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Sculpture & Ice Cream Coming
Councilman Klassen Frosted Over Reaction By Colleagues
Loveland -- April 25, 2010

In a council meeting dominated by unanimous votes on mostly non-controversial issues, Councilman Daryle Klassen became
visibly upset with his colleagues last Tuesday night for asking questions regarding an application by Loveland’s Dairy Queen
owner to take control of a city alley.  Shaking his head in disgust and making loud sighs, Klassen signaled his anger and
impatience before finally jumping-in the discussion and giving his colleagues a tongue lashing for their apparent lack of
support for a project important to Klassen.

The only problem is the council already agreed to pass the item by a unanimous vote.  Somewhere between the sighs and head
shaking Klassen missed the part about everyone supporting the project and voting to approve it.  Mayor Pro Tem Larry Heckel
explained to his colleague what was happening and assured him by passing the item they were not slowing down or hindering
the project.  Minutes before when Mayor Gutierrez also explained they were not hindering the project when Klassen
interrupted in his baritone voice "I think you are."

Craig Lindberg, owner of the Dairy Queen restaurant at 300 and 376 E. Eisenhower, requested the City of Loveland vacate the
public right-of-way between the lot where his Dairy Queen sits and the vacant parcel immediately to the east which he also
owns.  During staff explanations of Dairy Queens proposed new drive-through route the city manager complained he was
now getting confused by the presentation.  While the item was originally on the consent agenda, it was removed for
discussion. (the consent agenda is supposed to be used for items already considered previously or perfunctory administrative
items that can be passed by council without discussion).

Questions were raised by council about the applicant’s plans for the adjacent lot and why the alley will need to be vacated by
the city for his plans to move forward.  Staff indicated Lindberg, who was absent from the meeting, intended on placing a
temporary tent on the property and also has plans to move sculptures onto the lot created by Loveland's world renowned artist
Mark Lundeen.  Lundeen is said to be working with Lindberg to temporarily place sculptures in the vicinity that will also
contain signs directing visitors towards art galleries in Loveland's downtown.

Councilwoman Carol Johnson raised concerns that adding sculptures might increase traffic and inquired whether traffic
studies provided by the applicant had contemplated the increased traffic sculptures could cause due to drivers exiting adjacent
roadways to see the sculptures.  Staff than stated the sculptures would be temporary and difficult to include into any
scenario.  Staff stated most the of the users of the alley are customers of Dairy Queen and therefore the traffic impact

Councilwoman Cat McEwen confessed she was a frequent visitor to Dairy Queen and lived in the vicinity.  She questioned the
19% traffic change projection.  Mayor Pro Tem Heckel asked if the Kentucky Fried Chicken still intended on leaving their
current location just south of Dairy Queen.  Staff stated they didn’t know but City Manager Don Williams added that he
believed the "old chinese restaurant" near Orchard’s Shopping Center will house a combined Kentucky Fried Chicken and
Long John’s Silver fast food establishment indicating the Kentucky Fried Chicken was indeed moving to the new location.

Councilwoman Joan Shaffer said she was a frequent visitor to the vicinity – often picking-up Kentucky Fried Chicken for her
husband during the lunch hour.  Councilman Klassen shook his head through many of the statements and finally spoke out in
defense of the applicant by stating he was not speaking for the applicant.

Because the applicant was absent, the council decided to pass the item on first reading and ask their questions of the applicant
during the second reading by the council of the item in another month.  This wasn’t enough for Klassen who launched into a
lecture to his colleagues regarding their failure to appreciate the economic contribution it will have for the city.
World renowned Loveland artist Mark Lundeen is
reported to be planning a temporary sculpture
exhibition on the empty lot east of Loveland's Dairy
Queen in conjunction with improvements the owner
is planning for the property to accommodate
customers eating ice cream.
(picture not a Lundeen sculpture)