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From: Carol Johnson
To: Marc Cittone ; 'Jim Cox' ; Tangier
Barnes - lrpintern ; Don Cook ; George
Hill ; Gerald Portugal ; Gregg Ault ;
Paula Sutton ; Robin Ericson ; Trudi
Sent: Tuesday, September 15, 2009 8:51

Subject: Re: Historic Preservation
Commission Sept 21 Meeting

Marc, Tangier, and Commissioners:

I was not able to make the Saturday
Boards and Commissions dinner as I was
in Boulder in a 4 day seminar.  Also I
will not be able to attend the Monday,
Sept 21 meeting as I will be attending
the mayoral debate.  Since I will not
be attending, I wanted to express to
all of you what I have shared with some
of you individually while it is fresh
in my mind.

As your liaison for almost two years
and someone who has attended many
commission meetings in two cities, I
can tell you that there seems to be
some confusion in your minds as to the
role of the HPC.  This is your citizen
advisory commitee:  The Boards and
Commissions Handbook describes you as
an advisory body to the City Council
and specifically (6) develop and assist
in public education programs...
including walking tours, etc. and (8)
actively pursue financial assistance
for preservation-related programs, to
name two.

These are your opportunities to make a
difference in the city, not city
staff's or mine, as council liaison.  
Since I came on board I have heard a
lot of griping and moaning about how
the city does not give historic
preservation money or how the
Commission does not have a mechanism to
fix raising money.  Instead of
advocating or making change when you
have the opportunity, you are not.  
Some specific examples:  you have
agendas and work plans, but from the
chaos at meetings, I do not see good
communication of expectations and roles
with staff.  HPC is in charge of HPC
meeting agendas and workplans, not
staff, so sit down with staff in your
leadership role after reaching
consensus among you and get that done.  
In your meetings, you re-hash the same
misunderstandings pointing blame
instead of fixing the problems.

Fix the fundraising problem.  Get in
writing what you can and cannot do, and
find a solution if you really want to

Third example:  knowing it is your job
to advocate for funding for
Milner-Schwartz house, and sitting on
your butts!  Do you have any idea what
a big deal it was that HPC is receiving
money for this?  Believe me it is, and
you lost a lot of credibility with me
and with council as a whole expecting
that I as a council member would
correct the errors Marc made in his
presentation on insurance and historic
markers.  And were you expecting that I
ask for the money?  Think again.  As
your liaison be thrilled that I got it
on the agenda for you on my own
initiative.  HPC is the advisory board,
the citizen advocates, so where were
all of you?  

After the November elections, council
liaisons will be re-assigned.  I am not
sure I will stay with HPC unless there
are some indication of leadership among
you to actually advocate for what you
want instead of whining and some
leadership in getting straight who is
in charge of the meetings and your
goals and agendas.

I am sorry if this sounds harsh, I am
happy to discuss it at the October
meeting.  But all you need to hear why
I am considering leaving this commision
as liaison.  It is obvious you are all
passionate about historic preservation,
but leaving the heavy lifting to staff
or myself is just not

Carol Johnson
Loveland Councilwoman
Carol Johnson
Loveland - Oct. 3, 2009

Loveland Councilwoman Carol Johnson received a letter Thursday (Sept. 29, 2009) by the
volunteers of Loveland's Historic Preservation Commission.  The Commission told Councilwoman
"Commissioners felt that we could not ask you to remain on the Loveland
Historic Preservation Commission as liaison."
The letter marks possibly the first time in
Loveland's history that a member of the Loveland City Council has been asked to cease their
liaison position for the council by a commission of volunteers.

The commission's letter was in response to an angry letter Johnson emailed to the commission last
(see the email and story) chalked full of put-downs, bullying and a threat Johnson may quit
her role as liaison if they didn't improve the quality of their meetings.  

Instead of capitulating to Johnson's demands, the commission opted to instead ask the entire city
council for a better representative to attend their meetings.  The letter was hand delivered to city
hall in a hard copy to avoid going through email where it might leak to the press.  LovelandPolitics
has obtained a copy of the letter
(click here to read the Historic Preservation Commission letter).

Especially upsetting to members of the Historic Preservation Commission has been the fact
Loveland's City Council failed to denounce Johnson's conduct or even investigate the matter.  
Off-the-record, one commissioner stated, "I am really upset that all those guys running for Mayor
didn't have the courage to speak out for the volunteers who were the victims here."  Another
suggested Loveland's council needs to "muzzle" Johnson and go on the record to say she wasn't
speaking for the city council when she told them they lost their credibility.

The Historic Preservation Commission invited Johnson only to their October meeting to talk
through what has occurred.  However, the same letter made clear she was not their choice to
represent Loveland's City Council during other future meetings.
Dear Ms. Johnson:

This letter is in response to your e-mail, dated September 15, 2009 to the
Loveland Historic Preservation Commission.  The Commission discussed
the e-mail at its regularly scheduled meeting on September 21st.  
Generally, members of the Loveland Historic Commission felt you were
an asset to the Commission and you sincerely care about Historic
Preservation, and agree that we are all passionate about historic
preservation.  The Commission appreciates your efforts in getting the
Milner-Schwartz house on the agenda; although we had requested Marc
do this.  

This is why we Commissioners were shocked, angry, and insulted over
the tone and content of your e-mail to us.  This e-mail was also sent in a
way as to give access to the public of its content.  Many felt it would have
been best to discuss any issues in person rather than in an e-mail that was
made public.  This attack may affect all other Commissions as they may
now feel they too can receive such an e-mail from their liaison officer.  All
Commissions are made up of volunteers who have families, other
obligations, and a life apart from the Commission they serve on and to be
attacked in such a way is not appropriate by any standard set for a city

Your comments were extremely negative and did not recognize any of the
accomplishments of this Commission, such as the award granted by the
National Alliance of Historic Preservation Commissions won last year for
Historic Preservation Month Outstanding Outreach Program, the progress
on the Garden Project at the Milner-Schwartz house, the new historic
district, the new historic plaques for local homes on the register, plus many
other accomplishments.

The reaction of various Commission members ranged from wanting to
rebut every charge you made and asking you to stay on as liaison officer,
to one member stating that we should demand City Council replace you
immediately and that he would not attend another meeting in which you
would be a part.  

Commissioners felt that we could not ask you to remain
on the Loveland Historic Preservation Commission as liaison
.  It is
your choice to do so if you desire.   Some felt that you would still be the
best choice for that position.  

You did say you would be happy to discuss your e-mail at the October
meeting.  This would be a good idea.  Leaving without this discussion
would certainly not be beneficial to you, the Commission, or the City of
Loveland.  If you choose to abruptly leave and serve as liaison to another
Commission that is your choice.  After your highly inflammatory e-mail,
you must do what you feel is best for the Commission and as the
representative of the Loveland City Council.  

Thank you for your time.  

The Loveland Historic Preservation Commission

cc:  Marc Cittone, Cecil Gutierrez, Kent Solt, Glenn Rousey, Daryle
Klassen, Walt Skowron, Dave Clark, Larry Heckel, and Gene Pielin
Johnson's letter to the volunteers
serving the city's Historic
Preservation Commission
The Historic Preservation Commission
September 27, response to Johnson
Council Appointed Volunteers Want New
Council Liaison - Johnson Asked To Stay Away