September 29, 2009


Councilor Carol Johnson
Loveland City Council

Dear Ms. Johnson:

This letter is in response to your e-mail, dated September 15, 2009 to the Loveland Historic
Preservation Commission.  The Commission discussed the e-mail at its regularly scheduled meeting
on September 21st.  Generally, members of the Loveland Historic Commission felt you were an asset
to the Commission and you sincerely care about Historic Preservation, and agree that we are all
passionate about historic preservation.  The Commission appreciates your efforts in getting the
Milner-Schwartz house on the agenda; although we had requested Marc do this.  

This is why we Commissioners were shocked, angry, and insulted over the tone and content of your
e-mail to us.  This e-mail was also sent in a way as to give access to the public of its content.  Many
felt it would have been best to discuss any issues in person rather than in an e-mail that was made
public.  This attack may affect all other Commissions as they may now feel they too can receive such
an e-mail from their liaison officer.  All Commissions are made up of volunteers who have families,
other obligations, and a life apart from the Commission they serve on and to be attacked in such a
way is not appropriate by any standard set for a city official.  

Your comments were extremely negative and did not recognize any of the accomplishments of this
Commission, such as the award granted by the National Alliance of Historic Preservation Commissions
won last year for Historic Preservation Month Outstanding Outreach Program, the progress on the
Garden Project at the Milner-Schwartz house, the new historic district, the new historic plaques for
local homes on the register, plus many other accomplishments.

The reaction of various Commission members ranged from wanting to rebut every charge you made
and asking you to stay on as liaison officer, to one member stating that we should demand City
Council replace you immediately and that he would not attend another meeting in which you would be
a part.  

Generally, Commissioners felt that we could not ask you to remain on the Loveland Historic
Preservation Commission as liaison.  It is your choice to do so if you desire.   Some felt that you would
still be the best choice for that position.  

You did say you would be happy to discuss your e-mail at the October meeting.  This would be a good
idea.  Leaving without this discussion would certainly not be beneficial to you, the Commission, or the
City of Loveland.  If you choose to abruptly leave and serve as liaison to another Commission that is
your choice.  After your highly inflammatory e-mail, you must do what you feel is best for the
Commission and as the representative of the Loveland City Council.  

Thank you for your time.  

The Loveland Historic Preservation Commission

cc:  Marc Cittone, Cecil Gutierrez, Kent Solt, Glenn Rousey, Daryle Klassen, Walt Skowron, Dave
Clark, Larry Heckel, and Gene Pielin