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Loveland, June 28, 2016

In a surprise move that even those who were involved in making it said they didn't expect,
Loveland's City Council voted unanimously to appoint the city's Director of Water and Power, Steve
Adams, as the city's new  City Manager.  Along with the new position Adams gets a 10% bump in
pay for a total annual salary of $179,951.

The council convened this evening to interview three candidates for interim city manager in a
special meeting planned to be conducted behind closed doors.  However, Mayor Cecil Gutierrez
was unsuccessful in persuading his colleagues to close the meeting.  Councilman Troy Krenning
moved the council appoint Adams as the interim city manager and was seconded by Councilman
Don Overcash.

During the discussion that followed, Mayor Gutierrez indicated he could support Adams as the
permanent replacement for recently fired city manager Bill Cahill who was in attendance.   The
motion was than amended from an interim appointment to permanent appointment.  Despite
objections from Councilwoman Joan Shaffer during their discussions, she also voted for the
permanent appointment making the decision unanimous.

Councilwoman Leah Johnson told LovelandPolitics this evening,

"It is not very often that with a body of nine people you get the opportunity to be surprised by a
really great unanimous decision."

Maybe not in agreement were two co-workers of Adams who also applied for the interim job; city
finance guru Alan Krcmarik  and Assistant City Manager Rod Wensing.  Both witnessed the
council's swift action while waiting their turn to interview - which never came.  Krcmarik later
reportedly complained he wasn't interviewed but also expressed support for the quick decision on
finding Cahill's permanent replacement.

Council members expressed hope their quick decision will boost the moral of staff already
troubled by the failing leadership of Bill Cahill and the uncertainty following his departure.  
Councilman Don Overcash told LovelandPolitics,

"The city hired an outstanding individual.  Why go through the time and expense when you have
the talent right here in Loveland. "

Following the departure of former Loveland City Manager Don Williams in 2009, the council's
hiring and interview process dragged out for 8 months before Cahill was finally hired in 2010 as a
compromise few supported in the beginning after they couldn't agree on two others.  Cahill than
promoted 17 year veteran city employee Steve Adams to head the city's water and power
department in 2011.

Prior to working for the city, Adams worked for the engineering firm CH2m Hill and before that the
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  He holds a master's degree from Boston College in business
administration and a master's from the University of Oklahoma in civil and environmental
engineering.  Adams' undergraduate degree is from the University of Colorado.

Background Regarding Decision

Alan Krcmarik was competing against Steve Adams for the interim post.  Assistant City Manager
Rod Wensing (nicknamed "Rod the bod" by colleagues because of his frequent daytime visits to the
gym) was likely being interviewed only as a courtesy.   According to a source familiar with Cahill's
review process, many employees who reviewed Cahill took liberties to complain even more about
Wensing.  Any decision regarding Wensing's continued employment with the city will be the
responsibility of the new city manager as the council's hiring authority is limited only to the city
manager but not his subordinates.

In addition, Wensing is facing a possible personnel issue due to an alleged affair with another city
employee according to one source familiar with the city's human resource department's internal
review of a complaint against Wensing.  While it was an important consideration for some on
council in their hiring decision, we have no information regarding the veracity of those complaints
and whether the city's internal review resulted in any concrete findings or actions.

Council members attending the victory party for their colleague and State House candidate Hugh
McKean told LovelandPolitics the money to be saved is in the tens of thousands.  Councilman Troy
Krenning was quick to point out it was an expensive executive recruiting firm that brought Bill
Cahill to the city in 2010.  
Loveland Promotes New City Manager
Skipping the human resources' advertising and interview process
(a) The City Council, by the affirmative
vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the entire
Council, shall appoint a City Manager
to serve at the pleasure of the Council.

(b) The Council shall establish the City
Manager's compensation.

(c) The City Manager shall become a
resident of the City or the Community
Influence Area as defined in the
Comprehensive Plan adopted by the
City Council on May 2, 2000, as
amended from time to time, within six
((6) months of appointment, and shall
remain a resident of such area
throughout the Manager' appointment
. (Amended at the election held
November 7, 2000.   

(d) The City Council shall evaluate the
City Manager's performance at least

(e) The removal of the City Manager
shall require the affirmative vote of
two-thirds (2/3) of the entire Council.

The City Council shall designate a
qualified City employee to serve as
Acting City Manager during the
Manager's absence or disability, or
during times when the position is

During the period of the appointment,
the City Manager shall not be an
employee of, or perform any services
for compensation from, any person or
entity other than the City, unless the
Manager has first obtained the
approval of the City Council.

The City Manager shall be the chief
administrative officer of the City. The
City Manager shall have the following
powers and duties:

(a) Be responsible for the enforcement
of the ordinances, resolutions,
franchises, contracts, and other
enactments of the City.

(b) Establish and implement personnel
rules and regulations for City
employees. Such rules and regulations
shall provide for the selection,
promotion, and retention of City
employees on the basis of ability,
training, experience, and performance.
In addition, such rules and regulations
shall provide that no City employee
shall be discharged, except for cause,
from a position of employment which
the employee has held for six (6)
months or longer, unless the City
employee is a police officer, in which
case this timer period shall be one (1
year) year or longer. . Nothing in this
subsection shall preclude the
establishment or application of rules
and regulations for a layoff, a
reduction in force, or an administrative
reorganization, or the establishment of
temporary or seasonal positions of
employment. (Amended at the election
held November 6, 2001)

(c) Cause a proposed budget to be
prepared and submitted to the Council
annually, and be responsible for the
administration of the adopted budget.

(d) Cause to be prepared and
submitted to the City Council, as of the
end of the fiscal year, a complete
report on finances and administrative
activities of the City for that year, and
make other reports as requested by
the Council concerning the matters of
the City in the Manager's charge.

(e) Keep the City Council advised of
the financial condition and future
needs of the City.

(f) Except as to the Municipal Court
and the office of the City Attorney,
exercise supervision and control over
all City departments, and make
recommendations to the City Council
concerning the establishment,
consolidation or abolition of such

(g) Attend City Council meetings and
participate in discussions with the
Council in an advisory capacity.

(h) Be responsible for informing the
public on City functions and activities.

(i) Perform such other duties as
prescribed by this Charter, or as
required by the Council and not
inconsistent with this Charter.

(a) Neither the Council, the Mayor, nor
any Council member, shall dictate or
interfere with the appointment of, or
the duties of, any City employee
subordinate to the City Manager or to
the City Attorney, or prevent or
interfere with the exercise of judgment
in the performance of the employee's
City responsibilities. The Council, the
Mayor, and each Council member,
shall deal with such employees solely
through the Manager or the City
Attorney, as applicable, and shall not
give orders or reprimands to any such

(b) The City Manager alone shall be
responsible to the City Council for the
proper administration of all matters
placed in the Manager's charge by or
pursuant to this Charter.
Loveland's New City Manager
Steve Adams