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Loveland, June 8, 2016

Loveland's City Council voted 9-0 to terminate Loveland City Manager Bill Cahill early this
morning after hours of closed door debate
following the council's regularly scheduled Tuesday
night meeting.  Mayor Gutierrez, an apologist for this city manager, was the last to abandon Cahill
and support his termination.

Cahill was hired by the City of Loveland in 2010 from the City of Merced, California primarily for
his experience managing redevelopment programs.  
Lacking formal experience as a city manager,
Cahill was the compromise candidate after the council failed to reach the super majority required
to appoint either of the other two candidates; each of whom had experience as city managers and
divided support from two council opposing factions.

LovelandPolitics reported last December that a slight majority of Loveland's City Council were
looking to remove Cahill but given the city's charter, Article 8, a 2/3 majority of the council is
required to hire or remove a city manager.  Ironically, one architect of the super-majority rule in
Loveland's charter, Richard Ball, was elected to the council last year so has been forced to serve on
a divided council where a slight majority were not happy with the manager but unable to remove
him due to the charter Ball helped to create.

Fleeing Senior Staff and Failing Redevelopment

Dissatisfied with Cahill's leadership, Loveland's department directors have been leaving the city at
record numbers in recent years.  Along with the departing senior staff, Cahill's choices in new hires
have been controversial with the city council.

Last February Cahill hired Susan Grafton as the city's new Director of Economic Development
earning a plus six figure salary as the city's top new liaison to the professional business
community.  Grafton showed late to her first meeting with Loveland's City Council who were left
waiting with nothing to do.  Upon her arrival Grafton explained her son has a Snap-On Tools
business but was gone from their house so she was waiting for his delivery truck of new tools to

One senior developer in Loveland told LovelandPolitics that he asked that Grafton not attend
meetings with his potential retail tenants since she goes into "
irrelevant and inappropriate
personal stories
" to the frustration of everyone in attendance.  One city councilman confided to
LovelandPolitics that a majority of the his colleagues saw Cahill's hiring of Grafton as
"job security"
by selecting someone who could never replace him as the city manager.  However, councilors also
held him responsible for the "
walking disaster" that Grafton is for the city's economic
development efforts.  Her predecessor, Betsey Hale, was well liked by Loveland's City Council but
seen by Cahill as a potential rival for his job. (
see story of Hale's departure last September)

Michael Scholl is another senior city staff member who has been looking to leave the city for the
better part of a year (according to sources in city hall) but maintains close relationships with
members of the city council.  Scholl's wife took a job near Denver where he has also been seeking
employment and is looking to move.   Following Hale's departure from the city last year (Scholl's
former boss), Scholl was reportedly furious that Cahill told Loveland's City Council in closed
session that he couldn't promote Scholl because he was not qualified to supervise other staff as the
director position requires.  Consequently, Scholl joined the chorus of Cahill critics by allegedly
undermining Cahill at every opportunity with his friends on the city council.

While senior staff was abandoning ship the city's economic development, downtown
redevelopment and especially police department have all been facing major challenges meeting
their department objectives.  

In August of last year Cahill was believed by a number of city council members to have dealt a final
blow to their South Catalyst redevelopment for downtown by miscalculating the city's leverage
with Larimer County.  County staff prepared a chronology (
see our story) detailing Cahill's
vacillating and inconsistent positions causing the county to finally pull out of negotiations in the
belief the city could not be trusted under Cahill's leadership.

Builder Community Looking to Replace Cahill

Last December
LovelandPolitcs reported on a gathering organized by the city's Construction
Advisory Board (COB) to air complaints about city planning processes.  It was organized prior to a
scheduled December review of Cahill's performance where participants hoped Loveland's City
Council would terminate Cahill.  Instead, Loveland's City Council muddled on for another six
months until finally deciding unanimously to terminate Chaill early this morning in another
review that didn't end until 2:00 AM.

Whether the recent termination was precipitated by some recent and new development or just an
accumulation of the same ongoing issues is still unknown.  One participant did tell LovelandPolitics
that Mayor Gutierrez was a hold-out on the action and did not concede to vote for the termination
until after he saw the vote would be 8-1 against him.

