.  Mirasol is NOT affordable!

My hopes and prayers continue for HACOL to
reaffirm their Mirasol and Vision statements "to
provide safe, decent and affordable HOUSING
for all residents of Loveland of low to moderate
income!!  The need increases as our economy


Bette J. Jacobs
640 Inca Dove Drive

Editor's Note:
The above letter was handwritten by Bette
Jacobs.  All the capitalization of words and
underlines in the text above reflect
capitalizations and underlines Bette also wrote
into her original letter.

While the City of Loveland and HACOL
scramble to tell the press that few, if any,
residents protested paying the extra dues as
part of their rent, the ample record of
documents collected and preserved by Jacobs
before her passing demonstrate the dues were
an issue for residents from the beginning and
never voluntary as the city is now claiming.
HUD Orders Mirasol
Residents Be Repaid $332,220
for Affordable Housing Violations by City & HACOL after city filed
an appeal containing false information
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