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A New Year's Challenge For
Loveland Students
Loveland - December 31, 2014

LovelandPolitics has learned of a local high school teacher who informed her students that beginning in
2015, she will give a failing grade to any assignment that doesn’t carry “CE” standing for “Common Era”
following the year of 2015 at the top of their assignment.  She says it needs to be done in the name of
“tolerance” for others.

We would like to offer a challenge of our own.  To the first student who submits a paper with the new year
simply as “2015” or "2015 AD" and is failed for this reason alone, we will pay you $300 for your story so
we may better expose the teacher and a movement to deny history in the name of multi-culturalism.

Western civilization was built from three pillars, the God of Jerusalem, the laws of Rome and the philosophy
of the Greeks.  The movement to mislabel the Christian calendar introduced and standardized by Pope
Gregory XIII in 1582 as instead being from an era that didn’t exist in history offends all three.  

The Gregorian calendar is accepted throughout the world as the standard civil calendar due to the
overwhelming influences of Western Civilization during the past 2,000 years which were hardly common to
man’s previous tens of thousands of years on this planet.  We understand the local “educator” (we use that
term loosely) informed her students that referring to the years before Christ as BC (before Christ) or years
following as AD (Latin for in the year of our Lord) offends Muslims, Jews and other non-Christians and
therefore shall not be written unless followed by CE to show the author’s “religious neutrality.”

How absurd.  Will she also suspend the use of the months of the year in fear of leaving the impression she
believes in pagan gods?  Since January is named for Janus, the god of doors and gates, maybe her students
should write the month only in the Arabic numerical value of 1 or does that show bias towards Bedouin
culture thus offending Romans whose numerals we sometimes use as well but cannot perform algebra?  

What will happen the following month when her students mark their papers in Februalia, a time for
sacrifices to atone for sins or March named for the Greek god of Wars Mars whose name she must also find
a way to scrub from text books as the name of a celestial body.  Or is it uniquely Christian names for God in
history she finds so intolerable that she will fail a student unless they betray their own history and faith?

The anti-intellectual and ignorant “Common Era” movement perpetuates the very bigotry it pretends to
fight.  By punishing the historically accurate name of the year to avoid an imagined offense is in itself deeply
offensive to our very civilization.  What they propose is, of course, common relativism because it denies the
very tenants of our Western Civilization which motivates us to seek the truth, follow a rule of law and have
hope for eternal life which guides our own culture but influences the entire world.

Imagine telling Socrates that truth should be subordinate to people’s feelings.  How about telling Flavius
Iustinus Augustus (Justin 1st) that each Roman citizen will find his own definition for the twelve tablets in
case the rule of law is contrary to someone’s own personal definition of order.  And lastly, how about telling
the early Church leaders that hope of an eternal life, human dignity and a better tomorrow are offensive to
some therefore it is best to honor the temporal gifts of life while remaining neutral on any questions of the
super natural.

Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, is quoted often to have said, “I scorn to distinguish between
culture and civilization” when portraying civilization as the straight jacket that prevents people from
expressing their inner most desires and natural tendencies.  That is why he has been dubbed the “champion
of second best” by scholars who interpret his writings to proclaim we cannot truly satisfy our own needs
within the confines of any orderly culture or civilization therefore settle for second best.

Western religions embrace a different view that posit natural law which assumes people desire a better
state not only for themselves but also collaboratively with their neighbors.   The belief in natural law drives
our culture towards a civilization that protects the innocent, seeks truth and assumes a scientifically rational
universe with some larger meaning behind it.  These values are inseparable from what we call Western
Civilization and the unmistakable advances to mankind it has created over past centuries.

The Loveland high school teacher may embrace Freud’s view and see herself as a "second best" cultural
warrior willing to tear apart the civilization she disdains but apparently doesn’t understand.   Her attempts
to enforce a secularist agenda on her Christian students may innocently pretend to “change our culture” but
is indeed antagonistic toward the very civilization she and her ancestors have benefited from immensely.