Cahill's last day will be June 30, 2016.  Loveland's human resources department will begin the
process of finding an interim city manager immediately to begin July 1.  As before, hiring a new city
manager will be a cumbersome and likely long process as the winning candidate will need to
receive a super majority of Loveland's 9 council members.
Bill Cahill, Loveland City Manager, Fired
Loveland's City Council voted unanimously to terminate Bill Cahill
Loveland City Manager
Bill Cahill
(a) The City Council, by the affirmative
vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the entire
Council, shall appoint a City Manager
to serve at the pleasure of the Council.

(b) The Council shall establish the City
Manager's compensation.

(c) The City Manager shall become a
resident of the City or the Community
Influence Area as defined in the
Comprehensive Plan adopted by the
City Council on May 2, 2000, as
amended from time to time, within six
((6) months of appointment, and shall
remain a resident of such area
throughout the Manager' appointment
. (Amended at the election held
November 7, 2000.   

(d) The City Council shall evaluate the
City Manager's performance at least

(e) The removal of the City Manager
shall require the affirmative vote of
two-thirds (2/3) of the entire Council.

The City Council shall designate a
qualified City employee to serve as
Acting City Manager during the
Manager's absence or disability, or
during times when the position is

During the period of the appointment,
the City Manager shall not be an
employee of, or perform any services
for compensation from, any person or
entity other than the City, unless the
Manager has first obtained the
approval of the City Council.

The City Manager shall be the chief
administrative officer of the City. The
City Manager shall have the following
powers and duties:

(a) Be responsible for the enforcement
of the ordinances, resolutions,
franchises, contracts, and other
enactments of the City.

(b) Establish and implement personnel
rules and regulations for City
employees. Such rules and regulations
shall provide for the selection,
promotion, and retention of City
employees on the basis of ability,
training, experience, and performance.
In addition, such rules and regulations
shall provide that no City employee
shall be discharged, except for cause,
from a position of employment which
the employee has held for six (6)
months or longer, unless the City
employee is a police officer, in which
case this timer period shall be one (1
year) year or longer. . Nothing in this
subsection shall preclude the
establishment or application of rules
and regulations for a layoff, a
reduction in force, or an administrative
reorganization, or the establishment of
temporary or seasonal positions of
employment. (Amended at the election
held November 6, 2001)

(c) Cause a proposed budget to be
prepared and submitted to the Council
annually, and be responsible for the
administration of the adopted budget.

(d) Cause to be prepared and
submitted to the City Council, as of the
end of the fiscal year, a complete
report on finances and administrative
activities of the City for that year, and
make other reports as requested by
the Council concerning the matters of
the City in the Manager's charge.

(e) Keep the City Council advised of
the financial condition and future
needs of the City.

(f) Except as to the Municipal Court
and the office of the City Attorney,
exercise supervision and control over
all City departments, and make
recommendations to the City Council
concerning the establishment,
consolidation or abolition of such

(g) Attend City Council meetings and
participate in discussions with the
Council in an advisory capacity.

(h) Be responsible for informing the
public on City functions and activities.

(i) Perform such other duties as
prescribed by this Charter, or as
required by the Council and not
inconsistent with this Charter.

(a) Neither the Council, the Mayor, nor
any Council member, shall dictate or
interfere with the appointment of, or
the duties of, any City employee
subordinate to the City Manager or to
the City Attorney, or prevent or
interfere with the exercise of judgment
in the performance of the employee's
City responsibilities. The Council, the
Mayor, and each Council member,
shall deal with such employees solely
through the Manager or the City
Attorney, as applicable, and shall not
give orders or reprimands to any such

(b) The City Manager alone shall be
responsible to the City Council for the
proper administration of all matters
placed in the Manager's charge by or
pursuant to this Charter.
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Subject: There'll be a new CM in Loveland

Good morning everyone,

About eight hours ago, at a  few minutes before 2:00 AM  the City Council voted 9-0 that my
contract will terminated (without cause) on June 30.   It’s time for a “different direction”.

It’s been an honor to serve Loveland as City Manager. I really appreciate all the support from
the great community of city managers in northern Colorado.

I will spend the last three weeks here working through an orderly transition to an interim City
Manager, yet to be named.  During that time, I hope to see many of you – starting with lunch
tomorrow in Berthoud.

My thanks to all of you for being great fellow professionals and friends -


William D. Cahill
City Manager
City of Loveland
500 East Third Street
Loveland, CO 80537
v 970.962.2306
f 970.962.2900
Cahill's farewell to his fellow city managers across Colorado